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regular decision notifications

CUPKSDADCUPKSDAD 283 replies53 threads Member
Can someone please tell me when the RD decisions are likely to come out? I know they say by April 1st - but has there been any indication about a firm date - or what do prior years trend say? We are trying to make some travel plans and they are dependent on this. Thanks.
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  • fromcaliforniafromcalifornia 151 replies2 threads Junior Member
    If I remembered correctly, it came out on 3/29, Fri afternoon last yr.

    I remembered that precious moment (not 100% about the date though). I was driving a car with my parents leaving Stanford Hospital. My son called. He got decisions from a couple of schools that day. He was excited about the results. To be honest, my husband and I really do not know Tufts much at that moment. He picked and applied the schools he wanted to go. Now he is very happy there!
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  • CUPKSDADCUPKSDAD 283 replies53 threads Member
    thanks from california. good - another bay area parent - so if my kid chooses to go there then she will not be the only one from the bay area.
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  • fromcaliforniafromcalifornia 151 replies2 threads Junior Member
    No, she will not be alone. :)

    Last year in Aug, there was a dinner party at an alumina's house in Los Gatos, invited all bay area parents/kids. My son went there by himself. He said he met about 15 kids, some were upper class students. He also met a girl who is one yr older than him at DACA swimming school while he was doing summer job there.

    Good luck to your D! And hope she will choose Tufts!
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