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Bryn Mawr College vs Brandeis , major in acting ?

AlinaQAlinaQ 24 replies8 threads Junior Member
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which one do u guys think is better in theater (acting ) /?I'm so lost right now ..
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Replies to: Bryn Mawr College vs Brandeis , major in acting ?

  • NJTheatreMOMNJTheatreMOM 3629 replies44 threads Senior Member
    We live not too far from Bryn Mawr and know a couple of talented girls who go there and really like what is offered. They are my son's friends. If you sent me a PM I could ask my son to see if they would be willing to communicate with you about Bryn Mawr.
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  • NJTheatreMOMNJTheatreMOM 3629 replies44 threads Senior Member
    Alina, taking a quick look at the colleges' websites, Brandeis offers a major in Theatre Arts, not acting per se. So far as I know, Bryn Mawr does not offer an acting or theatre-related major, but I am pretty sure there are courses (do you have access to a course catalog, or could you call and ask?) and I know there are performance opportunities. Have you been accepted by both schools? If so, congratulations!
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  • sulsksulsk 343 replies1 threads Member
    If you major in THA at Brandeis, you must complete a track, which includes acting Theater Arts :: Catalog See the course schedule. Theater is very strong at Brandeis. There's a lot of opportunities to get involved with the theater department or the independent undergraduate theater collective.
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  • soozievtsoozievt 31428 replies373 threads! Senior Member
    I honestly don't know much about acting/theater at Bryn Mawr. But Brandeis has an excellent reputation for its theater department. As well, it has an actual acting track. Or course there are other differences in the schools to consider in terms of preferences such as one is a women's college and one is a coed university. Both are great schools. I think Brandeis is more known for theater than Bryn Mawr is.
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  • AlinaQAlinaQ 24 replies8 threads Junior Member
    Thanx ,everyone . well ,I think I'll choose Brandeis :P hope the classes are not too hard .:)I know that acting is sometime depends on luck,but I really wish I could get somewhere by attending Brandeis .:)
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  • B77B77 304 replies15 threads Member
    AlinaQ, here's a link to a discussion of Brandeis Theater/Acting including references to the many famous actors and producers who have gone to school at Brandeis. Good luck!

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