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go to new york to try acting or duke?

ilikeorangeilikeorange 27 replies10 threads Junior Member
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i really really like acting...I have gone to lots of conservatories in the summer and won awards and agencies have been interested in representing me, but school always came first (i went to a boarding school)
next year i am going to college...should i go to duke or go to new york to try acting (i also got into nyu stern business school...but i can't pay for that) I think I would be happier at duke too..
my parents will not let me major in acting at either places...but i can always do as much as i can on the side
would 22 (after I graduate from college) be too late for acting?
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Replies to: go to new york to try acting or duke?

  • early_collegeearly_college 2711 replies155 threads Senior Member
    No it wouldn't. It will be hard to go to NYC because it sounds like you won't have much support. You would also have to pay for things yourself and take lots of classes. If you want theater NY is better, but film will be better if you want to go to LA. I think it's good for some to go this route (straight into acting), but not in your case. This way you'll have a good degree up your hands. Also, there are some agents in the Southeast. PM me and I can give you some names.
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  • KatMTKatMT 4152 replies71 threadsCollege Rep Senior Member
    While at Duke you could take acting classes as electives, participate in theatre productions, audition for work in the local community. 22 is not too old to pursue performing professionally. There are many successful actors who attended a liberal arts college or university and majored in things other that acting. You could pursue further conservatory training or an MFA after you complete your undergraduate degree if you choose.
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  • soozievtsoozievt 31412 replies372 threads! Senior Member
    I agree with Kat's advice above.
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  • lje62lje62 5517 replies101 threads Senior Member
    You can always try your hand at acting AFTER college. The theatre industry in NY is a little shaky right now. I agree with your parents as i went through the same thing with one of mine..I couldn't see spending 40G a year to become a waitress going on countless auditions.
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