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Tufts: opinions on intensity and competitiveness

shoot4moonshoot4moon 1102 replies178 threads Senior Member
DD fell in love with Tufts on her visit before Junior year, and would be a science major with some art thrown in. She is finding the IB/honors program at our public high school collaborative but very intense work-wise. THe teachers are fantastic, but the work never ends, even for a kid that is organized and effective. HOw does this environment compare to Tufts in your opinion??? Similar? DIfferent? How is your load in terms of manageability? Would you describe it as collaborative? Grueling? Do you have time to play?
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Replies to: Tufts: opinions on intensity and competitiveness

  • reformedmanreformedman 417 replies28 threads Member
    I had the same question between a different HS and a different University as far as matching their rigor. As I have found, no one on this forum will be able to supply an accurate enough answer to that unless they attended both. What we instead relied on for our answer was to check with the HS guidance counselor to indicate students that could recommend the school. It turned out my son was friendly with a boy who was 2 years above his HS grade who was attending a college in our list. He was able to talking with him over discord regarding rigor and other factors of interest.
    Does your HS guidance couselor offer that kind of info? I imagine if it's a very large HS they probably wouldn't do that for privacy sake but at our HS everybody knows each other since it's a small private HS.
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  • shoot4moonshoot4moon 1102 replies178 threads Senior Member
    Great idea!!!! How has Tufts been for you?
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  • hebrewhammerhebrewhammer 850 replies24 threads Member
    I went to a fairly competitive and very high-achieving public high school just outside of Boston. My experience at Tufts was that while the courses were very rigorous I definitely felt like they were generally more relaxed and that students are much more collaborative than competitive, at least in engineering.

    I can go into more detail if you want but I was involved with a lot of stuff both in high school and at Tufts (maybe more than I need to be) and wound up graduating from Tufts with a much higher GPA than I had in high school.
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  • Qwerty568Qwerty568 1203 replies9 threads Senior Member
    I had the same high school situation as the poster above (competitive suburban MA public), and as a current Tufts student in the college of arts and sciences I would say that it genuinely depends on the course in terms of rigor. Certain courses and certain professors are going to be more difficult than others. However, in general I would say the classes are rigorous but very manageable if you plan your curriculum well and manage your time well. Last semester I felt overwhelmed with work during midterms week and finals week- the rest of the time, I felt on top of it. I definitely have time for "play", a job, and general down time. Tufts is VERY collaborative. Nobody here is out to get you, and almost everyone is willing to lend a hand when needed. I haven't had a class graded on a curve, which helps.
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