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**2013 Fall UCSD Transfer Decisions Thread **

theLURKtheLURK Registered User Posts: 38 Junior Member
edited August 2013 in UC Transfers

UCSD transfer decisions are released starting mid-March through the end of April. That means..... they should start rolling out by the end of this week or next week DUN DUN DUN DUN!! I've been dropping by CC to see if any new threads were posted related to UCSD decisions, but there were none and I got impatient to wait. Format is pretty much a replica of last year's thread with the exception of all the BB coding (the last time I even ventured near coding was in the days of MySpace =__=;; enough BB coding with just moving over the FAQ from the previous thread to here!) - personally I think jdom24 organized the 'questionnaire' and starting post quite nicely :) I touched it up a bit though since it's a bit long and added some things I thought people might be curious about, but you can always check out last year's thread questionnaire if you want to share more! As for the information he added regarding the transfer though, I just carried it over since it's all useful!

Anyways, in previous years, decisions were released in batches. Here's to hoping to be in an early batch! Good luck everyone!

You can get the BB code for changing the color of your transfer decision like below by going to the previous 2012 UCSD Transfer Decisions thread HERE.

Choose one Decision!
[size=+2] Decision: Accepted[/size]
[size=+2]Decision: Waitlisted[/size]
[size=+2]Decision: Rejected[/size]

Major Pre-reqs Completed (Y/N):
Intended Major:

Extracurriculars (clubs, leadership, volunteer, work):
Additional Details:
Applied for Financial Aid?:
State (if domestic applicant):
Country (if international applicant):
Estimated Family Contribution(EFC)/Income Bracket:
Attending Transfer Admit Day? (if admitted):

Why you think you were accepted/waitlisted/rejected (strengths/weaknesses):

Anddddddd some answers to Frequently Asked Questions - hopefully with this, there will be less straying off tangent on this thread until all decisions are out ^^ (after which, we can all go oompa loompa on this thread)

Where do I check my application?
& check here:

I didn't get accepted in the first batch, am I rejected?

No, you have until April 30th to be accepted, and yes people do get accepted on April 30th.

Are TAG applications evaluated first?

Historically, the first the few batches have been mostly TAG applicants. Although, UCSD does say TAG's can go all the way until April (via Twitter - go follow @UCSDAdmission).

Can you Chance me?

No, go here. 2012 Transfer Chance Me! Thread

What time does UCSD release applications?

Looking through last years thread it seems to be during the day, noon and on. Some people were admitted at 2pm and some kept refreshing and got in at 7pm. So, there doesn't seem to be a set time that they release the whole batch.

Is Warren, Muir, X, Y, Z, .... a good college? Or, I didn't get into my first choice college at UCSD, what can I do?

They are all great colleges, but depending upon your situation/major one might be more beneficial than the other when it comes to time 'til graduation. Although, it's usually not that big of a deal at the transfer level.

First, I really hope you read up on the colleges and their GE's here before you ranked them, as most people get into their first choice:
The Undergraduate College System

If you didn't get into you first choice, you are able to ask at orientation to switch. I've heard if there is a person in the college you want to switch into that wants to switch into yours they will generally accommodate the switch. Otherwise:

"In practice, the overwhelming majority of students are happy with their college assignment, even if it was not their first choice originally, and few students apply to switch. Petitions to transfer between colleges are difficult to justify and approved only in exceptional cases. To qualify, you must complete your originally assigned college’s writing program, demonstrate that switching to a different college will substantially shorten your time to degree, and have a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5 with a specified number of completed units."

When is orientation?

Your college will contact you and let you know.

Are there any events for admitted transfer students?

UC San Diego: Admissions Events

(also, my own suggestion is try searching up Wilderness Orientation with UCSD Recreation. They have trips every summer for incoming freshmen & transfers - but it's a bit pricey. I'M STILL PLANNING TO DO IT THOUGH! - theLURK)

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Replies to: **2013 Fall UCSD Transfer Decisions Thread **

  • aztecstudentaztecstudent - Posts: 106 Junior Member
    I received a call from UCSD admissions regarding a question that I had emailed them and while I had her on the phone I asked about transfer decisions. She said they will be released in three batches, one in late march, one in mid april and one in late april. That sucks because I was counting on knowing by mid march D: the waiting is killing me!!
  • theLURKtheLURK Registered User Posts: 38 Junior Member
    T_________T lies...... I will deflate and wither away with this wait......... Hopefully you're in the first batch.... well I have TAG... so crossing my fingers that I'm in there too!!
  • andrenvq57andrenvq57 Registered User Posts: 59 Junior Member
    anyone knows if someone is TAG approved, but is not accepted to the major, what are they going to do? pick another major?
  • dilapidatedminddilapidatedmind Registered User Posts: 808 Member
    You would be admitted as undeclared and you declare another major when you get here. Typically, you're admitted into your major with TAG unless it's impacted or you have very few pre-reqs finished. If it's impacted and you still want to switch into that major there are certain procedures depending on the department. Usually, you have to complete all the lower division requirements and have a certain GPA and then you can apply for approval to switch into the impacted major.
  • visitnajrvisitnajr Registered User Posts: 62 Junior Member
    I applied for chemE(3.4 GPA missing 2 prereqs), which is neither impacted nor one of their strongest departments but I would love to go to SD!
  • mistybeachmistybeach Registered User Posts: 46 Junior Member
    I think in the thread last year people had gotten acceptances starting on the 17th. I don't know if it will be the same for this year, but here's to hoping!
  • eyespyeyespy Registered User Posts: 123 Junior Member
    @theLURK I'm with you: If I have to wait until the end of March I will have no hair left and be stark raving mad. Not a pretty visual. Anyway, transfer brethren, post here if you hear anything! @aztecstudent has scared us, but her information was valuable! I got an email a few days ago from UCSD Admissions asking me for information about a specific item on my application; the email had a special link to provide the info. I did so. At least I know they're looking at my application!
  • SBVettSBVett Registered User Posts: 202 Junior Member
    @eyespy, I got an email like that too! It was in February though. I was really excited that they were looking into my application too! It definitely gave me hope, but I haven't heard anything since, except for the confirmation that they received my attachments.
    Looking through the 2012 transfer thread, most transfers only heard in mid/late April last year, except for a select few that were in the first batch in March... :( I guess we should start preparing for only hearing anything in April :(
  • eyespyeyespy Registered User Posts: 123 Junior Member
    Yes, @SBVett, I should get ready for the long haul, and if it comes in sooner hurray.
  • PurrOnYouPurrOnYou Registered User Posts: 86 Junior Member
    I wish they would give re-entry students more notice. We're moving back to CA (from NC) in June and late April is cutting it so close! :( Maybe they'll take pity on this "old" soul.
  • aztecstudentaztecstudent - Posts: 106 Junior Member
    Does anyone know if doing TAG has any effect on how early they tell you if you are in?
  • theLURKtheLURK Registered User Posts: 38 Junior Member
    Are TAG applications evaluated first?

    Historically, the first the few batches have been mostly TAG applicants. Although, UCSD does say TAG's can go all the way until April (via Twitter - go follow @UCSDAdmission).

    thus quoted. ^^

    :( I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you so that you find out early!
  • dilapidatedminddilapidatedmind Registered User Posts: 808 Member
    There are some trends, but nothing definitive. There were TAG students admitted in all the batches, so TAG doesn't affect when your decision is released. I completed TAG and didn't hear from them until the last batch in late April.

    Last year, something I noticed was that the first batch had mostly social science and humanities majors and most of the science / engineering majors were in the later batches. Also, there seemed to be more GPAs above 3.5 than below 3.5 out of the people in the first batch that posted on here. That being said, there were also exceptions to that. There were maybe a few math / engineering majors and those with lower GPA as well.
  • aztecstudentaztecstudent - Posts: 106 Junior Member
    gaaaaaaaah UCSD is my safety school so I really want to hear from it first!! I will die if i have to wait until late april
  • dilapidatedminddilapidatedmind Registered User Posts: 808 Member
    What's your major?

    If you have TAG and applied to a social science / humanities major your chances may be better for the first batch. I applied as a biology major and I saw no one that applied to the biology department posting in the first two batches.
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