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Should I Take A "D" or "F", and Retake Class?

thedon23thedon23 Registered User Posts: 150 Junior Member
edited December 2010 in UC Transfers
I'm attending De Anza College, and have a "B-" in one of my classes (GE class) currently. I have "A's" in the rest of my classes so far.

In my class (B- class), there is still 450 points, of 1000 possible to accumulate. 250 for the final (take home final, 1 week to complete), and 200 points for a group project (waiting to be graded). I'm about 10 points above the a C+, so I barely have a "B-".

I talked to a counselor today and found out that the policy is that if you get a "D" or "F", you can retake a class. Now, I'd be okay with a "B" in the class, but am worried I might fall into the "C" range.

I plan to transfer to a UC in a few years. Will it look bad if I get a "D" or "F" (purposely), and retake it and get an "A"?

Any other suggestions?
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Replies to: Should I Take A "D" or "F", and Retake Class?

  • collegeis4loserscollegeis4losers Registered User Posts: 144 Junior Member
    W>C> purposely getting a D/F
    Nuff said.
  • LevonidLevonid Registered User Posts: 337 Member

  • SMCguySMCguy Registered User Posts: 1,352 Senior Member
    I'd rather have a C than an F/D with a course renewal of a B.
  • paniikdpaniikd Registered User Posts: 186 Junior Member
    I had 2 F's that i re-took the next semester in major prep work courses and got an "A" in one and a "B" in the other (which means the A/B were the only to reflect on my GPA not the D/F). I think C's are death to GPA's personally, so if you can't get the "B" and are the kind of person that does not like C's on your transcript I say re-take it. As long as its not a continuous pattern each semester the UC's or any other school system really don't care that you had to re-take a class. They don't know you purposely did that. You can just explain (i.e. exaggerate) in your optional third essay on your UC app why you were struggling in the class and how you overcame it the following semester and showed it through the grade improvement. However, if you dont have any other C's then one won't be too bad. Yet, I still think they are death to GPA's.

    Also, I was accepted to Berkeley with this.
  • marcelemarcele Registered User Posts: 1 New Member

    I have a very similar problem. I am taking a physics A class and currently have a C grade. I want to transfer to Berkeley for computer science, where physics A is a major requirement.

    I have only A's on my transcript. I talked to the physics teacher, and he advised me to fail the class to be able to retake it, because it would hurt my GPA. I also asked a counselor who said it would be a bad strategy to fail the class to be able to retake it, because it is a major requirement.

    Now, I have no clue what to do. I may can get a B, but it is very unlikely. Isn't a D and afterwards replaced "A" better than a C? I am confident that I will get an "A" when I repeat it, because I finally understand it. But it is too late now!

    Does anyone have a good advice? I just got two statements which contradict each other. Another opinion would be helpful.

  • Lemaitre1Lemaitre1 Registered User Posts: 1,736 Senior Member
    If you get an F in a class and then retake the class and get an A does the F simply vanish from your transcript and the universities you are applying to only see the A, or does the F remain on your transcript but is simply not included in your GPA? Even if the course is repeated with a grade of A it seems to me that having an F on your transcript would not look very good. I could not help but wonder how a student could have such a poor understanding of a subject that they received an F in it one semester and the very next semester suddenly attain such mastery of it that they receive an A.
  • ItachirumonItachirumon - Posts: 1,016 Senior Member
    ^Generally speaking it has to do with life-stressors complicating the class, or perhaps they just really did have that much trouble with it but finally figured out what they were doing wrong. It's not really inconcievable.
  • thedon23thedon23 Registered User Posts: 150 Junior Member
    I'd also like to point out that the class is a GE class..and it has nothing to do with my intended major.

    Any other suggestions?
  • redopleaseredoplease Registered User Posts: 1,276 Senior Member
    dont forget to think about graduate school (if you're planning on going). for example, i think some law schools will factor that D/F into your gpa even if you retook it. i read it in the law school forum recently you should check it out
  • deanzatransferdeanzatransfer Registered User Posts: 696 Member
    My advice is to ace the final and get a B- in the class! Put your heart and soul into that final :) Which class at De Anza? I go there too, as you might guess from my username.
  • redopleaseredoplease Registered User Posts: 1,276 Senior Member
    ^me dooossss!!! :]
  • paniikdpaniikd Registered User Posts: 186 Junior Member
    Your transcript lists all classes taken that you received a grade or "W" in, in the order you took them. If you took a class and received an "F" in one semester and then re-took the same class the following semester and got an "A" your transcript will show that by having the "F" grade in parenthesis and the "A" grade is only calculated into your transcript.

    For example:

    Fall 2008 Transcript
    Art 1---3 units---A
    history 101---3 units---A
    (English 103---3 units---F) *
    Fall 2008 overall GPA= 2.67

    Spring 2009 Transcript
    Bio 1---3 units---A
    English 103---3 units---A
    Theater 20---3 units---B
    Spring 2009 GPA= 3.67

    overall GPA= 3.8

    only the new grade gets calculated into your overall GPA, however it technically still "appears" on your transcript. Since most UC's mainly only consider GPA's as the main source of whether they admit a student or not I think its more important. One grade that you had to re-take in your undergraduate work is NOT going to affect your chances at grad school, especially if you do really well once you transfer to a 4-year.

    Think about it here is a sample transcript if you took the C-->

    Fall 2008 Transcript
    Art 1---3 units---A
    history 101---3 units---A
    English 103---3 units---C
    Fall 2008 overall GPA= 3.33

    Spring 2009 Transcript
    Bio 1---3 units---A
    Math 103---3 units---A
    Theater 20---3 units---B
    Spring 2009 GPA= 3.67

    overall GPA= 3.5

    That is BIG difference in GPA, especially in competitive majors. Like I said, I am speaking from experience and can also say that while essays are not considered at the UC's (with the exception of UCB) I am pretty sure that the optional third essay is often read by all UC's and you can use that as an opportunity to explain the grade if you want...however I say, why draw attention to it? its just ONE grade, hidden by all your other GOOD grades!
  • nujabes29nujabes29 Registered User Posts: 404 Member
    ^never thought of it that way but i'd just take a W.
  • lmendoza.012lmendoza.012 Registered User Posts: 377 Member
    If you want to go to graduate school, take the W or suck it up and study harder. If you don't care for grad school, take a D or F and redo.

    Grad schools usually average out between the two grades.
  • WestferWestfer Registered User Posts: 10 New Member
    1st- Do not explain a C for any reason. 2nd- Finish the course you'll be fine and it will not affect you. 3rd- Please take a look at my profile and our background if you question this advice.

    Best wishes
    From a group of former Foothill De Anza transfer students that are now Berkeley grads
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