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2012 Transfer Chance Me! Thread

UCkittychenUCkittychen Registered User Posts: 2,175 Senior Member
edited April 2013 in UC Transfers
About that time, those in that 2.8-3.4 range, even others outside those means feel the pressure coming up. This summer & upcoming fall semester/quarter will pretty much be our deciding factors for admissions, so lets have fun and pass these couple months by and share our opinions and help for those who want to participate.

Hope to see any of you applying to UC Irvine/UC Davis next year, at whichever i choose hopefully if I am accepted to both.

Link to 2011 Transfer Chance : http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/uc-transfers/977568-official-2011-transfer-chance.html?highlight=official
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Replies to: 2012 Transfer Chance Me! Thread

  • UCkittychenUCkittychen Registered User Posts: 2,175 Senior Member
    ill start

    3.4 GPA
    Poly Sci major
    Mother = 0 income & no father
    Dental Shadowing & Scholarship fun created for charter school
    First in family
    MOST assist pre reqs completed

    chances via tag & regular applicant to irvine?
  • Pinoiako916Pinoiako916 Registered User Posts: 1,117 Senior Member
    From my friend: Hey everyone I am currently a student at a community college in California.

    During High School, I did International Baccalaureate, but did very mediocre-I had a 2.74 unwtd gpa, 3.3 wtd GPA, and had okay-decent SAT's-2090 (770M,670Wr, 650R)

    Currently I have a 3.86 gpa (I earned a B in a class I took during high school)
    and am trying to transfer to
    NYU Stern,
    Cornell AEM,
    UPenn CAS Econ
    UC Davis

    I will be applying as an incoming Junior and by that time my gpa should most likely be around a 3.93-3.94.
    Currently some relevant courses I have taken are, Calc 1, Calc 2, Financial Accounting, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Biology, English and by the time I apply (FALL) I would have taken 2 more English (for Cornell), Calc 3, Differential Equations, Physics,, Statistics, and some other GE courses. In spring I will take the others courses- Mangerial Accounting, one more sem. of Biology, other GE's

    I will be applying next year, and have already startign working on a personal statement and made some really good progress, and will start on the supplements early as well, so they should be really good hopefully.

    As far as my EC's/Work Experience, I have done
    1.)850 hours of volunteer work at the American Red Cross (I was also a member of the board of volunteers, and worked in Fund Development, received a type of presidential award for it)
    2.) President and Founder of Finance Economics Business Achievement (I have recently made the club, and am planning on doing many events, working with speakers, trying to spread this club across sister junior colleges, etc.)
    3.) Vice President-Fitness Club (We plan on subsidizing some gym memberships for some of our members, doing some presentations, and promoting a healthy lifestyle of campus and in people)
    4.) Vice President (Will become President next year hopefully) of Muslim Student Assocation-(done some interfaith events-i took a lot of initiative iwth this club, and have raised hundreds of dollars through sales of food, etc.)
    5.) Inter Club Council Representative of American Marketing Assocaiton-(I attend a type of student body meeting where we each represent all the clubs on campus, i have also raised a lot of money for my club because of my attendance,etc)
    6.) I am also planning on becoming a tutor this Fall in Mathematics at the Mathematics
    Enginneering Sciences Achievement Program
    7.) Member of Phi Theta Kappa
    8.) Getting a summer internship at an Accounting Firm this summer

    Chance me or help me please?

    If my friend has a 3.93-3.94 gpa by the end of fall, what will be his reach, match, and safety schools?
  • briceiesbriceies Registered User Posts: 368 Member
    3.8 GPA (all A's save a C in an ass-backwards history class)
    Philosophy major
    100-or-so volunteer hours for a local non-profit
    IGETC done by Spring 2012
    Taking a decent load of superfluous philosophy courses: second one over summer (Ethics & Society, starting today) -- and third (Existentialism), fourth (Phil. of Religion), fifth (Crit. Thinking & Discourse) and sixth (Logic) in the fall.
    So, available pre-reqs will be completed; although it's too bad that my CC fails to offer any of the three that are accepted by Cal, and only 2 accepted by UCLA.
  • UCkittychenUCkittychen Registered User Posts: 2,175 Senior Member
    @briceies which school are you TAGing?

    i'd say def in at Davis,Irvine & Santa Barbara.

    as long as you complete your IGETC for SD, im sure you will be highly regarded their.

    Not to sure with the requirements for Berkeley/LA, im sure those are your top choices as you even listed them first and im sure you're working hard, based on your GPA, for a school thats worth it most to your major.

    anyone have any insight about his chances for berkeley & ucla?
  • killmyentouragekillmyentourage Registered User Posts: 914 Member
    Note: Take major pre-reqs at other CCs if your school does not offer then ESPECIALLY if they are mandatory.
  • briceiesbriceies Registered User Posts: 368 Member
    @uckittychen I suppose I'll be TAGing SD? or Davis/Irvine? Not sure yet.

    @killmyentourage there are no reasonably close CCs that offer any of the 3 Berkeley wants. I live in the South Bay, and assist says that SMC, L.A. Harbor College, El Camino (where I go), and Long Beach City all fall short, when it comes to offering courses that articulate. I assume in that case I won't take a hit from Cal? Do they expect me to drive 2 hours or whatever it may be to complete pre-reqs (and that's considering there are ANY colleges in SoCal that offer the courses)?
  • StartUpStartUp Registered User Posts: 12 New Member

    I think your friend will definitely get into USC, UC Davis, and UCSB.

    For other colleges it's quite hard to say, but if he can get more unique results (compared to other applicants) from his extracurriculars, there's a good chance he'll be accepted.
  • killmyentouragekillmyentourage Registered User Posts: 914 Member
    I was saying in general, not regarding your particular situation.
  • AcuvueAcuvue Registered User Posts: 39 Junior Member
    GPA: 4.0
    Schools: UCLA/UCB
    Major: Psychology

    I've already completed my IGETC, and I'll have all the major pre-reqs knocked out by spring '12.

    For on-campus involvement, I'm completing the Honors Enrichment program (to be TAP-certified for UCLA) and I'll be joining Phi Theta Kappa as well.

    My extra-curriculars are what I'm worried about... I don't really have any. I have some minor activities and awards here and there, but nothing impressive. Will my GPA and course preparation save me?
  • SalmosSalmos Registered User Posts: 200 Junior Member

    I doubt they'll hold that against you, since most philosophy students are in the same situation. You'd still do well to take a few philosophy courses, which it seems is your plan anyway. I wanna trasfer with 8 or so (got 3 down so far).

    I feel you though. If I get into Berkeley and UCLA, I'll probably go with UCLA simply because of the prereqs. Everything in my college articulates except ethical theory. I'm sure they just want you to take it there, since most colleges offer some sort of ethics course that covers ethical theory.
  • miamiamiamiamiamia Registered User Posts: 21 New Member
    Acuvue, I think you will be just fine w/o EC.

    I was accepted by UCB and UCLA for this fall and I was in the same situation as you: High GPA + completed IGETC + major prep + psych major. Funny thing is that I was missing like 2 or 3 major prep for UCB and they still took me? I didn't do TAP for UCLA either (found out about the program too late! Darn!). :) Don't sweat it, you'll be fine!
  • imjjjaeeimjjjaee Registered User Posts: 58 Junior Member
    ITS FINALLY HERE FOR ME! nervous and exciting

    high school: 2.1 gpa: left first high school to alternative school; expelled from alternative school then finished at alternative alternative school? (lol) Went to ADS (Alcohol Drug Services after getting caught with marijuana) --> will this high school stuff wreck me?

    CC GPA: 3.7
    Junior transfer
    Major: Neuroscience 2nd: Biochem
    Will have 1 year of orgo and calc based physics by spring
    Out-of-state :(

    tutor sat/bio/math
    teach golf
    made and sold pottery to buy/make food for homeless
    Bass guitar for church
    crapton of church related stuff in highschool idk if it matters since im a junior :(

    UCs applying to: UCB, UCLA, UCSD
    Others: USC, Vanderbilt
    Guaranteed acceptance agreements: W&M, UVA

  • UCkittychenUCkittychen Registered User Posts: 2,175 Senior Member
    imjjjaee : im thinking you're in at UCSD, then berkeley next, then ucla.

    im sure the ucb/ucla/ucsd familiar students will give you more info.

    are you going to TAG to UCSD?
  • imjjjaeeimjjjaee Registered User Posts: 58 Junior Member
    I am out-of-state Cal is easier for neurosci than ucla? Thank you for your input btw!
  • snipehuntersnipehunter Registered User Posts: 160 Junior Member
    My current stats is:

    ***Apply as a junior transfer for Fall 2012
    + Major: Computer Science
    + Schools apply: Cal (L&S), UCLA, UCSD, UCI, UCSC
    + Current GPA: 3.78
    + Essay: fair, my English skill is limited so I will give myself a 5 or 6/10 for essay
    + Prereqs: haven't done a single physics based calculus class... Third sem of calculus will be done next Fall, two sem of programming will be done too.
    + IGETC done by Spring 2012
    + Will TAG to Santa Cruz this September
    + ECs: member of AGS Society, member and website builder of computer club at CC

    And I'm an international student ...
    Basically, I struggled so much in the two semesters of English composition that I could not take physics. I will take mechanics next Fall and wave/optic/thermodynamic the Spring before transfer. That means I will miss the entire electricity/magnetism course, and I will (maybe) also miss first semester of general chemistry, which is required by UCLA.

    I think I have a decent chance at UCSC since they require only 2 sems of physics... near "zero" chance at UCLA for missing 2 pre-reqs and the rest.... I don't know

    Please chance me. Thank you.
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