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Official UC Berkeley Haas Transfer Thread 2017


Replies to: Official UC Berkeley Haas Transfer Thread 2017

  • jonathaanvjonathaanv Registered User Posts: 235 Junior Member
    edited February 15
    Chance Me/Stats:

    Transfer Student - Community College

    Major: Business Admin
    CC GPA: 3.79
    Major GPA: 4.0
    UC GPA: 3.86

    UC: UCB, UCI, UCLA, UCSB (Tag)
    CSU: Cal Poly SLO, SDSU, SJSU, Chico
    Private: USC

    Major Pre-Req: all done minus one accounting class

    IGETC: one last requirement remaining (completed by end of Spring 17')

    Presidential Honor Roll - 4x
    Phi Theta Kappa Member
    Alpha Beta Gamma Member
    International Scholar Laureate Program Invitation - Summer 17'
    Math Tutor (Unpaid/Volunteer)
    Business Tutor (Accounting/Economics) - (Unpaid/Volunteer) - First ever in my CC's history
    Academic Scholarship - Sp 16'
    EOPS/Care and CalWORKS Certificate of Achievement - 2x
    SSS Academic Honor Award
    Organizer of a College "Road Trip" (visited universities in N. Cal and S. Cal) in Summer 15'
    Business Club Member


    Very Strong. I chose the "leadership", "academic barrier", and "community building" topics. I used examples from tutoring for community building and making my college campus a better place by being the first ever "business tutor" on campus in its history. Examples for leadership came from organizing a college trip for first-generation students that allowed them to visit universities that we don't travel to. Academic Barrier came from my low-income background (don't want to go into specifics).

    Had my essays reviewed by four English professors, my PTK coordinator, a political science professor, my academic counselor, a transfer specialist on campus, and my TAP (Transfer Alliance Project) contact. All gave me a thumbs up.

    Haas Essay:

    Strong as well. Don't want to go into specifics (PM if you want to know more), but I used a very honest and relatable example. Had it reviewed by a transfer specialist, my academic counselor, and my TAP contact. All gave me a thumbs up!
  • williamyangwilliamyang Registered User Posts: 82 Junior Member
    @jonathaanv Hey Jonathan, welcome to the thread! Your stats look competitive. Your app is lacking in the paid work experience/internship section, but that weakness is compensated by your campus involvement and volunteer experience! I'd say that you have a good shot. Cheers haha. What do you think about mine?
  • enpz45enpz45 Registered User Posts: 343 Member
    @jonathaanv Looks like you put as much preparation as you could in order to get accepted. I'd say you're pretty set. The essays are really where applicants are going to set themselves apart and from the outside looking in, I'm sure your essays are strong. I think when filling out the application you could've swung your tutoring into the work experience/internship area. @williamyang is looking for someone who wants to exchange essays. What did you think of the supplemental question?

    @briank82 Is the next thing we may hear about are interviews sometime in March? I saw a lot of speculation from last years thread about what an interview means, have you heard anything definitive?
  • jonathaanvjonathaanv Registered User Posts: 235 Junior Member
    edited February 16
    @williamyang Thanks! You for sure have the GPA down. Most people I've heard from have said that everyone should aim to be no lower than a 3.80. You're above that so good job! Since you mentioned that you dealt with an addiction, I figure you used that experience to write one of your essays. I think that it will be a powerful message if you worded it the right way! Lastly, your work experience is something that also stands out to me. I think it will go a long ways in persuading your reader into letting you in. As long as you expressed that you are well-rounded and not just a "school person" or a "work person" and made an effort to be involved in other ways, you should be good. Overall, I feel you got it.

    @enpz45 I was told not to have my volunteer experience count as my work experience since it wasn't paid for. I hear ya though. As far as the supplemental question (I assume you mean the Haas essay), I felt it was pretty easy. When writing mine, I had a lot of options to chose from for examples and I chose one that many people can relate to at one point or another. If you want to share essays, PM me.
  • jonathaanvjonathaanv Registered User Posts: 235 Junior Member
    edited February 16
    @enpz45 I noticed you asking about interviews. From what I've gathered from talking to my TAP contact, a friend who applied to Hass last year, and my contact at Haas, interviews are mostly for borderline applicants or for applicants that they want to talk to to clear things up. They do it so they can basically know more about you so they factor it in when making a decision.

    According to the people in the loop, if you had an EC or additional comment on your application or supplemental update that they may want you to expand on, they'll ask questions. They may also ask questions to get an idea of who you are and if you match up with what you put on you application.

    If you are borderline, they'll treat it like a normal interview. My buddy was asked if he knew the defining principles and to pick one that he can expand on using personal experience. Another question was like "why Haas" etc. He applied with a 3.4 and got called. He had strong essays but didn't know jack about the 4 principles and bombed the interview lol.

    Point is, start preparing some kind of answer in advance and know about Haas's principles: question the status quo, student always, confidence without attitude, and beyond yourself
  • enpz45enpz45 Registered User Posts: 343 Member
    @jonathaanv Damn, too bad for your buddy. Tough to make it to that point and then they ask you about the defining principles and you can't name a few of em. I've applied to schools similar to you & also TAG'd UCSB. I applied to a few more UC's and no Cal States. I applied to USC but since I didn't follow their major prep program I'm not expecting much. I'd still choose UCB/UCLA/UCI/UCSB over USC.
  • jonathaanvjonathaanv Registered User Posts: 235 Junior Member
    edited February 16
    @enpz45 yeah I know he was upset about the whole thing.

    I applied to a bunch of schools to keep my options open, the schools I'm considering the most are Cal, USC, and Cal Poly. I want to consider UCLA more but I'm not a fan of the 3.5 requirement to get into the actual biz Econ major when you get there. Don't want to work my a** off to have to still prove more to earn a spot.

    And while USC is expensive, their financial aid is really good according to people I've talked to there. I want to do something in accouting so Leventhal is a win-win for me. What major prep program are you talking about? Are you mentioning Marshall's Calculus and writing course requirement? Or their GE Catagory requirement?

    Good luck btw, hope everyone in this thread and anyone who joins from now until April get in.
  • briank82briank82 Registered User Posts: 1,078 Senior Member
    @enpz45 The next thing you might hear about is for interviews or if they need you to clarify or provide proof of anything you listed on your application, but that's relatively few and far between I think. I didn't hear anything back between TAU and my acceptance.

    I wouldn't worry about what an interview means .. it just kind of "is". Regardless, it's a chance for a second look which can only help ..... unless an applicant bombs it.
  • enpz45enpz45 Registered User Posts: 343 Member
    edited February 16
    @jonathaanv I have completed Calc I and the writing course requirement, I'm taking Calc II this semester. But there are courses I haven't completed in GE since completing IGETC doesn't complete the GE's for USC. I've also heard from former students that as a Marshal transfer you come in as a Sophomore transfer vs a Junior transfer. This has to do with them wanting you to retake the micro/macro econ there. Take that with a grain of salt, I have not talked to any USC advisers. That's what I've heard from our Economics Dept head & counselors at my CCC.

    @briank82 good to know
  • jonathaanvjonathaanv Registered User Posts: 235 Junior Member
    @enpz45 Okay, gotcha. From talking to USC advisers, while they would prefer that you finish all the GE categories before coming to USC, it isn't the end of the world if you are missing one or two and it will not affect your admission decision. I didn't complete Category IV (some humanities class) and I was told I'm good. They want them done because it lessens the chance of you taking longer to graduate. They would rather you take only upper-division stuff.

    In terms of junior vs. sophomore transfer, I've heard that the only classes they make you take over there again are the equivalent of financial and managerial accounting. Many students transfer from Marshall to Leventhal so this helps those students. I haven't heard anything about econ. I found an old articulation agreement online (not on USC's website) for my CC and both econ classes were once required to get in. I would probably take that with a grain of salt as well since it is probably outdated.
  • enpz45enpz45 Registered User Posts: 343 Member
    @jonathaanv Leventhal is definitely the most enticing part about USC for me. I also want to get into accounting.

    Are you from SoCal? Do you like the USC area? If you haven't been I'd suggest checking it out because it doesn't feel like a traditional campus.
  • jonathaanvjonathaanv Registered User Posts: 235 Junior Member
    @enpz45 I am actually from NorCal. I live commute distance from Cal.

    I've visited USC twice and it's a beautiful campus. I was impressed by how nice it is. I went into Marshall and Leventhal and asked questions regarding transferring when I was there. My CCC doesn't have an official articulation agreement so I had to have someone look at my transcript and ed-plan (I recommend to anyone who reads this to do the same).

    As far as the area, I know most people get turned off by the whole "South-Central" thing, but I've lived in similar neighborhoods so it's nothing I can't handle. I know someone who literally lives down the street from USC and I got an idea of what it's like from looking around i guess. I plan to live on campus anyway (hopefully that new village they're building is done by Fall).

    People say similar things about Cal though with all the bums and random characters you see hanging around. Both places aren't exactly your typical gated community (although USC is gated at night lol).
  • taylortohaastaylortohaas Registered User Posts: 6 New Member
    Can someone chance me for Fall 2017 transfer?

    Major: Business Administration (Haas)
    GPA: 3.88 (2 Bs – no P/F or Ws)
    Major GPA: 3.80 (1 B in 4 unit Calculus I course – As in all other prereqs.)

    19 Y.O. Caucasian Female
    U.S. Citizen
    California Resident
    CCC Transfer Student (all courses taken at same CCC)

    Will transfer 70 semester units from Sierra College in Rocklin CA. (nor-cal)
    IGETC Certified now
    AS-T in Business Administration after Spring 2017
    6/7 UCB Breadths completed (missing international studies breadth – will take as UD non-bus course)
    All prerequisites complete by Spring 2017 (Calculus II and Intro to Business in progress)
    Continuous enrollment since HS (including summers) 14-16 units every regular semester, 6 and 9 units in summer sessions

    President of Business Club at Sierra College
    Vice President of Records of PTK chapter at Sierra College
    Part-time job at Old Navy (Women’s department lead, shift cash handler)
    Some volunteering when time permits

    Presidents Honor Roll every semester
    Member of PTK

    Personal Insight Statements (9/10) – lots of leadership examples
    Haas Supplemental Essay (9/10) – it didn’t have anything to do with any of the 4 defining principles

    I used the additional comments section to explain why I am so drawn to Berkeley, why a Haas based business education is so appealing to me (the 4 defining principles and the cohort based program), and how I will use my time at Haas to not only study business principles, but to also develop the habits required to instinctively apply the 4 defining principles (in personal situations as well as in business).

    If admitted I plan to enroll in Summer PreCore.

    Applied: UCB, UCI UCR (TAG), Humboldt State, Sonoma State, Sac State, CSULB, Cal Poly Pomona, Cal Poly SLO
    Accepted: Humboldt State, Sonoma State, Sac State, Cal Poly Pomona
    Rejected: CSULB (error in supplemental application– submitted appeal and expect a reversal)
    Waiting: Cal Poly SLO, UCB, UCI and UCR (will be accepted via TAG)

    Any thoughts?
  • enpz45enpz45 Registered User Posts: 343 Member
    It's not that it's a really bad area, pretty much anywhere in LA is 10 minutes away from a version of South Central, it just has a unique feeling to it. If you've already visited than you must like the feeling of it. I live in Long Beach so I'm not too far from SC. It looks like we are trying to trade places. I visited Cal in January and really liked the campus & surrounding area. I live in downtown so I'm used to a lot of homeless people.
  • jonathaanvjonathaanv Registered User Posts: 235 Junior Member
    @taylortohaas Assuming the GPA you listed is your UC GPA instead of your overall CCC GPA, congrats, it is very competitive and is right where you want it to be! :)

    In terms of missing the international studies course, is it going to be completed by this spring? Missing a course on the breadth is a big reason why many students get rejected so I wanted to clarify this.

    EC's look fine, being in leadership roles such as a VP for PTK are things they look for in applicants. If you were able to use that to your advantage in your PIQ's then it will help your case for admission. Using work also helps, if you explained what you learned and how, if at all, your work contributed to your education and things like that.

    Usually the "additional comments section" is reserved for people to explain circumstances that may have affected their education, but if you had more to say that you weren't able to address in your responses then I'd say that is fine.

    Overall, you seem solid. Consider any and all grade trends though. If those two B's came recently and in the same semester when you were getting straight A's beforehand, then it may seem like you slipped up. If it was in the beginning or spaced out, then it's no problem.

    Chance me back if you get the chance, my stats are somewhere above.

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