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Economics major

PigouvianPigouvian 2 replies5 threads New Member
I'm currently a sophomore Economics major at an unknown state school and I've been thinking of transferring.

My high school GPA was maybe a 3.5 UW but my college GPA is >3.9. 2200-2300 SATs. However, the only courses I've taken related to the major are intro to micro, intro to macro and calculus. Next semester, I'm taking 2 upper level econ courses and stats but I won't have grades for those when I apply for transfer. I'm wondering if I might be at a disadvantage in the transfer game since I have yet to show ability in upper level courses.

Where should I apply? What are some good colleges that offer a decent chance at wall street that aren't impossible to transfer into given my stats? I would be transferring in as an Econ major.

Is Cornell or Georgetown in my range?

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