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Class of 2016 members who want to transfer

Rain202Rain202 Registered User Posts: 889 Member
edited February 2013 in Transfer Students
It seems like there are plenty of people who are rising college freshman but wish to transfer. I created this thread so people in a similar situation and convene and discuss the transfer process.

So, introduce yourself if you wish and feel free to ask questions!

College I'll be attending: State flagship
High School GPA: 3.1
ACT: 29
Colleges I wish to transfer to: Georgetown, NYU, and UVA
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Replies to: Class of 2016 members who want to transfer

  • powpowmanpowpowman Registered User Posts: 52 Junior Member
    I am a current rising freshman.

    College I'll be attending: Community college
    High school GA 2.95
    SAT: About a 1900
    Colleges I wish to transfer to: Umass Amherst, Syracuse

    Ideally I'll be able to get into one of these for sophomore year as my stats aren't TOO far off from being able to get into either. If i got into both, 99% chance I'd attend UMA unless the financial aid from Syracuse is something I can't turn down.
  • iborpastaniborpastan Registered User Posts: 202 Junior Member
    Rising frehsman...

    College: Umass Amherst (honors)
    High school GPA: 4.15 (weighted and still rising :P)
    SAT: superscore breakdown: CR: 760, writing: 740, math 650
    Colleges to transfer into?
    don't know yet.... Looking at possibly a small liberal arts college, however, I might apply to UChicago and MIT if I'm able to pull of a good (very good) GPA first semester next year.

    I'm interested in physics or chem (or maybe pure math with a minor in comp sci) as opposed to engineering which explains why I'm looking into both tech schools and liberal arts. I'm just afraid I won't know exactly what I want to major in in time.

    Reason I want to transfer? My junior year stats really brought me down due what I would categorize as a period of depression. They don't reflect who I am as a student. I barely passed AP calc AB or Latin 3. It's a miracle my GPA is as high as it is. I was able to make up for my poor calc AB performance by taking BC calc this year. My high school required either calc AB or just calc A (first time this year) as a prerequisite for calc BC.
  • Rain202Rain202 Registered User Posts: 889 Member
    @powpowman As long as you can get a good GPA at your community college, you will definitely get into your schools of choice.

    @iborpastan I can relate to your situation...I BOMBED my junior year. Otherwise, your high school stats are good. I think you can make it to MIT or UChicago with a high college GPA and good extracurricular activities. Do you know how much high school grades are taken into consideration in the transfer process?
  • iborpastaniborpastan Registered User Posts: 202 Junior Member
    I believe that for state schools, they are usually ignored, but for elite private schools, they definitely matter, at least a little bit. UChicago and MIT are well known for having incredibly difficult admissions, so it's hard to imagine they won't look at high school grades.

    I have no idea to what degree they matter. I think it has a lot to do with context. The size of my improvement between junior year and the end of my freshman year in college will matter, however, I feel like my junior year will continue to hurt me because I don't have any good reason to explain my grades. I had no life changing scenario during that particular year.
  • calgirl15calgirl15 Registered User Posts: 613 Member
    At this point, I highly doubt I will transfer. :) But I'm just posting here so I'll have a way to easily access this page again in the future IF the need arises (and that's a very big if).

    College: McGill University (Canada)
    High School GPA: 3.8 UW, 4.X W (unsure of weighted due to transferring high schools multiple times)
    SAT I: 2350 (760 CR, 800 M, 790 W)
    Transferring To: Unsure. It will completely depend on my college GPA. Even if I end up doing very well, it's not very likely that I'll be transferring, unless I encounter major issues during my college career. As a pre-frosh, there are already a number of aspects about McGill that I don't like, but they're not significant enough to make me consider transferring now.
  • calgirl15calgirl15 Registered User Posts: 613 Member
    So I just reread the last few posts in this thread, and would like to formally request admission to the "I Totally Failed Junior Year Club". :P Well, it actually wasn't much of a failure in my case (I still didn't have anything lower than a B), but my grades that year were evenly split between A's and B's, as opposed to mostly A's. That year was a really difficult period of time for me. I had just moved to a new high school and was living away from my immediate family with a couple of relatives. They worked long hours and were seldom home, and when they did get home, we didn't see eye-to-eye on a number of issues (especially those pertaining to my education). :/

    Also, it didn't exactly help that I literally went through a period of depression that year, for the reasons I mentioned above and a number of others. I lost 5 pounds in just a couple of weeks because I refused to eat enough. My classes were not enjoyable (at that point, I hadn't figured out exactly where my interests lay and didn't know myself as a person that well either), so I had difficulty just getting up to go to school.

    Then again, I did get this award after 11th grade for being in the (roughly) top 10% of my junior class for grades earned during that year. It was a highly competitive private school, and I thought that complaining about my situation would make me look like a whiner because it obviously wasn't a total disaster.

    But enough about me. :P How are you guys so certain that you'll be wanting to transfer out of your current colleges? I know powpowman will be leaving his CC, but what about the rest of you? I'm fully willing to give McGill my best shot, and I'll only consider transferring after I've put in all my effort but somehow don't get the experiences I'm looking for.
  • Rain202Rain202 Registered User Posts: 889 Member
    ^ You still managed really well. I like the school I'll be attending, it's just not the best school for my major. Ideally, I would like to be at Georgetown or GWU.
  • iborpastaniborpastan Registered User Posts: 202 Junior Member
    Don't complain! haha. I know how you feel, though. I felt like that when the B's started creeping in and then CARPLUNK!! It's all relative. I wish i could complain JUST about B's.
    I personally wouldn't qualify getting a little bit more in the way of B's instead of A's as a sign of depression. Junior year after all is the first year mots of us tend to load up on mostly AP classes and in your case, you changed schools, which is very stressful. I lot of us were stressed back then.

    McGill is one of the top schools in the world, so if you do well there your first year, you probably won't have trouble transferring.
  • calgirl15calgirl15 Registered User Posts: 613 Member
    Yeah... sorry. You're right; I actually shouldn't be complaining at all. Seeing your respective situations, it makes me sound like that annoying kid who whines about getting a 99% instead of a 100% on a test while you are fuming over your B/C and wishing you could smack him (me?) over the head. ;)

    But - the good news is that all of you survived! :D College acceptances and rejections at this point will no longer matter once you've done well enough to transfer to a more highly-ranked school. Life is going to be full of disappointments, but it's the way you handle those disappointments that can literally either make or break you.
  • powpowmanpowpowman Registered User Posts: 52 Junior Member
    I guess I'll elaborate on my situation.

    I've always been a smart kid, but never had any motivation. In my middle school I didn't need motivation for straight As. Straight As resulted in me getting into five different top public schools in my state. When I chose one I didn't work any harder. It resulted in my gpa being low. this year I have a 3.6 gpa, and I think this momentum can bring me great success in community college next year, and then hopefully in university the next three
  • powpowmanpowpowman Registered User Posts: 52 Junior Member
    Also, I think what's best for me is I realize everything that went wrong was 100 percentt my fault. I don't blame my teachers, I don't blame my mom, I don't blame anyone other than myself. I had great teachers (which probably explains why it's a top school), and a very large support system of family and friends.
  • iborpastaniborpastan Registered User Posts: 202 Junior Member
    @powpowman I totally understand what you mean! I was the smart kid for so long. I never had to do anything before high school. But I also handled high school pretty well for the first two years. However, I went to an OK high school, that really isn't all that great save for a few good AP classes. I just got tired and maybe a bit distracted. It took me four years to realize high school is stupid and I shouldn't have had any issues getting great grades. Most of the people in my high school are immature, feel entitled to their grades, and although I've always taken more difficult classes (I was part of a selective program within my high school, so I've tended to get the best teachers), I hear of people getting by with "honors" classes with barely doing any work. It's just generally an apathetic environment that can drag anyone done. I think they also really need to make middle school more vigorous, but my views on what's wrong with education are beside the point here. I don't blame my teachers and parents either. I still visit two teachers that barely passed me last year and I consider them to be mentors.

    @calgirl15. I don't think you're annoying. It's always good to see people having high standards and trying to maximize their performance. Being an overachiever doesn't make you annoying in my eyes, just committed.
  • Rain202Rain202 Registered User Posts: 889 Member
    So, in order of importance...
    1. High school GPA (for sophomore transfers since colleges can only evaluate one semester of college work)
    2. College GPA
    3. ACT/SAT
    4. Essays
    5. Recommendations
    6. Extracurricular activities

    Or is the admissions process more holistic?
  • powpowmanpowpowman Registered User Posts: 52 Junior Member
    @Rain- it reallly depends on the individual school.
  • iborpastaniborpastan Registered User Posts: 202 Junior Member
    I don't want high school GPA to matter too much. I think I might get a B or B+ in the freshman chem II class I'm taking at UMass Lowell this semester as well as my calc BC class this quarter :(. I know, I'm being a stickler for grades right now :P. I'm not gonna stop working. Spending all summer catching up with academics by reading up on organic chemistry and going through a single variable analysis textbook! I want to be at my peak mental condition freshman year of college.
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