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Advisor led me wrong

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I enrolled in College courses and upon review of s transcript the adviser told me some classes would transfer some would not. Some did not apply to ,my degree. He then told me I have to take a remedial math. I told him I had already taken one and needed one more, he showed me the form and it had three remedial classes listed. I enrolled . Four semesters in and I had failed the remedial class twice and was becoming stressed. I was then advised to take a placement test and this may get me out of the class. The department head had reviewed my transcript and told me to study. I had been told the psychology class i had had would not transfer over. I needed a humanities and history class as well. I took Intro to sociology and geography passed both . That fall I was told Geography would not pass as a history? .
Long story short it was too late to take a placement test so, I contacted an adviser who happened to be taking calls for my adviser and low and behold there were not three remedial math classes and I had taken and passed passed the one i had been advised to take I quickly dropped it and sat in on the other needed math and passed. also during this time i find my Psychology class would indeed work ..so here i have taken 3 semesters of classes I didn't need and even though i have 3.0 and above GPA i was placed on SAP for having 90 credits when my course only required 60. Any classes i had taken passed or not would be in on the count.
Very frustrated I appealed the SAP Warning and won . I have turned in all my paper work for the fall but the department head has failed to complete his end of the paperwork. I have been to his office, emailed, and called without a response. Now my class has been dropped for not having this paper work,
I want advice and I really want to get an attorney this is frustrating and it seems I am being deliberately messed with .
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