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UCSB Fall 2019 Transfer Thread

callmeswagscallmeswags 26 replies1 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
Hey everyone! I know this is a bit early to start this thread buuut for those of us who have been lurking on 2018's thread, we can start a new one here!! :)
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  • callmeswagscallmeswags 26 replies1 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Looking to apply upcoming fall. How am I looking? These are my first year stats only.
    My Stats:

    CCC student from Mesa College
    Major: Sociology
    GPA: 3.5 (might go up after this semester)
    IGETC: Done
    TAP: Yes
    Honors: Almost Complete

    Schools Applying: UCSB, UCLA,UCB UCSD,
    -Mexican American

    -PTK Member
    -Part of Associated Students Program
    -Director of Service in Honors Club
    -Campus Ambassador
    -VP for Random Acts of Kindness Club (displaying/making small gestures to people to help make their day and gain self confidence )
    - >100 hours of volunteering at the science museum as a Museum Ambassador (Monitor guests, shows, and galleries & provide customer service) and Group Facilitator (demonstrate experiments to visitors and help host science camps for children)

    Main Idea for Personal Statements:
    Working on it so I can't say for sure, but I will have them checked out by multiple faculty members from multiple departments at my school

    -Planning to talk about my small business that I've maintained the past few months through instagram and the asmr slime community. Thinking about talking about how it went from a stress reliever to now turning it into a business with more than 65k followers and holding restocks every two weeks.
    -Significant financial hardships from my parents divorce (topic is overdone) and how we had to get evicted from my mothers apartment twice ( + a wrongful lawsuit) and how my grandparents have taken us in along with my aunt (basically 9 people living in a 3 bedroom house)
    -How I went from having social anxiety to now being an activist speaking up against sexual assault and creating personal projects/artwork to display for others to enjoy in the community. Not sure how to lay this out though.

    Still have the second year to fix up any issues here. I can still make things better.
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  • ib5199ib5199 14 replies0 threadsRegistered User New Member
    Hey Everyone!
    I am so excited about this transfer process to UCSB.
    About me:

    CCC Student from Cuesta College in SLO
    Major: Communications
    GPA: 3.9
    IGETC: Done after spring '19
    TAG: Yes
    Prereqs done.

    Applying to just UCSB.
    Good luck to everyone!
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  • llaauurennllaauurenn 134 replies1 threadsRegistered User Junior Member

    I'm a transfer student from Irvine Valley College who has also taken some online classes at Lake Tahoe Community College. I took 10 AP tests in high school and had 40 semester units from that and also took Writing 1 over the summer so I should be set to transfer in one year
    GPA: 4.00 (only have taken one class so far)
    Major: Economics
    IGETC: Done after spring '19
    Currently in Calc 2, Microeconomics (online @ LTCC), and C programming (dropped physics bc I was originally a comp sci major and switched)
    Will be taking Macroeconomics winter term (online at LTCC), and Linear Algebra, Python Programming, Biology, and Writing 2 (Online at LTCC) Spring term.
    TAG: Not enough units (AP unit max)
    Unfortunately couldn't get into the honors program due to late registration and being unable to register for honors courses. Should I still get in second semester?
    Applying to UCLA, UCSB, UCI (TAG for Comp Sci), USC, UCB, and UCSD but my first choice is UCSB!
    EC's: Student Government Budget and Finance Committee Commissioner, I work in a corporate office 20+ hours a week and for the city 6 hours a week, had 1000+ hours of volunteer work in hs
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  • hillarydufflebaghillarydufflebag 167 replies3 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    CCC: SMC (community college)
    Major: Political Science
    GPA: 3.50 (hopefully a 3.67 after fall)
    Major Gpa: 4.00
    IGETC: Done after spring '19
    TAG: Yes
    Degree: AA-T Political Science (Spring 2019)
    Prereqs: done
    EC: Law pathway program, Scholars Program, Alpha Gamma Sigma, Young Democratic Socialists of America
    Awards: Deans Honors List
    Also Applying: UCLA, USC, UCB,UCSD, UCD,UCI,LMU, Occidental College, Pitzer College, Chapman
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  • tinedancertinedancer 86 replies0 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    CCC Transfer
    Major: Ecology
    GPA: 3.73
    IGETC: completed
    Pre-reqs: done by Spring ‘19
    EC’s: PTK, Biotech Internship, strong personal story involving overcoming cancer while in school.
    TAG: Davis
    Applying to UCSB, UCD, UCSD, and UCSC

    Let the stress begin and good luck guys! :)
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  • pooosteeddddpooosteedddd 7 replies0 threadsRegistered User New Member
    Major Biology
    Igetc: completed
    Pre reqs: will miss one semster of chem
    gpa: 3.39

    tagged to santa barbra

    I don't know if ill get accepted since I won't have o chem completed and my gpa is low.
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  • katlovespandaskatlovespandas 9 replies2 threadsRegistered User New Member
    Hi guys!

    I transferred to UCSB this year (Fall 2018) and would gladly answer any questions you may have pre/post the application deadline. I know how nerve wrecked I was this time last year and would be open to giving assistance where ever I can. I’m a pre-communication major and will be able to answer specific questions to that major. My roommates are Biology and History majors and if needed I can ask them questions specific to those majors. Also any questions about admissions, housing, my experience since transferring here, and the transition from CC to UC.

    I’m currently in the last three weeks of the quarter, and will try my best to reply to any questions I may receive. I’m here to ease your nerves! Don’t hesitate to ask questions, this is a no judgement discussion forum.

    I also would prefer questions from students that have UCSB as their top choice University :) thank you!

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  • vrios95vrios95 129 replies5 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    edited November 2018
    Hi @katlovespandas ! I'm so glad you're offering advice during this time of year! I'm a bit nervous as I'm hoping to get accepted through TAG considering my GPA is a 3.16 and it should be a 3.2 by the end of this Fall, according to the TAG agreement. I'm planning to major in English and I'm a bit stressed out that I have not completed the entirety of the Transfer Pathways. I plan to get a hold of the awesome Transfer Admissions Counselor Collin M. as I've emailed and met with him previously. The campus is so beautiful! I went to visit over the summer and I was in love!

    So share your stats with us! Give us an idea of what to possibly expect :)
    When did you receive your acceptance? Did you TAG? If you did TAG, when did you receive approval of your TAG?
    Are you living on campus through univ-apartments?
    If so, which ones and do you like it?
    I'm hoping to get in SM or SJ as they're newer (LOL look at me talking as if I'm already accepted)
    Have you been able to make friends?
    How old are you? I'm currently 23 but I'll be 24 by the time I start at a UC and I feel like I'll be too old when compared to the rest
    What is something you can recommend to transfer students as they transition from the semester to the quarter system? I hear its pretty brutal and it means you have to leave the ground running from day 1.
    Is it possible to double major? I want to major in Spanish too :(
    Is it easy to get a job on campus?
    What was your financial aid package? I'm solely asking because I'll be an independent by the time I start at a UC. So I'm hoping to win some big money to cover my on campus housing. I noticed that they have a UCSB Scholarship and Grants when using the Net Price Calculator. So is the UCSB Scholarship separate from the Blue and Gold Opportunity plan?

    Sorry for all these questions, I'm just too [email protected] eager! :D
    edited November 2018
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  • katlovespandaskatlovespandas 9 replies2 threadsRegistered User New Member
    Hi @vrios95 !

    To answer your questions about my stats, I was admitted with a 3.2 GPA on April 12th (Spring 2018) and applied with a 3.15 GPA (Fall 2017). I was on a upward trend for a year and even made honors Fall 2017 at my community college. I submitted a TAG application, however I didn’t meet the GPA requirement (I missed it by .5). Oddly, I never heard anything about my TAG submission, even after I was admitted to UCSB.

    I think a big thing is even if you don’t necessarily have the best GPA is making sure you have fulfilled the course requirements for your major. I looked at the UCSB admissions website and they now have PDFs for course requirements, which is a great resource.

    I currently live in University Campus Housing, San Joaquin Villages. For housing we completed a questionnaire and picked our top 8 choices, beginning with our first choice and ending with our last. My top choice was Sierra Madre, however very few transfers get housed there. Continuing students get the option to pick their apartment for the following year and a lot of them choose Sierra Madre. Probably because there’s less roommates and the bathrooms are nicer. I’ll be picking my housing for next year (2019-2020) in January, and if you want to live in IV you have to start looking now. Isla Vista is nice because it’s closer to the campus and the beach. My apartment is two miles from campus (28 minute walk, 10 minute bike ride, 15 minutes on bus). SJ is sorted into the “towers” and the “clusters”, I live in a cluster. The towers are the really tall buildings you can see on the housing website, and the clusters are the smaller three story buildings. The housing website shows an SJ interior living room space (with an island in the kitchen), those apartments are triples (3/bedroom, 9 roommates). Doubles are smaller but still very spacious with brand new appliances and furniture. The dressers in the bedrooms are huge btw, I brought three small boxes of clothes, and still have room for more. I’m actually bringing clothes from back home after Thanksgiving break. I think getting into SJ or SM would be ideal, I haven’t decided where I’ll be living for next year as of yet. I heard Santa Ynez is known for having an “ant problem” so keep that in mind, lol. Even then it’s closer to campus, so still a great option!

    Don’t worry about your age! I turned 24 last month and felt worried about feeling “old” before coming to UCSB. There’s thousands of students at UCSB ranging from all ages, including Grad Students older than us that blend in with the crowds. The only impact I feel like my age is having is being able to relate to other students here and making friends. If you’re social it will be very easy for you, but we’ve (my roommates that are also transfers) quickly come to notice a lot of friendships here are established during the First Year (freshman year). The people I’ve befriended on campus are people in the same course and major as me, and we also live in the same apartment complex. I spend a lot of my free time with my roommates: going to events, going to the beach, working out and grocery shopping etc.

    Transitioning from Semester to Quarter system:
    I don’t believe that moving from semester to quarter system is what makes going to a UC difficult. If anything it makes it that much better, because I got a longer summer and I only have two weeks (plus finals week) left in the quarter. If I’m being honest, it hasn’t been easy transitioning to the academics of a UC/Quarter system. We just finished midterms and I didn’t sleep for the entire week, some of my roommates stay awake every night for two weeks straight. I was in the study room with several other students until 3am during midterms week finishing assignments. Your grades are based on very few assignments (example: two papers, a midterm and a final), I had one week to do a paper, while simultaneously studying for a midterm the same week. If you come here expect to dedicate your time to studying EVERYDAY if you want to succeed. The professors are amazing, not all, but at least mine for this quarter are, lol. I’m taking an Upper Division English course this quarter and the average on the first paper was a C. Things that weren’t made to be a big deal at community college, are a big deal here! Grammar, paragraph structure, critical analysis, thesis statements, research, interpretation are extremely important. An ‘A’ paper at community college is a ‘C’ paper here. UCSB has so many resources you can utilize to help improve, and its very easy to reach out to professors and TAs during their office hours.

    If you want to double major, do it! You may have to take elective courses to graduate (depends on requirements for the English Major) you might as well double major and use those courses to fulfill your unit requirements. I’ve talked to a lot of transfers who are taking on a second major or minor next quarter.

    Campus jobs/Financial Aid
    I applied for two jobs when I arrived here, however I received enough aid that I don’t have to work while attending UCSB. I received 70% of my total cost of attendance in Scholarships and Grants, a benefit of being “independent” when transferring to a University. The remaining 30% came from a student loan and work study award, nothing out of pocket. I also received a grant for UC Health Insurance, which I think I got because I’m considered “independent.” The “out of pocket” cost to attend UCSB was cheaper than the cost to attend the CSUs I was admitted to, making my decision to attend here that much more definite. I know a lot of other students are constantly looking for campus jobs and it’s not easy. If you’re admitted start looking during the Summer, and that might help get an advantage over the continuing students. We have a website that gives us access to all available jobs pre/post graduation, and I get emails about jobs every week from my majors department. As for the Blue and Gold Grant, I did not receive that, but I didn’t need it. I received two Cal Grants and the UCSB Scholarship.

    I really hope I was able to answer your questions! If you want to know about anything else feel free to ask me. I spent days searching for information about UCSB last year, and I know how eager I was to learn more about my dream school. My advice: don’t say you may not get in… tell yourself: “I will be at UCSB next year!” That’s what I kept telling myself until I was accepted. I didn’t have the best GPA, but I worked my butt off to get here. I worked tirelessly 7 days a week for two years, until I finally made it. If you get in, I would love to meet you and be your friend at UCSB. There’s so many opportunities here, and you will want to take advantage of them all. It’s everything I imagined with a lot of ups and downs, but when things get down I just go to the beach, lol. Good luck!
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  • XarapuffleXarapuffle 1 replies0 threadsRegistered User New Member
    edited November 2018
    Major: Political Science (UCSB), Global Jazz Studies (UCLA)
    Cumulative GPA: 3.49
    Major GPA: 4.0
    IGETC: completed
    Pre-reqs: All done Except for Macro and Micro economics (didn't know I needed that lol)
    EC’s: PTK, Student Senate, Tutor, elderly caretaker, babysitter
    TAP: YES
    Applying to UCSB, UCD, UCSD, UCSC, UCLA, UCI, USC

    I'm very conflicted because I am trying to apply to different colleges with different majors because I have the prerequisites done for many, but, I don't know how to answer the required PIQ for transfer. I don't know how I can incorporate music into politics because they are very different. I was wondering can you create two applications one for all political science courses, and a separate one UCLA and the music major. Then Again, I am not sire this is possible. Any advice would be great.
    edited November 2018
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  • Ohm888Ohm888 2417 replies63 threadsForum Champion UC Transfers Forum Champion
    edited November 2018
    Maybe talk about an international angle. You enjoy politics and world culture, and incorporate music that way. Imply that you might major/minor without specifically saying which is which.
    edited November 2018
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  • duranceau951duranceau951 27 replies6 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Major: Statistics
    CCC Transfer : Santa Rosa Junior College
    Major GPA: 4.0
    General GPA: 4.0
    Gender: Male
    IGETC and all Pre-reqs all finished

    Associates Degrees:

    1. Computer Science, Deans Highest Honors, 4.0
    2. Mathematics, Deans Highest Honors, 4.0
    3. Economics, Deans Highest Honors, 4.0

    Extra Curriculars:

    1. President of SRJC Data Science Club and Math Club
    2. Member of SRJC Computer science and Economics Club
    3. Principal Second of New York Youth Symphony - played in Carnegie Hall 3 times
    4. Concert Master of NYC Public Theater for the Odyssey in Central Park
    5. Concertmaster of Santa Rosa Youth Symphony
    6. Concertmaster of Young Peoples Chamber Orchestra


    1. Meadowmount Chamber Music Winner
    2. Etude Competition Winner - Senior Strings, Senior Piano
    3. SFCM Piano Competition Winner

    Educational volunteer work:

    1. Teaching Assistant/Grader
    2. Mathematics tutor
    3. Economics tutor
    4. Computer Science tutor
    5. Accounting Tutur

    Volunteer Work:

    1. Simply Strings - I mentored under-privileged children through intensive ensemble instruction after school
    2. Harmony Program - I mentored under-privileged children through music throughout communities in New York City
    3. Music for fire victims - I went to shelters around Sonoma County to play music for fire victims.


    1. Section violinist Ukiah Symphony
    2. Section violinist Echo Chamber Orchestra
    3. Section violinist Symphony of the Redwoods
    4. Organist/Choir Accompanist
    5. Violin Teacher - Beginner to semi professional


    Spent all summer and fall working on these essays. I think they are quite strong. Most of them are of my hardship of switching from music to a new career path in statistics and data science.

    Schools: All UC's
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  • aef302aef302 11 replies1 threadsRegistered User New Member
    Hi! Anyone else an out-of-state applicant? I'm applying from UVA and am super nervous, any advice would be much appreciated! I'm applying as a Global Studies major with a 3.8 GPA, feeling cautiously optimistic but I'm worried that some of my courses might not match up with UCSB's requirements since there's no way to check course transferability from my school. Intro Statistics (STAT 1100) should fulfill the math credit general requirement right? Fingers crossed!
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  • delaxcruzdelaxcruz 19 replies0 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Can someone please chance me as an intercampus transfer?

    SCHOOL: UC Santa Cruz
    MAJOR: Business Economics
    MAJOR PRE-REQUISITES: completed by end of this quarter (Fall 2018)
    UC Letter of Reciprocity: will complete GE's by Spring 2019
    UC GPA: projected 3.79 after Fall 2018 Quarter
    EC: shadowing opportunity at Paramount pictures, part-time worker at UCSC dining hall, accounting association, volunteer work with Rotaract club
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  • 90smix90smix 464 replies7 threadsRegistered User Member
    Hey guys! I'm new here. Here's my stats.

    CCC student at De Anza.

    GPA: 3.9
    Extracurriculars: YouTube and freelance writing/editing
    Job/Work Experience: part-time teacher
    Volunteer/Community service: 5+ years for hospice care & food banks, tutoring, teacher's assist

    Intended Major: English
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: White
    IGETC: Completed
    Pre-Reqs: Only 3/7 done so far -- will be done by the end of spring quarter if I can get into all my class choices!

    Applying to what schools?: UCLA, UCB, UCSB, UCD, UCSD, Emerson, Northeastern, USC, SCAD, UMich, NYU
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  • sleepypolarbearsleepypolarbear 117 replies0 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Heyo! These are my stats

    CCC Transfer
    GPA: 3.45
    Major: Creative Studies, Computing
    IGETC: Finished by Spring 2019
    Prereqs: There uhh... aren't any?? but I took a ton of CS classes so I hope that helps
    Extracurriculars: Worked throughout time at ccc, took care of a parent with cancer, built and started an online business on my own, hackathons; awarded for work on a sign language to English translation software
    Personal statement: I think they were pretty good. I wrote about my love of programming and language, how I went deaf my first semester of college and overcoming that (hopefully that explains my meh GPA...) and my plans for graduate school.

    Also applying to UCI, UCLA, and UCSD

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  • Sjk20Sjk20 19 replies0 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Has anyone received an email with login information for the UCSB portal yet?
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  • HeyItsNickHeyItsNick 1015 replies21 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    edited January 9
    @Sjk20 The application portal is still closed to Fall 2019 applicants.

    edited January 9
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  • HeyItsNickHeyItsNick 1015 replies21 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    Update on decisions dates:

    Decisions will be released on four dates: March 19, April 1, April 15, and April 30.

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  • needtomoveoutneedtomoveout 15 replies1 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    My stats:
    Major: History
    Current college: Moorpark College (CCC) (did 2 years at Saint Mary's College of CA before transferring to Moorpark)
    IGETC: will be done by Spring 2019
    Major requirements: required done, desired done
    GPA: 3.3
    ECs: Work as an English and History tutor at a local private HS, volunteer coach, volunteer through church, president of college club lacrosse team
    credits: 95 by end of Spring semester
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