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Official UC Berkeley Haas Transfer Thread 2017


Replies to: Official UC Berkeley Haas Transfer Thread 2017

  • jonathaanvjonathaanv Registered User Posts: 235 Junior Member
    edited February 16
    @enpz45 I've visited cal about 4 or 5 times now. I love it and the area as well which is why it's my #1 since day one.
  • briank82briank82 Registered User Posts: 1,077 Senior Member
    @jonathaanv Breadth courses don't matter. Having them finished used to be a requirement but they are no longer relevant. I got all mine done so I'd have more flexibility in my schedule while at Cal but I'm surrounded by people who have multiple breadth courses left to take.
  • williamyangwilliamyang Registered User Posts: 82 Junior Member
    edited February 16
    @jonathaanv @enpz45 I, too, have visited Cal and love the school surrounding as well as the vibe the campus exudes. At first, I was overwhelmed by all the activities and protests; but in retrospect, it invigorated me.
  • taylortohaastaylortohaas Registered User Posts: 6 New Member
    @jonathaanv My CCC GPA is My UC GPA, all courses I have taken transfer to UCs. As far as the Bs go, they were in separate semesters and were very high B's (I got one in a World Religions humanities class with an 89% and one in Calculus I with an 87.5%) my CCC doesn't have + and - grade differentiators.

    I was told by Sojourner Blair (director of admissions for Haas) that you don't have to have all breadths completed to be accepted. In fact they want you to spread them out over all semesters, but I had time to complete all except for the International Studies breadth. I even have completed the American History, Institutions and Cultures requirements.

    I used the additional comments section to explain why Berkeley and Haas, as well as my understanding of the 4 defining principles because this year's essay prompt didn't lend itself well to those topics (500 words isn't enough). I also added some stuff as to how my particular talents are a great fit for the Haas program.

    Finally, yes I did how my work role supplemented my education by exposing me to real-world Marketing and Merchandising concepts.

    I will chance you back shortly.
  • taylortohaastaylortohaas Registered User Posts: 6 New Member
    @williamyang I found your stats in another chance me thread (CCC Transfer: Chance me for UCB Haas, UCLA Bizecon, UCI Business Administration, NYU Stern, and USC) and it looks like you may need to double check some of your prerequisites against assist.org and Prerequisites for Haas. It looks like you may be short on unit requirements for Macroeconomics and missing 1 quarter of Calculus. I could be wrong, but I would double check with Haas.

    Other than the items below, your qualifications look great to me. I can't answer for the admissions committee.

    It looks like your CCC is on the quarter system and the following classes were completed:

    Winter 2016:
    A - Macroeconomics (3 units)
    Winter 2017:
    Calc 1 ~4 units
    Spring 2017:
    Calc 2 ~5+ units

    See the stuff in CAPITALS below. From: https://haas.berkeley.edu/Undergrad/transfer_prereq.html

    ALL PREREQUISITE COURSES MUST CARRY A MINIMUM OF 3 SEMESTER OR 4 QUARTER UNITS and must be completed with a letter grade of C- or higher no more than 5 years before starting the business major. California community college students must follow the articulation agreements on www.assist.org.

    Prerequisite Courses for Transfer Students
    • Principles of Business--One introductory business course is required prior to transfer to the business major.
    • Economics--Course(s) in macro and micro economics.
    • Statistics--An introductory course in probability and statistics for business.
    • English/Reading and Composition (R & C) Requirement (more information below).
  • jonathaanvjonathaanv Registered User Posts: 235 Junior Member
    @taylortohass @briank82 good to know, I was told a while back that the breadth had to be completed.
  • taylortohaastaylortohaas Registered User Posts: 6 New Member
    @jonathaanv all of your stats are great, but like I said in another post - who knows what the Haas admissions committee will do on a case by case basis. All we can do is hope for the best! Good luck to all of us!!!
  • williamyangwilliamyang Registered User Posts: 82 Junior Member
    edited February 16
    @taylortohaas Hi Taylor, welcome to the thread! Your GPA is clearly where it needs to be. That B in your first Calculus course may put a dent in your application, as you obviously already know it is an important and challenging course. EC wise, it was good of you to relate your work experience to business concepts. Your essays will matter a lot in this case.
  • taylortohaastaylortohaas Registered User Posts: 6 New Member
    @williamyang Thanks for the comments.

    I'm not too worried about the B in Calculus I, It was a very high B and from what I have read on other threads, a couple of Bs here and there don't really matter (lots of people got in with Bs in Calculus). From what I have read, Haas is looking for overall GPA, completion of prerequisites as well as good coverage of social sciences and humanities courses, course loading and rigor, some extracurriculars, understanding of the defining principles, but mostly they are looking for good cultural fit with the Haas program and the ability to contribute. Hopefully I have conveyed all of those things in my applications.
  • enpz45enpz45 Registered User Posts: 343 Member
    @taylortohaas @williamyang @jonathaanv Nice to see the thread is picking up some steam. Everyone so far seems like they have their grades & EC's the same plus or minus a few points or activities. It's the wait that's killer.

    @taylortohaas I also got a B in Calculus I, I don't think it'll be a deciding factor. In last years thread @briank82 said he got a B in it yet and he's there now. The rest of your stats seem strong.

    My biggest worry is that I will be 1 of the thousand applicants who is immediately rejected because of failing to meet the requirements even though I checked all the boxes.
  • taylortohaastaylortohaas Registered User Posts: 6 New Member
    @enpz45 Yeah, it's crazy. I have seen in other threads where people were rejected for retaking courses, out of order courses and even missing courses. That is why before my sophomore year, I submitted my academic plans for remaining semesters to Sojourner Blair (director of admissions for Haas), and she verified that I would complete all prerequisites and the correct 6/7 breadths, in the correct order, for Haas acceptance. I even kept the verification email from her just in case!

    If you followed assist.org with respect to required/articulated courses, and took them in the correct order for letter grades you should be good to go.
  • williamyangwilliamyang Registered User Posts: 82 Junior Member
    @taylortohaas thanks for the reiteration and clarification. What I meant was that a calculus grade, as a prerequisite & one of the more challenging courses, would hold more weight than a grade in music, for instance. This is my subjective reasoning, gathered from counselors & others. Of course, this is only from an academic standpoint. Berkeley's holistic review encompasses a variety of other factors as well. Good job on your efforts in preparing for the haas app -- it clearly shows.

    @enpz45 did i overlook something? What prereq are you missing?!

  • williamyangwilliamyang Registered User Posts: 82 Junior Member
    By the way, if any of you know of other Haas applicants applying, don't hesitate to tag them in this thread. If they don't have a collegeconfidential account, encourage them to make an account and engage in discussions. Us applicants could all use some support during a nerve-racking time such as this.
  • briank82briank82 Registered User Posts: 1,077 Senior Member
    edited February 16
    For pre-reqs, I had a B in Calc 1 and in Macro. For general classes, I had like 10+ B's. A few B's won't kill you.

    Your GPA really just needs to be in a certain range and then it comes down to essays and ECs.
  • enpz45enpz45 Registered User Posts: 343 Member
    @williamyang I'm not missing any, I think. The comment was a little tongue in cheek but I still worry that I may have some disqualifying factor
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