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Applications: reporting GPAs for withdrawn terms?

arguewithplatoarguewithplato 9 replies7 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
Hi all! I'm in the midst of applying to transfer to 4-year institutions. I have attended two colleges, one of them a 4-year institution (over 10 years ago) and one a community college (recently).

I was retroactively withdrawn from all terms at my previous 4-year institution, and am wondering how to report my GPA for that school. In some cases (like on the Common App) you have to manually enter a GPA, but I have no completed classes from those terms (they are all retroactive W's). The transcript lists the GPA as '0.0', but I'm hesitant to enter that in case I get filtered out or something. In another case, it asks for a GPA 'out of' some other number, e.g. 3.7 / 4. It also feels not great to enter 0.0 / 4.

If I've fully withdrawn from every single term at an institution, what is the state of my GPA from that institution?

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