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Accept spring transfer, but still apply for fall?

PeeblePeeble 1 replies2 threads New Member
So let's say you got into a CSU for a spring transfer, but you applied to other schools in fall before you accepted. Can you still get into those fall schools?
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Replies to: Accept spring transfer, but still apply for fall?

  • mikemacmikemac 10363 replies151 threads Senior Member
    edited October 18
    Your question is a little unclear but it sounds like you’re asking whether you can attend the CSU for a semester in the spring and then if accepted at schools for the following fall then move on to one of them.

    The answer is yes, but you will need to update your application at the other schools to indicate that you are now attending a CSU. And that may make you ineligible or affect your chances. For example at a UC school if you want the community college preference the last school you attended needs to be a community college. And other colleges that give extra consideration to community college students so that they have a path forward towards their four year degree they change their mind once they see you are already at a four-year school.

    Almost every application I’ve seen requires that you update the colleges if there are any changes in your planned courses and this certainly qualifies. If you decide not to tell them and then just send in all your transcripts once you decide to switch schools they may withdraw your acceptance.
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