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CC to UC Concerns

Xelna1138Xelna1138 1 replies2 threads New Member
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Okay, hello. It's been awhile since I've posted here on the forum, but I thought why not? I'm in my 2nd year of community college and I thought that it would be best to vent off some stress about some concerns I have before the stress boils over.

I'm planning on transferring out to anyone who can take me--UCR, UC Davis, UCSB, USC, hell, I'd even go to UC Merced. I just dropped my 2nd class, giving me 2 W's overall--one last semester, and one this semester. This does not concern me. My GPA is alright, but my schedule is so sporadic that participating in clubs/going to work is a bit of an impossibility for me. Right now I have 15 units. Again, this does not concern me.

What does concern me, however, is just how long I'm going to be staying here. My parents keep pushing me to finish up in 4 years, but when I look at my schedule, it seems like an impossibility. I'm going into Bioengineering as a Major when I transfer out, and at the current pace I'm going, as well as looking at all the classes still needed from the ASSIST readout, that goal looks to be much more than 4 years out of the way if I'm going to complete all the transfer prerequisites. The stress of not leaving when I am planning to leave is only coupled by the stories from my fellow classmates, who have been in the CC system upwards of six to eight years to get all their classes.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I don't want to be left behind. I don't want to watch all my friends get their degrees and start their lives while I'm still stuck in the community college system, struggling to get classes so I can transfer out. I don't want to be 28 and just *then* transfer out while everyone else is either working or getting their Master's. I really don't know what I'm asking here; maybe I just need to know that this--all of this effort--is worth it for something.
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Replies to: CC to UC Concerns

  • lawlkinglawlking 1387 replies31 threads Senior Member
    Anyone who is passionate about their majors are willing to put in the time.
    However, you said you were 2-years into community college and only finished 15-units? How is this possible? Unless you took 1-2 classes per semester. People who transfer within 2-years do so because they are a full-time student.
    1.) How much are you done with GE/IGETC?
    2.)How much of your major pre-requisite did you complete?
    3.)What is your GPA? Bio-engineering is a very competitive major.

    Most UC's require you finish at LEAST 60-units before you transfer (Those that transfer with less than 60 do so because they have an excellent high school transcript)
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