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Tufts Chances?

Lboss27Lboss27 11 replies15 threads New Member
I'm a junior at a public high school in the south, and Tufts is my dream school right now. What can I do between now and EDI in October to improve my chances?

Current GPA 4.0/4.96 (this should go into the low %'s by the end of my junior year as I am on blocked schedule)

AP classes I'm planning on taking, or have taken include:

AP Chem (A)
AP Seminar (A)
AP Research (Currently have an A, yearlong)
AP Lang (Currently have an A, Yearlong)
AP Psych
AP Euro
AP Stat
AP Lit
Also planning to go through Spanish 4 if this makes a difference.

SAT: 1510 (780 R/W 730 Math)
I am planning on taking the SAT subject tests tomorrow, what types of scores do I need on those?
(Taking USH, MI, and Lit)

Freshman & Sophomore Class President
Junior Year Student Body VP
Planning to be Senior year Student Body President
11-12 Executive Board Member for Science Honor Society
Charter Member for National English Honor Society (I also hope to be social media coordinator when elections happen)
Quill and Scroll Honor Society Founding Member
Quill and Scroll Honor Society Adviser (11)
Planning to be Q&SHS President for Senior Year
Member of NHS
Founder and Leader of Interclub Council
Member of Junior Year Prom Council Committee
Member of Jewish Culture Club (10-12)

3 Year Varsity Lacrosse Player
Camper in Leadership Training at a local summer camp for summer of '16
Counselor in Training / Counselor for summer of '17

None of my family is really super into college planning, so I figured I'd ask around on here.
Thanks so much for the help!
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Replies to: Tufts Chances?

  • Lboss27Lboss27 11 replies15 threads New Member
    I meant to say My GPA would be into the low 5's.
    Also, I am currently conducting research on Language Legislation in Quebec, if that changes anything.
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  • ap012199ap012199 1497 replies127 threads Senior Member
    You are a very strong applicant. If you apply EDI I believe you will have a good chance of acceptance.
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  • Mamapa2Mamapa2 61 replies2 threads Junior Member
    edited January 2017
    Everything looks great. You're excellent both stats wise and extracurricular wise. If you're just aiming for Tufts, you don't need to do anything more except for maintaining your current grades+ECs (maybe retake the SAT if you wanna go for top tier Ivies). Just make sure your essays are great (quirky and Tuftsy yet humble) to convey that you are a great fit for the school and you'll be accepted ED.
    edited January 2017
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  • ScoobyDooRaccoonScoobyDooRaccoon 21 replies2 threads New Member
    You have awesome stats and ecs for Tufts. I would be surprised if you weren't admitted ED. Make sure to write unique, honest essays.
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  • saskatchewansaskatchewan 71 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Engage with Tufts admissions and faculty. Express your interest, ask questions about info that is not available on the web site, ask about opportunities to visit or overnight. Apply ED and reference how you can contribute to Tufts and how Tufts is a fit for you. Reference your interests and engagement with faculty and desire to continue working with them in your application. There are many very qualified students who are rejected each year. Show your connection. Show your commitment thru ED.
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  • preppedparentpreppedparent 3341 replies10 threads Senior Member
    Get to know some teachers really well this year. You'll need good recs. Work on your essays early and get feedback.
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