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To All the CC Drama and Arts Kids

theatermomtheatermom 614 replies15 threads Member
I just posted this on the Musical Theater forum, but many of the kids I'm directing it to post on this forum as well so I hope you'll understand my posting it in both. And although I am less "familiar" with them, I would imagine that what I have to say probably applies to all the Arts kids who participate in this forum as well. You are amazing people!
A "Love Letter" to the CC MT and Drama Kids

I've been wanting to do this for quite some time. So here goes.....

As this year's process of research, applications, auditions, acceptances, rejections and choices seems to be winding down, I want to express my admiration and utter delight at the contributions from the real focus of the MT and Drama threads - the students. I hope you will forgive my not listing "names" for fear of leaving anyone out. Besides, you know who you are - in oh so many ways.......

The ways in which you have contributed to and oft times elevated the level of discourse in this forum provide me with real hope for the future of the art forms to which you aspire. Your generosity, your intelligence, your patience, your sense of humor, your strength, your creativity, your passion, your wit, your willingness to place your hopes and dreams, your vulnerabilities, your fears, all of this, on display to any number of nameless, faceless, sometimes over involved but always well meaning adults is a never-ending marvel to me. I love the way you support each other and help us understand what it is our own children are going through. I love how you jump in, full of fervor and unedited energy to defend those you feel have been wrongly accused and the fearless way you confront any whose personal agenda threatens to hijack the civil tone we have always maintained on this thread, even when we disagree with each other, which is only natural to do. Your contirbutions are even more remarkable given what we understand to be the demands on your time as students, in both your academic and arts pursuits.

So to those of you who are graduating and moving on to further pursue your dreams, may I offer my heartfelt congratulations and thanks. As time permits, we will look forward to any observations and advice from "the front." To those of you who are still in the midst of this process, keep on sharing your views, your questions, your answers, etc. You are all valuable and admired members of what has come to be one of, if not the best resource for how to pursue a college program in Musical Theater or Drama. I know that my own journey and that of my daughter's has been immeasurably enriched by "knowing" all of you.
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