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Chance me at Bucknell, Lehigh, NYU, and MIT for transfer admission

meo123meo123 14 replies4 threads Junior Member
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I am a first-gen student and recently moved to the US five years ago (acquire us citizenship recently). I studied for two years at a top 30 national college and currently in my gap year.

My family is low-income and immigrant. English was not my first language. I only begin studying English 5 years ago.

Race: Southeast Asian

High school GPA: 3.9 (from a public high school), valedictorian. Finalist for Intel International Science Fair and Engineering 2016 (the first immigrant student in my school to compete at an international science fair). My high school is always underfunded
SAT: 1280 (720 math, 560 English), SAT 1 math 760

College GPA: 3.6 freshman year. Then my GPA dropped to 2.9 in the fall of my sophomore year due to sexual assault at my college. I tried really hard in my spring semester and was able to bring my overall GPA back to 3.3

My college doesn't have an engineering school and I want to have a fresh start after my sexual assault, so I decided to take a gap semester and applied for engineer school. I have taken various courses (Gen chem I and II, genetics, molecules and cells, orgo I and II, stats, cal I and II, bio lab, ecology evolution). Again, my high school doesn't have ap classes so I have to take all of pre-req at my college. I have taken a gap semester also because of my sexual assault and currently interning at a fairly famous pharmaceutical and work as a medical scribe.

Recs: English professor (who is willingly explaining about how good my English writing skills are and know really well about my assault), Biology professor (who is also very close to me because I have participated a special STEM program at my previous college), Theology professor (I took her class as a requirement and performed an impressive play for a final project), a scientist at a famous pharmaceuticals (my science mentor for the past 5 years and who has worked with me for the science project, which got me to the International science fair)

Activities: I founded the first robotics team at my high school and participated in many international service trips. I don't have a lot of time to participate in many clubs because I have to work to support my family. I have been working as a research intern for the same pharmaceuticals (along with my mentor) for 5 years. I have also worked as a biotech research intern for a biotech startup.

I am extremely nervous about my case because my GPA takes a big hit after my assault. However, it is also nice to hear some thoughts from others. If I don't get into these schools for spring semester 2020, I plan to apply more for fall semester 2020
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4 replies
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Replies to: Chance me at Bucknell, Lehigh, NYU, and MIT for transfer admission

  • reddingtonreddington 14 replies2 threads Junior Member
    That's pretty impressive, and I'm sorry to hear about what happened to you. Sadly this won't be enough for MIT.
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  • meo123meo123 14 replies4 threads Junior Member
    I hope it would be enough to help me get into other schools instead. I just really want to go to MIT because they have a lot of financial aid so I can stop working besides classes.
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  • SuperSixEvoHiModSuperSixEvoHiMod 9 replies1 threads New Member
    There are so many quality engineering schools in the northeast. Why are you trying just those four? What about Lafayette, Union, BU, Northeastern, Case Western, Rochester, U Mass, U Maryland?

    And good luck. You sound like a very smart and very driven student. Best of luck to you!
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  • meo123meo123 14 replies4 threads Junior Member
    edited December 2019
    @SuperSixEvoHiMod Thank you. Right now, I am currently applying for the spring 2020 semester. I just got into NYU Spring 2020 for engineering this afternoon. However, I want to wait for the financial aid package at NYU and other school's decisions. If the financial aid package doesn't look good, I will try to apply for other engineering schools for fall 2020 semester.
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