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  • rainbubblerainbubble Registered User Posts: 36 Junior Member
    edited July 2016
    I'm currently an in-state CC student ! I can't believe I'm already writing in a transfer chance thread. time really flies..

    Major: Sociology
    GPA: 4.0
    Major GPA: 4.0
    IGETC: Complete
    Prereqs: Complete
    TAG: no
    ECs: This is what I'm really concerned about. I've had a part time job for the two years that I've been at my CC and I've volunteered a couple times but that's it. I'm planning on joining my campus's sociology circle next semester but I'm not sure if that's going to be enough.

    Also I have a question if anybody knows anything about this...I took my prereqs for a grade, but I ended up taking 2 of my IGETC classes pass/fail, both over summer semesters. I know you can transfer with a certain amount of p/f classes and I'm within that limit, but I wasn't sure if those classes being GE classes would affect my admission chances at all since UCLA is so competitive..
  • mightyMETAmightyMETA Registered User Posts: 175 Junior Member
    edited July 2016

    Intuitively, I don't think taking a couple GEs p/f will make a difference; here's what I found so far:

    Berkeley's Guidelines for p/f grades (for non-transfer students)

    "Courses taken to fulfill the American Cultures requirement and the L&S Seven-Course Breadth requirement may be taken P/NP."

    Obviously this doesn't answer your question directly but I think it's a good sign that Berkeley allows p/f GEs for their own students. I found the link in this thread, maybe you'd want to check it out:

    Great GPA BTW, I think you're more than competitive for UCLA transfer; your major had a similar acceptance rate to mine last year, something around 43%

  • goldencubgoldencub Registered User Posts: 1,819 Senior Member
    @rainbubble Taking IGETC courses P/NP is totally fine. I think it's recommended to take English and Math courses for a letter grade, so as to show proficiency, but taking a couple of courses P/NP is generally fine.
  • Ronaldw9Ronaldw9 Registered User Posts: 20 New Member
    CCC Transfer/ Academic Renewal - applying with two full and consecutive years of transfer work

    Major: Pure Mathematics
    UC Overall GPA: 3.54
    w/Fall Grades GPA: 3.66
    Major Prep: Completed in Spring (Including Cal's Math 55)
    IGETC: Done in Fall

    EC's: Centralized towards my major
    - Matlab.

    - Took math classes not needed for transfer just to check them out.

    - Self Studied Mathematics and Physics to the point I convinced the STEM department to clear Calculus 1 and Calculus 2 for Fall enrollment and Physics 2 and Physics 3 for spring.

    -Continued self study for further math classes.

    Personal Statement:
    - In progress. Carefully selecting which questions I should use to explain my "very poor" academic past and the strengths I've gained since then.

    Real Academic Targets: UCSD, UCLA, Cal (most assuredly)

    Location /Dorms /Closer to Family /Safe Targets: UCD, SDSU, SLO, Pomona, Fresno, few others..

  • jackbanejackbane Registered User Posts: 31 Junior Member
    In the case of listing your extracurriculars on your UC App, is it acceptable to mention your high school volunteer work and internships?

    I will be a one year transfer with a fairly heavy unit schedule this Fall and wondered if app readers would consider the fact that I really did not have enough time to put in a lot work for extracurriculars being that I apply so early.

    If any one year transfers could shed some advice, that will be very appreciated. Thanks.
  • boyofritoboyofrito Registered User Posts: 50 Junior Member
    @jackbane I wasn't a one-year transfer, but perhaps I could shed a little light on your situation. While listing high school extracurriculars isn't advised, you are definitely free to do so. With that being said, I do caution against it unless it's your only option. I've spoken with many counselors on this topic, and each one of them highly suggests to fill-up all the available spaces with as many recent activities as possible (MAKE SURE TO FILL THEM UP, no matter what). For example, if you started volunteer work back in high school, try to continue it within the next few months so that you can list it as an activity you started in high school, as well as one you continue to do so now. Internships might be a little more tricky, but do your best to get creative. Admissions officers understand that many of us CCC transfers simply don't have the time and the resources to lavishly decorate our college apps like many of our high school counterparts. Thus, get creative with your time, try some new things, and don't be afraid to put them on your apps. Good luck!
  • Ohm888Ohm888 Registered User Posts: 796 Member
    edited August 2016
    @rainbubble I took 12 semester units P/F and got into all the UCs I applied to: berkeley, ucla, davis, Santa Barbara. You're allowed to do IGETC and Breadth P/F and despite what people say they don't hold it against you. I asked a UC advisor. However, I would suggest doing it with classes unrelated to your major general area. I'm Media Studies (Communications) at berkeley and these were my P/NP:
    Both IGETC sciences: 7 units
    1 language: 5 units, although I took a higher level after it for a grade. (But even Haas says language, if fulfilling breadth can be P/NP.)
    FWIW, I did not choose soc, psych, anthro etc for P/NP as too close to my major.

  • DeangeloyouknowDeangeloyouknow Registered User Posts: 25 New Member
    Im a astrophysics major I just completed calculous 2 with a "B" I have a 3.099 gpa applying to uc berkley, ucla, davis, and Merced. Ha those "C"s are killers and I failed calculous 1 my first year.
  • mightyMETAmightyMETA Registered User Posts: 175 Junior Member
    I'm a bit depressed after completing a first pass of the UC application; I really have no honors, awards, volunteer or extracurricular activities to list and I'm in the dark as to the significance. The one substantial factor I have going for me besides GPA is that I have been working over 20 hours a week for my dad's construction company for years, but besides that I have literally nothing besides coursework to list on my application.

    I'd be interested in hearing any thoughts on this matter, whether they come from a former transfer or a current applicant.

    @Deangeloyouknow At least you have grade trends going for you, so I would keep fighting the good fight. Also, considering UCLA's profile of admitted transfers I think you should consider applying as a physics major instead, at least that's what I'd do in your position. Check out these admissions stats: https://www.admission.ucla.edu/prospect/adm_tr/Tr_Prof15_mjr.htm
  • DeangeloyouknowDeangeloyouknow Registered User Posts: 25 New Member
    @mightyMETA I see that the acceptance rate is 39% for physics and 25% for astrophysics majors. That is really helpful but honestly I'm more interested in astrophysics than just physics. I really do appreciate the help, I wish the best for you.
  • LynAmmoLynAmmo Registered User Posts: 455 Member
    In-State CC Fall 2017 Transfer

    Major: Anthropology
    UC GPA: 3.91
    Major GPA: 4.0
    IGETC: Will be done in the fall
    Major Prep: Completed for UCLA, will be done in the fall for all others.
    Tap: Yes, will be certified the spring before transfer.
    Tag: Will be tagging UC Davis when the filing period opens
    Units Completed: Summer 2016 - 35 completed. By Fall 2016 - 54 completed. By Winter 2016/17 - 61 completed. By Spring 2017 - 79 completed (If all goes according to plan, if not I'll still have over 60 units completed after spring).
    - Voluteered at a church for over 5 years, but 1 year not including my high school years - 10hrs a week, 42 weeks per year.
    - Volunteer note-taker for my CC's DSPS - 3hrs a week, 24 weeks per year.
    - Volunteered at Totally Kids Rehabilitation Hospital for 5 months - 4hrs a week, 23 weeks per year.
    - Worked full time as a manager/cashier 63hrs in the Summer and 40hrs during the school year since December 2015, still work there now.
    - Honors Enrichment Program at my CC.
    - Choir Director at the church I volunteer at, 2.5hrs a week, 42 weeks per year.
    - Volleyball, haven't calculated the hours for that quite yet.
    - President's Honor Roll.
    - Youth Leadership Award from the church I volunteer at.

    Target Schools: UCLA (my dream school), UC Berkeley, Stanford, UCSD. However, I'm applying to every UC (except Merced) to be safe.

    Personal Statement: Started working on it yesterday.

    *P.S. Sorry I wrote so much :-SS The application just opened yesterday, so I'm just reading off what I put down. Thanks! (:
  • mightyMETAmightyMETA Registered User Posts: 175 Junior Member
    edited August 2016
    @Deangeloyouknow I see, I just hope you consider it and maybe talk it over with a counselor or something. From the descriptions I've read on UCLA's website, the astrophysics and physics programs are extremely similar and once you get accepted to a physics major nothing will prevent you from taking astronomy/astrophysics courses as electives. In the long run you could still become an astrophysicist and the difference between a bachelor's in physics or one in astrophysics won't make any difference. I'm sure the majority of current astrophysicists hold a bachelor's in either general physics or math (I just read Neil degrasse Tyson's CV and it lists a typical physics degree); a person like you with such positive grade trends and a clearly defined goal deserves to be at UCLA in my opinion but that will be a lot harder to do with that 26% acceptance rate :o
  • DeangeloyouknowDeangeloyouknow Registered User Posts: 25 New Member
    @mightymeta first of all thank you so much for your kind words. There needs to be more people like you in the world. :) second couldnt I just apply as a astrophysics major and choose physics as a alternative major on the common application. Also Neil is one of my idols I want to be on tv talking about space and stuff. That's a goal of mine. Maybe a guest appearance with Neil on the Cosmos
  • DeangeloyouknowDeangeloyouknow Registered User Posts: 25 New Member
    Sorry I don't know how to edit post I meant to put on the uc application
  • 2016Candles2016Candles Registered User Posts: 1,600 Senior Member
    Ucla doesn't allow alternate majors unless you're part of TAP. Even then, only certain majors are allowed to be alternates. Also there may be the option of switching to Astro physics if you're admitted to Physics.
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