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International transfer?

rainbow kirbyrainbow kirby 2230 replies5 threads Member
*I've basically copied and pasted this from College Search and Selection, basically I'm looking for some suggestions for colleges, and what credit I could get for what I've already done. And how much time I'd have left to get a BS degree.*

I'm an Irish student, in my junior year in college, majoring in mathematical physics. But I absolutely hate what I'm doing so it's time for a change. What I really want to do is computer science. My college is very inflexible about major changes, so it'll take me 3 more years to get a BSc in CS starting in the autumn. So I'm starting to think about going to the US or the UK.

I'm mainly looking for larger schools, my college now has 19000 students, I'd like 5000 minimum. It can't be too expensive, and aid for international students would be really nice. Not in the middle of nowhere, and I'd prefer schools that aren't conservative or religious. I'd also prefer if it isn't a party school.

My scores are good until the start of my sophomore year. I got a really good Leaving Certificate (570 points out of 600, 98th percentile nationwide) and my first year grades were really good. But my grades collapsed in my second year, and I'm borderline failing at the moment. I just don't have any interest in what I'm doing anymore.

What I've taken so far:
Leaving Cert: English, Irish, Maths, French, Applied Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Accounting (all higher level except Irish and that's one more subject than a normal load here).
I did the SAT 1 when I was 14 for CTY admission, I got a 1300. (680M/620V)
1st year: (all 2 semester courses)
Experimental Physics + lab course
Intro to Java programming
Intro to Information Technology and Computer Architecture
Linear Algebra
Calculus 1/2 (quite a lot of revision from Leaving Certificate course)
Intro to Differential Equations and Mathematical Modelling
2nd year:
Vector Spaces and Linear Transformations
Calculus of Several Variables
Number Theory and Group Theory
Intro to Real Analysis
Analytical Mechanics 1/2 (2 semesters)
Intro. to Special Relativity
Vector Calculus
Computational Physics/Differential Equations
Statistical Theory (2 semesters)
Intro. to Statistical Methods
3rd year:
Fluid Mechanics
Thermal and Statistical Physics
Partial Differential Equations
Complex Analysis
Quantum Mechanics
Dynamical Systems
History of Mathematics
Japanese 1
Electromagnetism (2 semesters)

Extracurriculars: Martial arts (10 years in total, was a deputy instructor in kenpo club at 16, now a trainee taekwondo instructor and ladies team captain), involved in setting up college anime/manga society, have had part time job in video game store for nearly 2 years.
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