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Submitting transcripts from all colleges attended.

Seam95Seam95 0 replies1 threads New Member
So I am working on my transfer application for UW Seattle and when I got to the part where they ask that all applicants have to submit transcripts from all colleges attended regardless if credit was earned, I remembered that I had taken just one class in a summer quarter of 2015. This was from a community college where I thought I had withdrawn from the course. Anyways long story short, I found out that the withdrawal did not go through so I petitioned the college to at least have a 'W' show up in my transcript for that class. I even attached an unofficial transcript from the college I am currently in (for the last two years) where I have taken 116 credits and have an overall 3.96 GPA. Anyways I received a follow-up email from the registrar's office where they said and I am quoting "you do not have any class other than the one you have in the summer of 2015. So in this case you do not have to declare to the other school that you attended this college. Hence, you do not have to give them," the transcript. I am doubting this response, and would like some advice? Is this person correct, I do not have to declare this transcript?
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  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus 80225 replies720 threads Senior Member
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    So will your transcript from that college you attended be blank (as in you enrolled, but withdrew early enough that no W or anything shows up on your record)?

    Send the transcript anyway, just so that there will be no questions about why you did not declare your enrollment in that college that they can look up in the National Student Clearinghouse.
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