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Tufts Aid and Housing Question

HuhahuhaHuhahuha 18 replies4 threads New Member
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Hi, I have been accepted ED II to Tufts with significant financial aid. I am really happy with my financial aid award, but there is something I am worried about.

From what I have heard, Housing is only guaranteed for the first two years at Tufts, which means that for the final two years, students may have to move off-campus, which would be fine by me, except for the fact that my aid covers my Room & Board fees currently but I have no idea what's going to happen once I am forced to move off-campus. Can anyone help me with this? Will my aid be used to pay my landlord? What happens if the rent is higher than on-campus housing fees?

I have heard at a few places on this site that for the past few years, juniors wanting to remain on-campus have been able to get a room, but I am still not sure how true that statement is. I think I could survive off-campus if I get an aid to cover most of the cost, but if the aid doesn't extend to cover the off-campus housing, I am truly screwed, as my financial condition is pitiable. I know junior year is far away and a lot of things could change by then, but if there's one thing I have learned coming from a poor background, it is that you have to plan well ahead of time.

So if anyone has any knowledge or experience in this matter, I would greatly appreciate any comments!! Thanks.
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4 replies
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Replies to: Tufts Aid and Housing Question

  • momworriedmomworried 650 replies65 threads Member
    Your best bet is to call financial aid and ask that question. My son will be a junior next year and he already has a house rented off campus. And so do most of his friends. One of his friends though gets financial aid and is staying on campus to be an RA. You get a lottery number in spring of freshman year for housing. My sons # wasn't great for junior and senior year. And he wanted to move off campus anyway. But I think enough juniors move off campus so there should be room for the once that want to stay.
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  • MastadonMastadon 1738 replies49 threads Senior Member

    We have had four family members attend Tufts over the course of two generations. Two on campus and two off campus. Financial aid is not impacted by choosing to live off campus. Below is link to an explanation from the financial aid web page. I do not know anyone who was forced to live off campus. Some choose that option. Some do not.

    Welcome to the Tufts family!

    http://uss.tufts.edu/finaid/forms/Living Off-Campus & Your Financial Aid_notes included.pdf
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  • MastadonMastadon 1738 replies49 threads Senior Member
    Here is the information on how housing is assigned. Call the financial aid office with questions. You can ask about past history of wait listed juniors/seniors.

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  • mathmommathmom 32653 replies160 threads Senior Member
    My son spent his junior year abroad, so that wasn't an issue. He had no trouble getting a room senior year even though he was late signing up. My impression is that enough juniors go abroad or want to live off campus that there is generally housing available for those who want it.
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