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Tag Question (UCD)

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I have a 3.6+ GPA, and will meet all pre-reqs for my major (Statistics) but only have 31 semester units. I meet the requirements for TAG except that I have taken Applied Calculus and Calculus 1. Assist says that I can't transfer both of those classes. Does that mean I only have 28 semester units? Does that mean I my TAG will automatically be rejected? I am taking 18 semester units right now, and on my transfer planner I put that I plan to take 18 in the Spring, which puts me at 64 units.

If I do get rejected, what should I do, because I really want to go to UCD. Would I still have a good chance of getting in without a TAG? I never took the SAT or ACT and I don't have any EC's, but have maintained a full time job throughout CC.

Also I would be OK with transferring next year (With a TAG), but for Davis you have to maintain Full-Time classes. So I would need to take 24 units next year for CC, which would put me at 88 units...
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