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Confused About Transferring Out of NYU to USC

nyupenguinnyupenguin 0 replies3 threads New Member
I am currently a sophmore in Tisch School of the Arts studying Film and TV. I sometimes think and fantasize about transferring to USC School of Cinematic Arts, and these are the reasons:

1) Social Life:
In my freshmen year, i absolutely hated NYU. I felt extremely lonely. I am an international student and living so much far away from home on top of barely having anyone to hang out or talk to was really hard. NYU is a really big school and there are literally no resources to meet people. Even in your residence halls. I had two friends that I was somewhat close with, and it wasn't until the end of the second semester I made my group of friends. Now I love them, I hang out with them all the time, however, sometimes I feel like NYU is still making me feel lonely in some ways, and I am scared I will regret paying all this money to a college I am not even fully happy with. If I go to USC will I be happier/ More friends/ More social college life?

I study Film and TV concentrated on animation, but I feel like NYU puts more emphasis on live action filmmaking rather than animation. I wanna go to a school where I can put much more emphasis on animation and actually meet people who are passionate about animation, rather than people taking animation classes here because it "sounds fun and cool."

3)Weather and Location
I hate NY weather it is too cold and I get extremely depressed when its super cold. Moreover, all the animation industry is in LA and I feel like it would be a better opportunity for me to study there.


My first choice was USC while applying to colleges but I ED1 to NYU to higher up my scholarship chances, since I've heard that USC doesn't really give out a lot of scholarships to international students. I have about 20,000$ scholarship in NYU now and I am afraid that if I get into USC they won't give me any scholarship.

I actually love my friends here now and the thought of leaving them makes me very scared. I barely had friends like them in high school, they are the coolest and the sweetest. I met all of them end of the second semester on my freshmen year and now I am on my first semester of my sophomore year. I haven't made any other friends besides them though, and I want to make more, but I feel like it is impossible to do so in NYU. I also have a boyfriend here that I have been dating for a year now and I don't want to leave him as well.

I actually really like New York and the fact that it is our campus. I will probably move to California after some point since all the animation industry is there, that is if I decide to stay and graduate from NYU. Is it a good opportunity to live your college life here?

I've actually made really strong relationships with my professors here and I feel like that is one of the strongest points of NYU, networking. I am scared that if I go to USC I will not be able to make connections like these with my professors.

My biggest concern is going to NYU for 4 years and then looking back in my adult life and thinking I made a big mistake by paying all this money and staying at a school I am not fully with/ have doubts about. I know I am ranting too much but I wanted to be honest and I am very confused. What should I do?
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  • CADREAMINCADREAMIN 5480 replies103 threads Senior Member
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    @nyupenguin ha, love the user name. Gonna lay it out here...best of luck to you! Buckle up, it's long. :)

    Frankly, yours sounds like a typical college experience. Many many students are lonely at college or just not as socially fulfilled as they thought they would be. The movies (as you would know), social media and society present college as a giant space constantly filled with friends, fun and satisfaction - it isn't like that for everyone.

    Transferring is a big deal. I think transferring is for certain situations - those that plan on it (attend CCs or other life situation that requires it), those that are deeply unhappy where they are, or those that find themselves attending a school that doesn't have their course of study. I don't really see any of that in your post.

    You have a base of friends, they sound lovely and supportive. It is hard to meet people at any college that become true friends. People segregate off by major or interests, it actually isn't that easy to find a group that sticks. It sounds like you have that. And after four years, unless you never left your small town (which you already did) everyone goes their own way anyway, and the building process starts again.

    The boyfriend is likely keeping you from meeting others, not him per se, but having a boyfriend. People don't want to get that close to someone with a significant other - not worth the investment in time, just how it can be perceived. Those on the outside see the impact socially in college more clearly than those in the relationship. Not saying lose the boyfriend, but realize you would do things differently if not in a relationship. Accept it for what it gives and doesn't give.

    As a transfer and international at USC, you will not get scholarship money. Plain and simple. They give out 40 of 1/4 tuition to transfers (13k), that's it. 40. And you see them going to people that also have a need for it.

    You can certainly move to LA after college, then you will have experienced both worlds, and you will appreciate the weather even more!

    It can be hard to form relationships coming in late to the game - there are students that have been in program since the beginning, they may have an edge on that, professors only have so much time to get to know their students. You have good relationships with professors - that is really great!

    Don't underestimate the strain of transferring - it can be really hard to meet people (transfers tend to hang with transfers unless they know someone there already). They are their own "group" and people have their own perceptions about transfers at most colleges, this includes USC. And you only have 2 years to work into the school - it goes really fast. If you had started at USC it would be greatly different than coming into USC at year three. I am not sure you would have the time at USC to get out of it what you want. But you started at NYU - the end result of transferring may be some things are better and some things aren't - so changing may be a zero sum game.

    My biggest concern is going to NYU for 4 years and then looking back in my adult life and thinking I made a big mistake by paying all this money and staying at a school I am not fully with/ have doubts about.

    My guess is the many many many students would have liked to experience something different or didn't have the college experience they dreamed of. Things like "High School Musical" set people up for these crazy unrealistic expectations from their educational time. So don't think you are alone there. College isn't perfect for most people.

    NYC is a place that is great to live and experience when you are young, single and free of responsiblity - which is where you are. I would embrace the city, the weather - take it all in knowing it is just a stopping place in your life and experiences. You have a stronger college base than you think - some core friends, professors, a decent scholarship and the backdrop that is NYC. While I looove USC (sent 3 there) and have been very involved in things....it seems your better option would be to dig in more at NYU - do not feel it is too late to get more involved in some way whether it is clubs or a great internship. There are more friends out there - but you have to put yourself out there to find them (it's that way the rest of your life btw).

    Many people attend college just as a path to a career - it isn't about fit and fun and all the things marketed to people. It is simply an end to a means. While many do get all the good stuff too - the fit and the fun - it is ok if it is something in between. But it is up to the student to push it to get what they want out of it - the fit and fun is not just laid in front of you like a golden carpet. Decide what you want to put into NYU and do it - to start, set a goal to join something new in the next month. Baby steps and using the time you have there to really dig in to what is in front of you, will get you to a point where looking back at these four years someday will bring a smile and great satisfaction.

    Having said all this, it is only a decision you can make. Gather more info from different sources, heck, apply if at all unsure and you buy yourself more time in your decision. You may feel very differently at the end of next semester than now. Many many students don't get in the groove of college till junior year. That is when it all settles and gets comfortable for a lot of them. How you are feeling now may not stick with you. Wishing you the best whatever path you take!

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  • happy1happy1 22987 replies2268 threads Senior Member
    College is not perfect every minute of every day. There are times you will feel lonely. There are times you could feel overwhelmed. That won't change from school to school. When you are an adult and think back to your college days, my guess is that nostalgia will take over and you will recall the good times there.

    It sounds like you have a nice group of friends and Tish is a wonderful school. In addition you also have a scholarship from NYU which you are unlikely to replicate if you transfer to USC. I transferred years ago. It is not so easy. Most friendships are made freshman year and it can be tough to break in with a social group, you will be with a students who are familiar with the school while you are new, etc.

    If you want a change of pace you might want to consider taking a semester in an abroad program or in a program at another school in the US (possibly in the spring semester to a school in a warmer climate). Do the research and see what is available.

    The grass is not always greener on the other side.
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