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UCSD Fall 2019 Transfer Thread

ishitakishitak 118 replies2 threads Junior Member
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Hey guys,
I was looking for UCSD 2019 Transfer thread and couldn't find one so I made one!

edited April 2019
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Replies to: UCSD Fall 2019 Transfer Thread

  • Ohm888Ohm888 Forum Champion UC Transfers 2872 replies70 threads Forum Champion
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  • ishitakishitak 118 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Hey, guys please feel free to comment your progress, stats, EC's and anything else regarding the application! Hopefully everyone will be happy to help and offer feedback. :)
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  • tinedancertinedancer 86 replies0 threads Junior Member
    CCC Transfer
    Major: Ecology
    GPA: 3.73
    IGETC: completed
    Pre-reqs: done by Spring ‘19
    EC’s: PTK, Biotech Internship, strong personal story involving overcoming cancer while in school.
    TAG: Davis
    Applying to UCSB, UCD, UCSD, and UCSC

    Good luck guys :)!
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  • rachelleexrachelleex 2 replies0 threads New Member
    I wanted to ask previous science (chemistry) admits about their scores and what are my chances if I got a few Cs in one really bad semester but regained my GPA with all As the semesters after?
    Also how is scripps institute is.. It's always been my dream school but I want to hear from students actually studying in it :)
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  • ishitakishitak 118 replies2 threads Junior Member
    edited November 2018
    edited November 2018
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  • ishitakishitak 118 replies2 threads Junior Member
    @tinedancer Your Stats look good, I think you have a solid chance of getting in :)
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  • ishitakishitak 118 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Hey guys these are my Stats do you think I have a shot??

    Major: Psychology
    Community College Transfer (from LA)
    International student
    Ethnicity: Indian
    Gender: Female
    GPA 4.0 (currently) But will go down to 3.86 (Because of Calculus)
    Major Prep: Completed by Spring 2019
    IGETC: Will complete by February 2019. Will be done before transfer.

    Basically, all the requirements will be met

    Extracurriculars: Dancer (not professionally but as a hobby), Vice President and Historian of Psychology club and Psi Beta Honors society, Perfect for 2 years (9-10 grade), Choreographed a dance piece for a dance concert.
    Job/Work Experience: n/a
    Volunteer/Community service: Fundraising for nonprofit, English Tutor for underprivileged kids, Currently volunteering in a hospital in their Rehabilitation department, Perspective Shadow work in Dec and January.
    Personal Statement: Not finished but I think they're okay
    Degree: None

    Weaknesses: 1 C and 1 Pass no Pass Course
    Applying to what schools?
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  • duranceau951duranceau951 27 replies6 threads Junior Member
    Major: Statistics
    CCC Transfer : Santa Rosa Junior College
    Major GPA: 4.0
    General GPA: 4.0
    Gender: Male
    IGETC and all Pre-reqs all finished

    Associates Degrees:

    1. Computer Science, Deans Highest Honors, 4.0
    2. Mathematics, Deans Highest Honors, 4.0
    3. Economics, Deans Highest Honors, 4.0

    Extra Curriculars:

    1. President of SRJC Data Science Club and Math Club
    2. Member of SRJC Computer science and Economics Club
    3. Principal Second of New York Youth Symphony - played in Carnegie Hall 3 times
    4. Concert Master of NYC Public Theater for the Odyssey in Central Park
    5. Concertmaster of Santa Rosa Youth Symphony
    6. Concertmaster of Young Peoples Chamber Orchestra


    1. Meadowmount Chamber Music Winner
    2. Etude Competition Winner - Senior Strings, Senior Piano
    3. SFCM Piano Competition Winner

    Educational volunteer work:

    1. Teaching Assistant/Grader
    2. Mathematics tutor
    3. Economics tutor
    4. Computer Science tutor
    5. Accounting Tutur

    Volunteer Work:

    1. Simply Strings - I mentored under-privileged children through intensive ensemble instruction after school
    2. Harmony Program - I mentored under-privileged children through music throughout communities in New York City
    3. Music for fire victims - I went to shelters around Sonoma County to play music for fire victims.


    1. Section violinist Ukiah Symphony
    2. Section violinist Echo Chamber Orchestra
    3. Section violinist Symphony of the Redwoods
    4. Organist/Choir Accompanist
    5. Violin Teacher - Beginner to semi professional


    Spent all summer and fall working on these essays. I think they are quite strong. Most of them are of my hardship of switching from music to a new career path in statistics and data science.

    Schools: All UC's
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  • cluuuuuuucluuuuuuu 20 replies3 threads Junior Member
    Major: Math-CS / CSE
    International Transfer: China
    Major GPA: 3.75(current)
    General GPA: 3.5(current
    Gender: Male
    IGETC and Pre-reqs: One course in art unfinished but plan to finish in spring 2019
    Applying to UCSB, UCD, UCSD, and UCI

    Weakness: B in calculus.

    Who else is also applying for computer science related major :) ?
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  • hillarydufflebaghillarydufflebag 168 replies4 threads Junior Member
    Major: Political Science
    Community College Transfer (SMC)
    Gender: male
    GPA 3.55 (currently) hoping for a 3.67 by then end of this fall semester
    Major Prep: Completed by Spring 2019
    IGETC: complete at time of transfer

    Extracurriculars: Phi Beta Kappa member, Co- chairman of YDSA, Scholars Program, Law Pathway Program
    Job/Work Experience: Canvassed for renters rights during the 2018 midterm election in Santa Monica
    Volunteer/Community service: Counselor at Camp Monarch in Van Nuys
    Personal Statement: I think they are good lol
    Degree: AA-T in Political Science, AA in Liberal Arts

    Applying to what schools?
    UCLA, UCB, USC, UCSD, UCSB(TAG), UCI, UCR, UCM, UCSC, Boston University, LMU, George Washington University, Pitzer College, Reed College, NYU
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  • BenSimmonsBenSimmons 9 replies0 threads New Member
    edited December 2018
    Major: ECE: Computer Engineering
    Alt Major: Structural Engineering
    CCC Transfer
    Overall Gpa: 3.8
    Major Gpa: 3.66
    Strong upward trend past 2 quarters with a 4.0 in each
    On course for a 4.0 this fall quarter
    IGETC: Done
    Major Prep: Completed by Spring 2019

    Extracurriculars: Basketball, Violin, Robotics Club
    Job/Work Experience: Hardware internship, camp counselor, free-lance AutoCad Drafter
    Volunteer/Community service: Local Library, Organizations against domestic violence.
    Awards: Deans list, scholar athlete
    Personal Statement: 9/10
    Degree: Should get an AS-T for CS by spring 2019

    Applied: UCB, UCSD, UCSB, UCD, SJSU, SLO, SCU, USF in CA
    edited December 2018
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  • delaxcruzdelaxcruz 19 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Can someone please chance me as an intercampus transfer?

    SCHOOL: UC Santa Cruz
    MAJOR: Business Economics
    MAJOR PRE-REQUISITES: completed by end of this quarter (Fall 2018)
    UC Letter of Reciprocity: will complete GE's by Spring 2019
    UC GPA: projected 3.79 after Fall 2018 Quarter
    EC: shadowing opportunity at Paramount pictures, part-time worker at UCSC dining hall, accounting association, volunteer work with Rotaract club
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  • 90smix90smix 464 replies7 threads Member
    Hey guys! I'm new here. Here's my stats.

    CCC student at De Anza.

    GPA: 3.9
    Extracurriculars: YouTube and freelance writing/editing
    Job/Work Experience: part-time teacher
    Volunteer/Community service: 5+ years for hospice care & food banks, tutoring, teacher's assist

    Intended Major: English
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: White
    IGETC: Completed
    Pre-Reqs: Only 3/7 done so far -- will be done by the end of spring quarter if I can get into all my class choices!

    Applying to what schools?: UCLA, UCB, UCSB, UCD, UCSD, Emerson, Northeastern, USC, SCAD, UMich, NYU
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  • XOcrew75XOcrew75 44 replies7 threads Junior Member
    My stats
    CCC: Folsom Lake College
    Major: Electrical Engineering
    prerequisites: all finished
    GPA: 3.96
    Extra curricular: job for 2 years while school then Trainee engineering internship for 30hr/week during school.
    Phi theta kappa active member, Calculus and physics tutoring.
    Can anyone calculate my chances it might put my mind at ease
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  • XOcrew75XOcrew75 44 replies7 threads Junior Member
    @redlantern222 It’s no problem, it’s good that you were able to catch this early on. Write in detail your correction in a word document and attach it to [email protected] include your name, application ID, DOB, and Email you used in the uc applcation. You should get a confirmation that it has been attached to your UC application and it will be sent to every UC you applied to. You won’t see any update on the application on your end but it would be available for the reviewer.
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  • sleepypolarbearsleepypolarbear 117 replies0 threads Junior Member
    My stats

    CCC Transfer from San Diego County
    Major: Cognitive Science
    GPA: 3.45
    IGETC: Finished by Spring 2019
    Prereqs: Mostly finished
    Extracurriculars: Worked throughout time at ccc, took care of a parent with cancer, built and started an online business on my own, hackathons; awarded for work on a sign language to English translation software
    Personal statement: I think they were pretty good. I wrote about my love of programming and language, how I went deaf my first semester of college and overcoming that (hopefully that explains my meh GPA...) and my plans for graduate school.

    Also applying to UCLA, UCI, and UCSB
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  • GaussXGaussX 107 replies6 threads Junior Member
    My Stats

    CCC transfer from Santa Monica College
    International Student (Turkish)
    Major: Cognitive Science
    GPA : 3.82
    IGETC: Done
    Prereqs: Mostly finished except Linear Algebra. I will be taking that in Spring.

    Background: First-gen, non-traditional
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  • anthro101anthro101 60 replies3 threads Junior Member
    My stats:
    From a Los Angeles CCC

    Major: Anthropology
    GPA: 4.0
    prereqs: DONE
    Igetc: DONE
    TAP: yes
    Units by Spring 2019: 88 units

    EC: 200+ hours of volunteering at hospital, 100+ hours of shadowing a DPM, 50 hours of shadowing at Emergency Room Doctor .

    Schools Applying:
    (UCs: UCLA, UC Berkely, UCSD, UCSB, UCI)
    (CSU: CSUN, SDU, CSULB, Cal Poly SLO)
    (Private: USC, Pitzer, Cornell)

    Personal Statements:
    In short they had themes of : The difficulties of being Middle Eastern and Gay with a sob story of I overcame those obstacles, Drag, and volunteering for elderly people with memory loss.

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  • wangsap15wangsap15 1 replies0 threads New Member
    Does anyone know if you need to maintain a certain gpa after getting accepted into UCSD?
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  • KdxCdkdKdxCdkd 3 replies0 threads New Member
    Hi everyone! I wish we can all get good results after this semester
    Major: Computer Science (Computer Science/ Mathematics double major in my community college)
    GPA: 4.0 (up to this fall semester grades came out!)
    Race: Asian
    Financial aid: Out of State Student, income bracket 300k+

    Credits Taken: 63 (completed in fall and 18 taking in spring)
    Transfer College: A community college in Virginia
    Schools applying: UVA, Virginia Tech, Johns Hopkins, Georgetown, UCB, UCLA, Cornell

    Main courses taken + taking in spring:
    3 Computer Science Courses
    General Chemistry 1
    General Chemistry 2
    General Biology 1
    Calculus Based Physics 1
    Calculus Based Physics 2
    Calculus 1,2,3
    Linear Algebra
    Differential Equations
    Discrete Mathematics

    SAT: 1530(730+800) but I don't think I will be able to submit this
    Subject: MATH2:800 CHEMISTRY: 800 not able to submit
    Toefl: 112 (submited)

    Undergraduate Research Paper -bitcoins value predictions and market values ( 3 months)
    Computer Literacy Volunteer (3 years)
    Good Spoon - serving local hispanic/ latinos food, cutting hair (1 year)
    School night of science instructor(1 year)
    Church Volunteer in teaching children coding using "Scratch" (1 year)
    Rehabilitation volunteer (3 years)
    Varsity Swim Team (3 years)
    Varsity Basketball Team(2 years)
    School Game developing club (1 year)
    Hip Hop crew (1 year)
    School Newspaper Club (1 year)

    Work Experience:
    Java, Math Tutor (1 year)
    Hotel Junior Assistant ( half year)
    Logistics Center (half year)

    SMART 2018 Student Mathematics (4th place)
    School ping pong tournament (1st)
    KSSBF - Basketball tournament MVP
    Summer concert- First Cello
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