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What do you like about Trinity?

Momentum23Momentum23 Registered User Posts: 166 Junior Member
I mean, I heard that it is a good school, but what does it really have to offer?

Also I heard that there is very little diversity.

Any thoughts?
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Replies to: What do you like about Trinity?

  • divadrushdivadrush Registered User Posts: 10 New Member
    The campus is incredible, the academics are fantastic, the food is great, going to college in the city is a lot of fun, and we have the best squash team in the country.

    I don't know where the diversity rumor comes from, I mean Trinity is an expensive liberal arts college in new england, so there are lots of wealthy white students, but that's just par for the course. There are people from all different backgrounds, from all over the country and the world. If you seek out diversity, you'll find it. Other schools might boast higher percentage minority students, but what good is that if there's no interaction between the groups? I recommend visiting, and seeing if the climate suits you.

  • sh71988sh71988 Registered User Posts: 54 Junior Member
    everything said above me is true.
    also great about trinity is the balance between working and recreation that we strike. while trinity has been regarded as a "party school" by some, this phrase is not fair to the school as it does not paint the entire picture--yes, we have more fun than williams and amherst, but that does not make us a party school by any means. rather, trinity primarily revolves around hard work-- when our work is done, we let off steam. basically what im saying, is that the library is PACKED mon-thurs, and vernon street (the social area on campus) is PACKED fri-sat. i chose trinity over conn coll, lafayette, holy cross, skidmore, and kenyon, because our academics equal theirs, and our adeptness at having fun far exceeds theirs.
    and also, as mentioned above, if we beat princeton on feb 1, our undefeated streak will span 10 seasons (and bc trinity is a small school, i personally know many of the team members).
  • acarey617acarey617 Registered User Posts: 506 Member
    Kids know how to have fun....the Tropical party is off the hook and it's a good school to boot. It strikes a good balance between studying and partying.
  • tribe567tribe567 Registered User Posts: 155 Junior Member
    Well all of that may be true but I bet there are far more snobbish people at Trinity than the other schools you mentioned. Most of the people that go to this school are "daddy's little girl" kinds of people and people that spend a fortune on prep school (because they can). If I'm totally off base, tell me. Thats just the impression I got from visiting the school.
  • shelley14shelley14 Registered User Posts: 880 Member
    What is the neighborhood like where Trinity is located? I've always heard that Hartford was pretty run down.
  • donjuan78donjuan78 - Posts: 633 Member
    I passed by Trinity college 3 days ago and i can tell you what it looks like lol. (btw, i am from california, i was visiting some colleges, so i wont be giving you a biased opinion) To me, it looked very urban, somewhat ghetto. It reminded me of Queens, NY (if you watch Ugly betty, the neighborhood betty suarez lives in is what the neighborhood of trinity college looks like). I saw a lot of hispanics and blacks. In fact, they even have some cuban restaurant in the shopping center. Anyways, if you continue to go down south and east you will see that its REALLY ghetto and dangerous looking, but trinity college is up on some hill and its gated so im sure its safer than the neighborhood.
  • GingerGinger Registered User Posts: 69 Junior Member
    Just about everything. I have great roommates and friends. The social life is interesting and the academics are better than I expected. Great relationships with profs also. I am from the West coast and can definitely respond to the poster who said it looked ghetto. I don't think you even looked at Trinity. It is one of the most beautiful campuses in the country. So it is in an urban setting...get over it. That also means that we have access to concerts and great restaurants. I picked Trin BECAUSE it was in an urban environment and I could have gone to several other more rural colleges. The diversity is fine - I have friends from all types of socio-economic backgrounds, ethnicities and persuasions.
  • BantamBoyBantamBoy Registered User Posts: 84 Junior Member
    Really... you must have been looking at UHart. (jk)

    Trinity has one the most beautiful campuses you will ever set foot upon. I love the architecture. I have yet to get over the beauty of our Chapel. I also love the mixture of styles of architecture. Our Library is very modern looking, with lots of glass and brushed nickel, leather tiles and such. Our Science building was done in the Brutalist style, and looks like a large rock face. Our Math building is rumored to have been designed to look like a microchip, but I never understood that. Our admissions building is GORGEOUS, and looks a lot like the library. Some of the houses on Vernon street-- MANSIONS, rather-- are Victorian, and full of history.

    However, if you do not set foot upon campus, then analyses of its "ghettoness" should not be made. Yes, Hartford is a city, and there are "a lot of hispanics and blacks." Somehow I was unaware that their presence defined how ghetto a neighborhood was.

    Getting back to the question, I also like that Trinity students can both actively contribute to, and perform well in such academically rigorous classes during the week, AND throw insane parties on the weekends. If you don't have that ability, you'll surely pick it up here.

    In terms of diversity, I've never been bothered. I know people from many different ethnicities/religions/walks of life. Although minority students are underrepresented, that is the case at any other non-HBC. As an African-American student, I can say that I feel very comfortable at Trinity. I'd also like to point out the existence of many cultural organizations on campus, like the "Men of Color Alliance," the "Hillel House," "La Voz Latina," and the "Asian-American Student Association," who advocate cultural awareness on a daily basis, across campus and within Hartford.

    While I'm sure there are many "preppy, daddy's little girl" types here, (whatever that means) I have never felt that anyone was snobbish here at Trinity. There are many open-minded people, and nothing but civility is exemplified by members of student body, regardless of their background. Perhaps this stereotype stems from the popular style of dress, but by judging a person's socioeconomic status, personality and beliefs from their appearance, therein lies the only expression of snobbery.

    As far as Prep school goes, I'm not sure that graduating from Phillips Exeter means that you are a rich snob. I'm fairly certain of the implementation of financial aid at private boarding schools.

    Anyway, I've lost my point and my fingers are tired. I hope I've addressed all of the important issues from this thread.

    Go Bantams.
  • ecota28ecota28 Registered User Posts: 10 New Member

    Your response was well said and it's comments like yours that get me excited about attending institutions like Trinity.

    I am a non-trad Latina student from the Pacific Northwest and I am applying to Trinity via the Individualized Degree for Adults Program (IDP) and would like to know if non-traditional students are as active on campus through student organizations and off campus through service projects as the rest of the student body? I would really appreciate your input!

    BTW, I visited Trinity during the summer of '07 and I fell in love with it almost immediately. Although my visit did occur during the 4th of July weekend and the campus was very much empty, however, a close friend of mine who attended Trinity in the late '90s gave me a walking tour of the campus. I also was impressed by the Chapel. At the time I visited the campus, there was major renovations of the Long Walk and the adjacent building (forgive me I forgot the name of the building), so I wasn't privileged to experience that part of the school.

    This is only my third post on this website, so I hope I haven't been long winded. :)

  • Trincoll2012Trincoll2012 Registered User Posts: 4 New Member
    While their are snobby people at trinity, they be no means a representative of the student population as a whole. Trinity students have a wide diversity of backgrounds. While their are preppy students who went to boarding school, they are at any prestigious college in New England. I am from the midwest and have never felt out of place at Trinity. The idea that trinity is made up of a bunch of snobby people is little more than a false rumor in my opinion.
  • akebiasakebias Registered User Posts: 117 Junior Member
    Trinity is not actually a gated community - the campus is open - although set off from downtown Hartford. Vassar is gated! - you cannot enter except through a secured entrance.
  • nicole1500nicole1500 Registered User Posts: 159 Junior Member
    My daughter will be a senior at Trin and has friends from all over the world, with majors ranging from Art History to Econ etc...Go to the campus and visit like she did...It is fantastic, with caring professors and fantastic Italian, French and Art History professors...the Rome program was incredible...
  • TCBANTTCBANT Registered User Posts: 9 New Member
    Trinity is a great school and I could not be happier there. As far as academics go I have thoroughly enjoyed most of my classes at Trinity. While there are a few larger lecture type classes, most classes I have been in are fewer than 20 students. Thanks to the small class size, class discussion is an important component to almost every course. Additionally due to the size of each class, students are able to form a strong relationship with their teachers. As far as course offering go, I have never been disappointed with the different courses that are offered. As a freshman, you do not always get your first choice courses, but their will always be something interesting to choose from. The best part of the academics at Trinity however is the teachers. Every professor I have had clearly loves to teacher and also wants to see their students succeed. Every professor is highly motivated and easily accessible outside of the classroom.

    Beyond academics I love the social life at Trinity. Despite the schools reputation, not everyone their is a Wasp who went to boarding school. There are many different type of people at Trinity and its all about finding you niche. The social life at Trinity is enhanced by a great amount of extracurricular offerings. There are many different student clubs, intramural sports teams, club sports teams (I am on the ski team) and cultural groups. I have never been at Trinity and felt that I have nothing to do. Finally what sets Trinity apart from other liberal arts schools and in particular the other NESCAC is the nightlife. While not everyone at Trinity goes out at night, their are definitely some great parties that go on, with the two best being Tropical and Spring Weekend. I have had friends come visit from Middlebury and Bowdoin who were shocked by how much better the nightlife at Trinity is compared to their respective schools. The rule that most Trinity students live by is "work hard, play hard.” Work does come first at Trinity and many students use the weekends to relieve the stress of the previous week.

    Of all of the colleges I have been to, Trinity has one of the nicest campus’s I have seen. The quad at Trinity is loved by all students and is one of my favorite places to be in the fall and the spring. Despite Hartford bad reputation, there are a few good things about Trinity being in an urban environment. First is that that a many different companies that students are able to work for during the academic year. While students at the more rural NESCACs have to wait for the summer to have internships, Trinity students are able to have great internships in the fall and spring. Second, there are some great off campus restaurants for students to eat at, epically some great ethnic ones. Finally Hartford offers everything that any other city would, some sports teams to watch, many shopping opportunities, different museums, and some pretty good bar.

    I could not be happier with my decision to go to Trinity and encourage any one who is interested to apply and visit the school if possible. Do not let Trinity's location tarnish you view on the school. Hartford is not as bad as it seems, and Trinity is much more than its location.
  • Musiclover24Musiclover24 Registered User Posts: 28 New Member
    patiently awaiting my admissions decision (ED1) from Trinity College ♥♥
  • nicole1500nicole1500 Registered User Posts: 159 Junior Member
    .Good luck! My D2 has her acceptance letter posted on her bulletin board,,dated Dec 2008..
    .it has been a fantastic fit..Art History..incredible Italian program...so many friends from all over the world...dynamic group...lots of library time..
    Trin Rome was amazing..
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