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I hate it here!!

Cavs019Cavs019 Registered User Posts: 275 Junior Member
Simply put, the social scene at Trinity is not for me. I am frowned upon for the fact that I am not a heavy drinker, cannot tolerate the overall unfriendly and pretentious nature of the campus, and I am having an extremely difficult time finding things to do. Being a very social person, it's not an issue of me not finding my niche, however the real problem lies in the fact that I already know almost my entire class. The issue is the fact that I come from a high school of 300 students, and unfortunately cannot deal with a small campus atmosphere anymore. My current interests contrast significantly with what I was looking for in my college experience last November when completing my applications. I'd like to transfer to a larger school of similar academic quality. (I will attest that the academics at Trinity are PHENOMENAL, however it is unfortunate that the typical cafeteria conversation revolves around how trashed one will be in the next 3 hours, rather than anything remotely intelligent.)
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Replies to: I hate it here!!

  • metsfan1rarmetsfan1rar Registered User Posts: 28 New Member
    i am a freshman here myself, and I can see where your coming from, but it is really not as bad as you make it out to be. As the president was emphasizing, he was annoyed himself that a small select group of the student body, the majority of whom live in North Campus, has been tarnishing the school's overall image for the past few years.
  • aaron56aaron56 Registered User Posts: 2,077 Senior Member
    I doubt you know the entire class if you think everyone's the way you described!
  • metsfan1rarmetsfan1rar Registered User Posts: 28 New Member
    was that in reponse to me or to the first post
  • wonderingaawonderingaa Registered User Posts: 5 New Member
    I personally feel the same way. I think the social scene is a bit stale and repetitive (I hate the frats already) and there's a kind of preppy, upperclass and pretentious attitude here. That's not to say that everyone is like that, of course. There's a lot of cool people here. It's just not for me, I think. I don't like Hartford and I don't like this campus for some reason. I don't know if I'll be transferring or not but right now I feel pretty disappointed that I came here.
  • aaron56aaron56 Registered User Posts: 2,077 Senior Member
    metsfan1rar: it was in response to the first post!
  • precociousprecocious Registered User Posts: 1,107 Senior Member
    eep, I'm somewhat worried now. Trinity WAS my first-choice, but now I'm not so sure after reading these posts - I'm not into preppy, Greek life/lots of frat partying/drinking at ALL...

    How big, exactly, IS the freshman class?
  • waleedk87waleedk87 Registered User Posts: 888 Member
    wow... thats shocking.. i was planning on applying ED to Trinity (I am a shy, non drinker and who doesnt party much).. arron56, could u share ur experience of trinity with us ?
  • PhysicsTeacherPhysicsTeacher Registered User Posts: 33 Junior Member
    My son is having a great time so far at Trinity, and he doesn't drink and he graduated from a working-class public high school. Every school has their share of drunks, pot-smokers, and preppies, but I don't think Trinity has more than their share (except perhaps in the preppie category).

    The first month or two can be tough for anyone. I suggest you give it a bit more time. There are plenty of freshmen out there with whom you might be compatible, but it may take a little while to seek them out.

    Good luck.
  • aaron56aaron56 Registered User Posts: 2,077 Senior Member
    Word. I've had fun without alcohol on friday nights with frens.. it's not impossible!

    but i'm not so fond of the city itself! the pros clearly outweigh the cons for me, however!
  • dlindnerdlindner Registered User Posts: 6 New Member
    I'm a sophomore here at Trinity, and I've flirted with transfer applications since day one. Although I went to a high school where my class of 300 matches your whole school, I share the sentiment of "too small, I know everybody". After putting off transfer applications for Fall 2006, I'm shifting gears towards applying for Fall 07 admssion at some medium-size schools.

    I happen to be a non-drinker (not of the "preachy" variety), although many of my friends do drink. For prospective applicants, I feel it should be known that no one has ever pressured me to drink, however, it does set you apart socially. I do go "out" on weekends occasionally with my friends, including frats (not a highlight if sober), but I spend equal time hanging around in my room. Although Trinity's Friday Night lifestyle is seen as the norm by outsiders (drinking happens at all schools and there are upper-crust prep school kids everywhere), it takes time on campus to really see how exaggerated things are here. In this year's Princeton Review, Trinity appears at #20 on the "Most Beer" list, and also makes cameos on the top 20 "Little Race/Class Interaction" (#4), "Alternative Lifestyles not an Alternative" (#16)and "Most Hard Liquor" (#18). Trinity is a cut above other schools as far as partying and its student body.*

    Fortunately, the administration is taking steps to reduce Trinity's stigma as a feeder school for priveleged prep schoolers , creating more college-run recreation spaces, including the Fred over in Summit East. Unfortunately, President Jones cannot wholly restructure Trinity's social atmosphere. I personally, just as I don't fit in on Vernon Street, don't fit in at the Fred. I do appreciate the fact that options are there for me, but I opt not to take part.

    Cavs019--While you're still at Trinity, I encourage you to take advantage of the great academics. Because Trinity is small, professors will take interest in you (find the ones who like you enough to write recommendations for transfer apps). I need a bigger school, but at the same time, at no other school could I play club soccer or get attention from professors the way I have here. If you are thinking of transferring, mine Trinity's resources on the way out. I'd say wait until about winter break, get good grades, and if you still think you need a change of scenery, go for it (note that transfer applications can be due anywhere from March 1st to May 31st, and require things from both your high school and Trinity). You aren't the only one who has thought about leaving. Off the top of my head, I can probably rattle off 15 people I met freshman year who have already left. Good luck with the rest of first semester.

    *Trinity also appears at #1 on "Town/Gown Relations are Strained" and #6 for "More to Do on Campus"
  • Cavs019Cavs019 Registered User Posts: 275 Junior Member
    dlindner thank you so much for the info, and I feel as if im a very similar situation to you thus far. I love the academics, but can't seem to find a niche on vernon or at the fred. How difficult is it to transfer mid-year?
  • dlindnerdlindner Registered User Posts: 6 New Member
    It's usually pretty difficult to transfer for second semester. A lot of schools make you apply for spring transfer the year before (when you'd be transferring for fall of the same academic year). There are some exceptions out there, mostly with state schools. I didn't do any looking for that quick of a transfer, so I can't offer you much beyond that.
  • GingerGinger Registered User Posts: 69 Junior Member
    I for one am having a great time at Trinity. I went to a small high school also but think that the social scene is just fine. Sure, there are going to be drinkers anywhere you go, but I am not a drinker and am managing to have a great time. I have made many more friends than I thought I would in such a short period of time, and I thought it would be tough because I came from a small school in California. I think the academics are fantastic and the professors really do care about the students. I think if you have come to such a conclusion after such a short period of time, you didn't think it through before you came to Trinity.
  • wonderingaawonderingaa Registered User Posts: 5 New Member
    I hope prospective students won't be too influenced by negative opinions, because while I'm not too crazy about this place, I know plenty of people who absolutely love it here. So it really depends on your personality and what you're looking for.

    The best thing about the school for me is that the academics are very solid, the professors are accessible, the other students are motivated, and the classes are pretty small and discussion-based. Of course this varies with each class, but I was always quiet in high school and I find it easy to speak up in class and I feel comfortable with the professors. I'm getting a good education here, which, after all, is the main point of college.

    And while a lot of people are preppy or wealthy, that doesn't mean they're not cool people, and of course there's a lot of different people here as well...but in general I think I've met a lot of boarding school or private school grads.

    I think if you find your niche here, you'll have a lot of fun. I unfortunately haven't found my particular group of friends or activity yet, so while I go out on weekends and try to be involved, it's not really working out for me. I don't feel like I fit in here. I also feel bored being on campus all the time because Hartford isn't very accessible to freshman, particularly at night.

    So I'm not sure that this place is right for me but I wouldn't transfer until next year anyway in case I change my mind. I really didn't think too much about what I wanted out of college before I came here which I think was a mistake.

    So for prospectives, if you don't drink, people aren't going to ignore you, but there is a large drinking scene here, which exists at most colleges, but I think the difference with Trinity is that if you don't drink, there's not a whole lot of other options after a while. It's hard to get off campus, and they do have some on campus activites (the Fred is pretty cool) but I think it would be boring after a while. A lot of people either drink in the dorms or go to the frats, usually both. I drink myself and I even get tired of this.
  • GingerGinger Registered User Posts: 69 Junior Member
    I am not into the Greek/drinking/frat scene at all and I am having a great time. I am not the really social type but then I'm not shy either and have made tons of friends. I am definitely NOT preppy, did not go to a New England boarding school, am very easy going and find most people friendly and eager to get along. I think there are about 550 first years (we're not called freshman). I have found enough to do on campus. I think the most important thing you can do when making your college decision is to think about what is important to you. The colleges I applied to were for the most part, pretty isolated (Dartmouth, Middlebury, Colgate,), so I knew that academics and the accessibility of professors were going to play a big part in my decision, and the types of activities on campus would be important. Also, I went to a very diverse high school, so I knew I could get along with just about anyone.

    It is really important to "see yourself" at the college from you decide. I knew Trinity was the right match for me as well as I knew others, such as Swarthmore and URichmond, were wrong. I liked the students I met at the tours of Trinity and on Accepted Students Day. I felt I could be happy living with 90% of the kids I met. You are always going to run into jerks wherever you go, but you have to look at the school as a whole. I remember on Accepted Students Day as feeling I was at "home" even though I had not made my decision and had two more schools to visit. The city of Hartford isn't that bad but then I don't look to the town to provide my entertainment...if it was I would have gone to a school in NYC or Boston.

    When you visit a school, talk to other students and get their take. You'll know soon enough whether it's right for you.
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