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acting resume

fadingawayfadingaway 92 replies49 threads Junior Member
edited October 2009 in Theater/Drama Majors
i'm going to be a junior next yr, and i was wondering or my acting resume, do i only include high school or do i include stuff from elementary and middle school..
edited October 2009
7 replies
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Replies to: acting resume

  • soozievtsoozievt ! 31650 replies378 threads Senior Member
    I would have to evaluate each on a case by case basis depending on what each student has to put on the resume and so can only give you a generic guideline.

    Colleges would be most interested in your theater credits from your high school years. However, depending how much you have to show, and if it is somewhat sparse, it would be fine to put on credits from the middle school years. As you accrue more credits, start removing older ones or less significant ones. I would hesitate to put elementary school credits on it UNLESS these are very significant roles or professional jobs or some such.

    As far as the training part of your resume, again, focus on the HS years the most except include total number of years training in each discipline. For example, if you only took ballet when you were 6-8 years old, I would NOT put it on the resume. However, if you took ballet for 8 years (thus starting in elem school), I would certainly mention the TOTAL number of years beyond the four in HS.
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  • music_darling08music_darling08 48 replies8 threads Junior Member
    I think it's best to stick with roles from high school onward. Anything before that is too early to be relevant to who you are as a graduating senior when a school is looking at you - unless perhaps you were in a professional theatre company show before high school? Perhaps someone else can tag-team in on this one :)
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  • music_darling08music_darling08 48 replies8 threads Junior Member
    Oops. Posted at the same time a soozievt. Sorry for the redundancy!
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  • fadingawayfadingaway 92 replies49 threads Junior Member
    thank you, it answered my question
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  • Dramamama2010Dramamama2010 38 replies3 threads Junior Member
    hey i have a question would u include shows that u were a crew member for or only shows u acted in.
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  • peggysuepeggysue 173 replies35 threads Junior Member
    Dramamama- I think that would depend on whether you're applying for acting only or general theatre studies. Obviously, if you're applying for the technical aspect, then include crew. Acting only, I'd only use that if your resume was sparse.
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  • KatMTKatMT College Rep 4183 replies71 threads Senior Member
    I do not know about other colleges, but I know that we like to see in what other areas of theatre applicants have experience. This helps to give us a better sense of the "whole" applicant. Performers put their performing first, and included more of that experience, but often will include some of their behind the scene experience as well.

    On a professional performing resume (used when you are auditioning for a company, NOT a school), it would not be customary to include your behind the scenes work.
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