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How hard is it to transfer to UCLA?

abpexcelabpexcel 26 replies10 threads Junior Member
edited September 2009 in UC Transfers
Hi, I am very interested in transferring to this school. I am in-state and have a 3.62 with A's in Calculus, Statistics, English etc. I want to major in Economics. I have good recs and essays etc. My GPA will probably go down some because I haven't been doing well this semester, but I'm not sure if that will matter much since the deadline is Nov. 30.

What are my chances out of 10? Is this a very difficult major to get in?

Thanks everyone.
edited September 2009
14 replies
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Replies to: How hard is it to transfer to UCLA?

  • abpexcelabpexcel 26 replies10 threads Junior Member
    Btw, I have a rather weird situation. I am a Freshman at my private university here in CA, but have already taken a bunch of CC classes while in high school that qualifies me to transfer. Will that make a difference in my chances?
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  • __allie____allie__ 3045 replies21 threads Senior Member
    UCs give top priority to students from CCCs, generally with IGETC certification or similar. Even though you've got CCC units under your belt, you will be considered an outside applicant since you're enrolled at this particular school, and will be transferring from there.

    Concerning the level of difficulty to get into LA, it all depends. On your major, the applicant pool, your essays, etc. GPA is crucial, and fall grades <do> count since they wont look at your application until you send in your work in progress form in january. Im not sure about the average GPA for a Econ transfer, but i can tell you that for business econ its anywhere from 3.6 to 3.8. Of course, theyre also interested in your extra curriculars, and most importantly, the preperation you've done for your specific major.

    Im hesitant to give you a numerical rating because i really dont think the system is that predictable. Just try to raise your grades, write killer essays, and include any ECs that will give you a boost.

    Good Luck.
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  • mj23mvp2003mj23mvp2003 35 replies8 threads Junior Member

    I am a high school senior and I did not gain admission to UCLA. I will likely be attending either UCR or UCI. I intend to major in political science. My question is what are the standards (GPA, EC's, credits etc...) for transferring into UCLA as a poli-sci major? I want to get started on the right track right away and start working towards getting to LA from day one. Do you have any suggestions on how I should go about things in my first 2 years? Thank you for your help.
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  • CC StudentCC Student 478 replies11 threads Member
    abp, I transfered to UCLA PreBizEcon (somewhat more competitive than just regular econ). While UCLA, I officially declared regular econ, though. Here are my stats if that helps at all:

    Transferred from: California Community College
    Transfer Major: Business Economics
    GPA: 3.78
    Units: about 140
    ECs: Student Government, Honor Society, TA for economics, Clubs, Extensive Volunteering, etc.
    Work Experience: Limited
    Essay: Decent - described dealing with community college at a young age but growing up there and ultimately graduating at 17 with an AA, a sense of maturity, and an appreciation for my unique experiences

    mj23mvp, transferring to UCLA would be much easier from a ccc, since they receive priority. You would need to talk with an academic counselor to determine which classes will transfer for your major.
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  • mj23mvp2003mj23mvp2003 35 replies8 threads Junior Member
    thanks alot for the input CCC, I appreciate it. I read on the UCLA transfer site that both california community colleges and other UC's get priority. I also read that basically all courses will transfer since they are both UC's. I was more so wondering what type of GPA and EC's I would need, also how many credits. I read that for the fall quarter the last class had about 105 credits (quarter system). I just wanted to know how accurate these numbers were, and if there was anything more I could do to improve my chances. Thanks again.
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  • CC StudentCC Student 478 replies11 threads Member
    I didn't say to find out which classes transfer, but rather to find out what classes transfer for you major. According to the transfer FAQ on the website, the most important factor in transfer admission is whether the correct major prereqs were taken. CCC would still be an easier transfer route because of the specific articulation agreements. For, ECs, you should find activities that you are passionate about. For the number of credits, 90-130 is a the optimal range. Over 130 units would be too many. Of course, you should aim for the highest possible GPA, you can earn, but at least a 3.5 at a UC will be good. Also, you might want to be more respectful to current UCLA students.
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  • highschooldahighschoolda 1712 replies81 threads Senior Member
    for the original poster, i'll proly say out of 10 it's a 4 b/c

    1.U're neither ccc nor uc transfer, which have priority
    2. ur gpa is lower than average for that major.

    But i wish u luck and hope u get in. :)
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  • mj23mvp2003mj23mvp2003 35 replies8 threads Junior Member
    Thank you again CCC, I apologize if I came off as rude or disrespectful in my previous post as that was not my attention. I sincerely appreciate the information that you have provided me with, after all I have done is read about this, it is great to hear it from real students, so that I know it is possible. Thank you for clearing up my misconception or misunderstanding on the tranferability of courses. It has been a long time dream of mine to attend UCLA, so I just want to make sure that I do not mess around and be sure to get things done and remember what I am there for. I will likely seek the help from my counselor ASAP for more information on this. Again I apologize for coming as rude earlier.
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  • mrmuircmrmuirc 440 replies11 threads Member
    for the original poster, i'll proly say out of 10 it's a 4 b/c

    Haha, I don't think the OP cares much anymore; this thread is 1 1/2 years old.
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  • CC StudentCC Student 478 replies11 threads Member
    It's all right. I am sure with the right combo of determination and effort, you can acheive your goal. Good luck!
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  • CC StudentCC Student 478 replies11 threads Member
    mrmuirc, good job on being attentive. I didnt even realize in what year this thread originated.
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  • Mike881011Mike881011 1 replies0 threads New Member
    I'm just finished my first year in SFSU, a state university.
    Actually I found it really hard to study in SFSU because those computer teachers suck.
    SFSU killed my passion in computer science.
    I decided to transfer to a LA college first and then transfer to UCLA.
    So, SMC or PCC in order to transfer to UCLA easier?
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  • ns89ns89 670 replies34 threads Member
    mike, i think both woul probably be equally good, although im not from cali so dont know if theres a lot of difference.. however, id say, choose the one you like the most, campus and location etc wise :) then do really well there
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  • ericabonetericabonet 1 replies0 threads New Member
    Mike881011 I'm at SFSU right now and I'm thinking of going the same route! This school is just not for me, and ucla has always been a dream but i've never really gone for it, except for now. My gpa as of right now is a 3.5 but I'm a linguistics major and i think i could get it up. I'm a little concerned though as to what kind of ec's i could do and preparation i could have for linguistics, any ideas?
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