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chances at tulane 2024

lollyohlollyoh 0 replies1 threadsRegistered User New Member
tulane is my absolute dream school and i'm submitting my application next week EA. I'm really anxious about getting accepted so if anyone knows if i have a shot i would be so grateful, i know they're incredibly competitive, especially for merit scholarships
—GPA: 4.66, top 10 at my school

—ACT: 33

—all pre-ib and APES (4), APUSH (5), AP Art Hist (5), AP Macro (5), AP bio (4), AP Lit (5) in freshman/sophomore

—all IB in junior/senior: HL bio, history, english; SL world religions, philosophy, math studies, french

—EC: president of french club, president of art club, secretary of model un, epicurean club, debate club, NHS, yoga (but not at school), world language honor society

—community service: ~200 hrs at a local art museum working with kids, ~60 hrs literacy outreach summer camp for third-graders

—awards: 1st place at county history fair, and 1st place in grade at county poetry awards in 10-11th grade
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  • KimV2015KimV2015 66 replies6 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    You have a shot. Double check and submit a solid EA application. Good luck!
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  • AH1310AH1310 58 replies0 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Keep in mind that with such a low admission rate this year, Tulane is becoming a reach for everyone with no guarantees on admission no matter what your scores are. However your ACT is right in line with what Tulane is looking for so you have as good a shot as anyone else. I would highly recommend a few things:
    -Make sure you have another "dream school" in mind that you will love in case you don't get in.
    -Make sure you run the finances. What if you don't get a $25K+ scholarship? Will you be able to go?
    -Keep reading Jeff's blog and take his advice. He gives many great tips on what they are looking for specifically in a Tulane application. They can tell who is using the Common App to just submit a generic application vs. one that embodies Tulane.
    -Apply for the Dean's Honor and Paul Tulane scholarships, due early December. Yes it's extra work. However it shows demonstrated interest, you might win one, and even if you don't many applicants get an extra one or two thousand in merit for putting in the effort. You have a strong art and English background which will work to your advantage for the scholarships.
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  • socaldad2002socaldad2002 1294 replies26 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    edited September 10
    Have you shown demonstrated interest? Tulane defers lots of applicants whom they feel are treating Tulane as a backup.
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