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CSU-CC-UC transfer

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So here's my story for all those CSU students who are thinking about making that change from their current school in the hopes of then transferring to a UC.
I went to a CSU where I did not have a good time essentially. It wasn't the classes or professors it was just the college itself was too boring for me. I made the decision to then go back to Community College back home where I finished 39 units (3 were late start in spring) in just two semesters. So in all I spent 1 year at my CSU and 1 at my CC.
Some important things to pass on to others thinking about this.
1. CC's have first priority in terms of UC admissions, so if you're thinking of just staying two years at your CSU, your chances become extremely slim but still possible.
2. Your CSU units WILL transfer to a UC, depending if they meet the criteria. There's a myth that none of them will transfer, but I'm here to tell you this is NOT the case. Every class I took at my CSU except a theater class transferred to my CC for credit which then transferred to my current UC campus.
3. You can do it in 2 years. So long as you stay focused on your unit count and meeting your pre-reqs you can get 60 transferrable units done in 2 years.
4. Keep your gpa relatively high. They don't need to be flawless, but if you want to get into the best UC's I'd say anywhere from a 3.4-3.8 will probably get you into Davis and Santa Barbara.
5. Get your math and english requirements done ASAP. For those that are thinking about tagging, the chances of being admitted to a UC is literally a guarantee if you get it done before you apply.
6. Meet with your counselors/advisors as they can literally tell you what classes will and won't transfer from your CSU to your UC. Not only that, but double check your counselors are correct. Don't get stuck at your CC because that one class couldn't transfer even though your counselor/advisor said "it probably will". Get an evaluation done right when you get on campus and figure out what transfers and what will not.

Finally, all I can say is stay focused. I'm currently writing this from my dorm at CAL. At first the switch to come back home was tough, but in reality I saved a ton of cash and got into what is the number one public university in the nation. If anyone has any other questions feel free to ask me...

Work hard,
Go bears

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