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Georgetown SFS vs. UPenn


Replies to: Georgetown SFS vs. UPenn

  • HoosforGTownHoosforGTown Registered User Posts: 50 Junior Member
    Thanks, BarristerDad118... I am going to visit Penn this Saturday to finalize this difficult decision. I have visited Gtown several times, but its campus was not very impressive... People also tell me that the name value and Ivy status of Penn will be more useful and that I shouldn't pay too much attention to a school's individual department, but SFS is an entire school dedicated to IR which is my interest. I still have a little less than two weeks, so I hope my decision-making process will be productive in the upcoming weeks...
  • supindysupindy Registered User Posts: 148 Junior Member
    Wow all of YOU who say that ivy leagues don't matter are quite dumb. I mean these schools are prestigeous for a reason -people who graduate from them are generally (NOT ALWAYS) better, and more capable. Again - not always- there are several exceptions,but generally that is the case.

    EluggJ, you are an idiot for transferring out of cornell (unless you got into MIT, Stanford, or another Ivy or equally prestigeous college).

    OP: go to Penn and have a better life.
  • BourneBourne Registered User Posts: 982 Member
    ^^ Our sage has spoken.
  • CaillebotteCaillebotte Registered User Posts: 1,546 Senior Member
    He's a ****
  • ElggujElgguj Registered User Posts: 469 Member
    haha wow...is this person for real?
  • BourneBourne Registered User Posts: 982 Member
    Yes it's hard to believe but he is....
  • OlivesOlives Registered User Posts: 81 Junior Member
    I double-dog-dare you to write "prestigeous" (with that exact spelling) on any ivy league application essay.

    That's like auto-rejection for anything close to the top 50, methinks.

    Anyway, to what it's worth to the OP, I live outside Philadelphia and it's the happiest place on earth.
  • supindysupindy Registered User Posts: 148 Junior Member
    Bourne, Caillbotte, and EluggJ, I don't understand why you guys take every oppertunity to counter my point that prestige matters because:

    Caillbotte- you are going to Cornell as a transfer

    EluggJ- you are already at Cornell

    Bourne- you are going to Stanford as a transfer

    Therefore it makes no sense when you guys say that "prestige doesn't matter" but are going to the most reputed universities in the country.
    I can understand this no prestige argument if you guys went to a college not in the top 20, but that isn't the case.

    Thus here are the alternatives:

    a) give me advice and help me out


    b) stop making fun of me when you guys are examples of my point.
  • ElggujElgguj Registered User Posts: 469 Member
    im actually not at cornell...im in the process of withdrawing right now...but anywayyyy

    the point of my post before wasnt to criticize cornell (though it may have seemed that way)...my point is really to say that a) all schools have dumb, unmotivated, unimpressive people and b) how impressive can any school really be once you're there? classes are classes, theres only so much you can do with them. ivies dont work magic....a lot of ivy league classes are the same classes you could get elsewhere.

    finally, to answer your question....i cant speak for anyone else, but im attending good schools simply because i can. But im by no means under the impression that going to good schools guarantees anything in life or will make me a person thats happier and "matters" more than others. Because it really doesnt.
  • BourneBourne Registered User Posts: 982 Member
    I'm going to the best school I got into because it's just that... The best school? I applied to schools where I wanted to do certain things. My list had a purpose. Prestige was obviously a factor, but it was nowhere near the life or death matter that you've made it and that -- that is why I criticize you. I think your quest for self worth is ridiculous.

    The fact that you insinuated having suicidal impulses over this process shows all of us -- well a majority of us that you need to find another outlet. Your brilliance will go to waste if you let it waste away on more trivial matters like these. Go where you can go and research. The talent you obviously have in your more sane moments will most likely shine anywhere with the right dedication. Wow. Just wow.
  • CaillebotteCaillebotte Registered User Posts: 1,546 Senior Member
    I don't need to justify why I'm going where I'm going, supindy. I think you should re-read your previous posts, which should give you an idea of why you elicit such responses. You've been given a lot of good advice on your other thread, yet unfortunately, you are disregarding it.
  • supindysupindy Registered User Posts: 148 Junior Member
    Bourne: Thanks again Mr. Stanford. Again, let me say that I don't care if you applied to Stanford for other reasons than prestige. The fact is that you are going to Stanford, and it is a highly reputed school. Therefore whatever your primary reason is for attending (best facilities, programs, professors, whatever) is contigent upon the fact that Stanford has something that appeals to you as the "best" or synonmously the most "reputed". Hence why you never turn down the acceptance when you easily could have.

    So don't try to advise me on prestige doesn't matter Mr. Stanford because it does to you even if it is not a primary motif, it is still significant to you.

    Now you claim that I have this live or die attitude about Ivy admissions. Let me tell you right now that my top schools are Cornell, JHU, Berkeley, and Duke. As you can see, only one of them is an ivy so that argument is void. (Mr. Stanford)...
  • BourneBourne Registered User Posts: 982 Member
    Hehe, you're good. I like it.

    I'll leave you alone. You can do whatever you wish. Just stop expecting us to care when you post about killing yourself over something not nearly that serious.
  • charlesjeoncharlesjeon Registered User Posts: 232 Junior Member
    Stop bashing each other for trivial stuff.
    What I think is this,
    if you are gold you will shine anywhere, where ever you go.
    Surely, prestige might be a great factor,
    but I dont think prestige is everything.
    If ivy and other elite schools >>>>>>> rest,
    all the others should have failed and only ivy people should remain top,
    but thats not the case.

    School doesnt matter,
    How you perform @ certain school matters.
    So, honestly, going to a school that is better fit for you is better than choosing school solely on the name value.
  • supindysupindy Registered User Posts: 148 Junior Member
    Okay Mr. Cornell, let me tell you why you need to justify yourself again...

    My premise is that the prestige of a school matters, you try to refute. Fine. I'm not saying you shouldn't.

    The problem is Mr. Cornell, that you are going to Cornell. A school of high prestige. Thus when you try to counter my point that prestige doesn't matter, you are at a flaw because you are going to a very reputed college.

    That is why you have no right to make a counter-argument unless you reject Cornell and go to less reputed college.

    When you say that prestige doesn't matter and you go to a prestigious college, you are at a double-standard which simply fails.

    And bourne: I'm going to find out about my decisions two years from now. So I don't expect to post anything like that untill two years from now so that is a non-issue.
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