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Why am I being bullied because I get good grades?

SaoirseFlemingSaoirseFleming 0 replies0 threads New Member
I am a transfer student at Roger Williams University and I am being bullied by a group of upperclassmen in one of my classes because I get good grades. They were the ones that asked me my GPA in the first place. The bullies say that my GPA will go down, call me a petty bitch, and mock me as a perfect angel. I talked to my advisor, however I’m really nervous about retaliation because one of the bullies said if a student ever told on her, she would hit them and they would be screwed.
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Replies to: Why am I being bullied because I get good grades?

  • nbsoftwarenbsoftware 9 replies4 threads New Member
    I was bullied (and actually physically assaulted) a few weeks into my freshman year. The police got involved, and all; and afterward, the sergeant talked to me and had some really helpful things to share that were beneficial to me, so I’ll pass them along.

    1) It’s totally natural to wonder what you did to deserve their treatment. You didn’t do anything—you’re good. Bullies are just insecure and jealous people who only want to hurt and take down vulnerable people (like shy students, transfers, freshmen, etc). You’re in the right—don’t blame yourself.
    2) Don’t let yourself be bullied into not seeking help. You took a huge step to talk to your advisor, and that’s great. But assault (which includes verbal threats) of any kind is NOT OK. Seek the help of campus police to determine the best way forward. Police will probably be familiar with dealing with threats and can help assure your safety. (Also, at first, I was super nervous about talking to police, but they turned out to be really nice and helpful).
    3) Please, take your mental health seriously. If you feel nervous in class or walking around campus, please seek counseling. Typically universities or other organizations will provide free, confidential counseling services. Take advantage of it—the last thing you want is for your mental health to go because that can impact grades tremendously.
    4) Stand up for yourself. I know it might not be what you’re used to (I certainly wasn’t), but it will be best in the long run not to simply give in to their bullying. Stress has medically proven adverse effects. Take the steps you need to take to be mentally and physically relaxed and healthy.

    I hope this was helpful, and that this situation can be resolved without further problems.
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  • International DadInternational Dad 310 replies7 threads Member
    The people is selfish.
    If they threatened you go to campus police.
    Good luck.
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