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Yet another math question and an uncommon application plan

SculptorDadSculptorDad Registered User Posts: 1,780 Senior Member
edited September 5 in UC Transfers
Dear wise community,

My daughter earned California Certificate of Proficiency (High School Diploma Equivalent) and went to community college full time for 2.5 years, at a younger than typical age. She then went to a high school anyway last Fall, and plans to transfer to UC for Fall 2018.

To disclose full information while preserving her transfer-ability, we plan to put her last homeschool and Certificate of Proficiency information on UC transfer application's "last high school attended" section, and explain her current high school in the additional info section.

Q1. Would this be the best approach? Anything that can make this plan better?

Also, she took Trigonometry last year and is taking Calculus this year at her high school, and has never took a college math course. But,
Her community college said she met IGETC Area 2 with her high school Trigonometry so it will certify her IGETC without any college math course.
UC (Berkeley) said she met Quantitative Reasoning requirement with SAT Math Score of 600+.

Q2. I understand that not having a math course by Fall 2017 is a negative element because they can't see if she is really ready. I think her problem is mitigated because, 1. She took transferable science courses - Intro Chemistry, General Biology, and Algebra-Based Physics - at community college, 2. Decent SAT Math Score, 3. Passed AP Exams for courses that normally require Algebra - AP Environmental Science & Micro Economics already. 4. Taking Trigonometry and Calculus in high school.

I would feel much better to have an actual college math credit, but it turned out to be logistically impossible. What do you think? Would UC Berkeley take it for L&S department intended Art Studio major? She has a very high college GPA, 10 major prep courses, and IGETC will be completed by Spring 2018 when she take an online college English Composition for Area 1B and pass AP European History for Area 3B.

FYI, UC Berkeley does not include art portfolio for even intended Art majors, and will review it only after she is first admitted to L&S department, so I believe the above information is pretty much all they will review to decide on her application.

If she fails on all her UC applications - 4~5 campuses - she will take another year of community college courses. But she says she would be really ready to move on to UC by next Fall and would prefer very much to not spend another year at community college.

Thanks again.

Replies to: Yet another math question and an uncommon application plan

  • Ohm888Ohm888 Registered User Posts: 796 Member
    edited September 5
    Curious - why did she go back to high school after 2.5 years at a CCC? For AB 540 credential?

    Will they even count high school courses after certification of hs graduation and 2.5 years of college? It seems like an odd choice, but then there may be something I'm clearly missing - like why not take calc at the CCC?

    Anyway, if she's getting IGETC certified, I'm not clear why you're concerned. She fulfilled the math. The UCs honor the certification.
  • SculptorDadSculptorDad Registered User Posts: 1,780 Senior Member
    edited September 5

    Not AB540. At the time of deciding to apply to high schools, she was only 12 and wasn't sure what to major in college. She was still considering a marketable degree in STEM or business, in which she would need more high school to become a competitive applicant, and wanted to see what's high school life is like, especially far away from home at a boarding school.

    It was a great decision for her that she has learned so much and enjoyed so much, and she is excited to do it for another year. But as she told me and her art portfolio consultant, she thinks she will be ready to move on with art at post CC and certainly post high school level by next Fall. She is now nearly 15 and both looks and acts a few years older.

    She can't take calc at CC because she will be 3000 miles away from home for the next year and there is no CC near her boarding school that offers dual enrollment for Calculus course, not to mention that her boarding school's own calc is better than most of CC's with a very small class size and a highly qualified teacher.

    I am concerned that, it seems, UC not being able to see a math grade taken by Fall of the previous year is a major disadvantage for transfer application. The plan was taking a Exam-By-Credit at her CCC now but we found out that all Exam-By-Credit is just frozen for administrative reasons for a year.

  • Ohm888Ohm888 Registered User Posts: 796 Member
    edited September 5
    She has IGETC, plus she has the SAT score done. Plus she's majoring in art, not a math-heavy major. I think the only time a letter grade comes into play is if you have absolutely nothing to show by end of fall and are using a lower level course with a letter grade as a buffer to let the UC know you won't flunk the stats course and will be able to fulfill IGETC or general req. You say it's impossible to take another course and Berkeley already has said it's fine (so it's fine).I think you are obssessing about an improbable outcome. People fulfill the math often with AP scores or sometimes P/NP. It's important to be on your toes but sometimes parents over-analyze. Sorry. Don't take it the wrong way. :)

    She can also do stats online no matter where you are if it still bothers you.
  • Ohm888Ohm888 Registered User Posts: 796 Member
    edited September 5
    I'm also removing myself from this convo because of her so very young age. I admit to not understanding the philosophy of homeschooling with the aim of college at 12 (which appears is the case, based on math presented) and all this back and forth (homeschooling, college, then back to high school). My lack of understanding may be to my detriment and I apologize for not getting it. Anyway, she's now 15, still very young, but I wish her very good luck. Others can chime in from now on.
  • SculptorDadSculptorDad Registered User Posts: 1,780 Senior Member
    edited September 5

    Thanks for the link. I will look into it.

    You don't need to get it and no appology is needed. But I didn't homeschool her to start college at 11. I homeschooled her with always giving her right amount of academic challenge for 3~4 hours per day and rest of them free, which she spent for reading and art.

    By 10, she has already taken a year of highschool drawing class and wanted something more. At the time my wife took a CC art class and had a personal exhibit at the CC's library. DD wanted put a few of her pieces. A professor saw DD and her pieces, and offered DD to take her course even though she was a child. DD wanted to take the course and used CHSPE as a tool for that. Even with CHSPE she had to interview a VP and convince her to allow her to register. The professor's vouch helped. But I was only a facilitator. That's how it all started.

    She only took art courses in the first year, then she wanted to fill gaps in her her general education and also wanted some science lab experience. I always pivot to what she wanted and needed, instead of controlling her. That's why she has changed plans so many times. But I trust her decision and have always been supportive for whatever she wanted at the moment.
  • Ohm888Ohm888 Registered User Posts: 796 Member
    Thanks for update. :)
  • ucbalumnusucbalumnus Registered User Posts: 62,859 Senior Member
    If there is a question as to whether a CC will certify IGETC based on high school trigonometry, will she take the AP calculus exam after completing high school calculus? If so, and she scores high enough, that should alleviate any questions about her math preparation, for IGETC or other purposes.
  • SculptorDadSculptorDad Registered User Posts: 1,780 Senior Member
    edited September 6

    Her CCC already recorded her official high school transcript and confirmed twice on email that it will certify IGETC with it.
    UCB said that alone is not enough but will accept SAT Math score for transfer requirement.
    UCI said while neither SAT score nor IGETC is enough but it will accept AP exam taken May 2018, so she will take it. Hopefully other UC campuses will accept combination of the above.

    Still the question is if any campus other than UCB would be willing to make acceptance decision before seeing her AP score that will be available on July.

    Thinks could have been a lot easier if she made the decision beginning of Summer and took a Summer course, or I knew about the link @Ohm888 gave a month ago. But seems the above is what we will have to do with for now.

    Thanks for your advise.
  • Ohm888Ohm888 Registered User Posts: 796 Member
    Why doesn't she take it online? That should solve any concerns.
  • SculptorDadSculptorDad Registered User Posts: 1,780 Senior Member
    edited September 6
    I check them all. None of them so far is still available for Fall and doesn't require her to fly to the school to take an exam there. I will consider for Spring though, which is why she isn't taking any online courses at her home CC this Fall, they were all full with too long waiting list. I think they should be given more budget.
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