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UCSB Fall 2020 Transfer Thread

bonusoceansbonusoceans 34 replies14 threads Junior Member
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I know it's a little early, but I thought I'd find other UCSB prospectives to share stats and give each other hope.

Major: Undecided, but switching between a lot. Currently applying as geography BA with religious studies alt. Will likely double.

GPA: 3.79 CCC courses. 3.66 once my previous UC courses are counted.

ECs: None, really. I struggled to find a job when I moved back home from my UC. Worked as a sign spinner on the weekends now I tutor middle school students.

My IGETC should be done by the end of fall 2019, so I plan to spend spring 2019 knocking out some geography lower divs.

Applying for TAG. Let's get it.
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Replies to: UCSB Fall 2020 Transfer Thread

  • sootsproutsootsprout 6 replies2 threads New Member
    Submitted my TAG a few days ago!

    Major: Biology
    GPA: 3.87
    IGETC: will finish by spring 2020
    Major Prep: will finish by spring 2020
    EC's: I volunteer daily at a cat shelter and a hospital. I also participated in some school stuff like blood drives and what not.

    Feeling pretty positive about UCSB!
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  • flyingpancakes00flyingpancakes00 22 replies0 threads Junior Member
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    Planning on submitting a TAG in a few days!

    Major: Psychology / maybe Psych Brain Sciences (if i meet major prep)
    GPA: ~3.9 from CC, 3.77 from previous 4-year
    IGETC: finished fall 2019
    Major Prep: will finish by spring 2020 (just need research methods for psych, will need chem 2/bio2/calc for 2nd major)
    EC's: Last year I was part of college's ASB/events crew, ASL club. Currently not involved on campus but working 20 hours a week. Looking to start volunteering/getting more involved. Tons of medical ECs in hs though.
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  • uctransfernickuctransfernick 3 replies0 threads New Member
    Transfer from CCC
    MAJOR GPA: 3.5
    UC GPA: 3.22
    IGETC: Done by Spring
    PreReqs: Done by Spring
    Intended Major: Political Science
    Applying to: UCSD, UCSC, UCSB, UCI, UCD
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  • transfer2000transfer2000 42 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Hi everyone!!

    UCSB is one of my top choices:)

    California Community College Student

    Major: Either Poli Sci or Comm

    GPA: 3.84
    Major GPA (for both): 4.0

    IGETC: Done except for Math (will take in Spring 2020)
    Major Prep: Done

    Currently have 46 transferable units completed, 15 in progress for Fall 2019, and about 10-15 planned for Spring 2020

    Full-time job
    Political Internship during my first year of CC
    UCB TAP member
    Deans List multiple times

    Insight questions: I believe they are strong; I cover an array of topics/challenges I have overcome.

    As of now, I think that my biggest downfall is that I will not have my Math class completed when my application is evaluated.

    Other UCs I'm applying to are UCLA, UCB, and UCSD
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  • uclahistory2020uclahistory2020 11 replies0 threads New Member
    Major: History
    GPA: 3.92
    EC: honors program, honors club, circle k international, work 3 jobs on campus two of which are tutoring jobs
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  • lobster87lobster87 42 replies1 threads Junior Member
    School: UCR
    Major: neuroscience at first but changed to chemistry.
    Gpa: 3.45
    I failed my bio class during second quarter but I retook it during third quarter and got an A which replaced the GPA. I’m not sure if that will hurt my chances..
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  • Alyssa KuriAlyssa Kuri 10 replies1 threads New Member

    Private-4-Year Transfer
    School: California Baptist University
    Major: Communications (1st) or Media Studies (2nd)
    GPA: 3.97
    IGETC : Done by Spring
    EC : Public Relations Society, Influencer Marketing Job, Beverage Company Internship, Personal Fundraiser for Non Profit, Deans / Presidents List, Competitive Cheer 5 years, Other Community Service

    If there is anyone else applying from a 4 year, or know anyone who has please reach out!

    Best of Luck to Everyone !!
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  • BruinSoxBruinSox 7 replies3 threads New Member
    Hey everyone! Currently, I am a bit anxious in applying for schools. To put it shortly, I attended Northern Arizona University fresh out of high school as a 17-year old. I was thinking of writing about that in the PI question regarding an educational barrier I overcame because I was young and only wanted to get out of the house coming from impulsive teenager. Basically, I was going to touch on the maturity aspect as I was able to mature and grow being away from home at such a young age. I realized at NAU I did not know exactly what I wanted to do, so I came back home and attend CCC to reassess on my plan. Fastforward, to my second year of community college, I now know that I want to pursue com as my major! Also, I had an internship for a fashion PR showroom in the summer of 2018. I am now going on 20-years old and have matured quite a bit since my first year at university.

    Right now, my stats are:
    Major: Communications Studies
    GPA: 3.87 (only one B)
    TAP: no (missed the deadline, is this a big deal not having it?)
    Honors: Will be completed by Spring 2020
    IGETC: Will be completed by Spring 2020
    Major prep: Will be completed by Spring 2020
    ECs: I work at Home Depot, Honors Program (perhaps I should join a club?)
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  • AsianTrackGuyAsianTrackGuy 4 replies1 threads New Member
    Hey everyone, I'm currently transferring after one year at SDSU followed by one year at a CCC. The main reason why I decided to leave SDSU was because I wanted to keep running track after highschool in the NCAAs, but SDSU did not have a mens team. Anyways, here are my stats incase anyone would like to chance me :smile:
    Major: Computer Science (alternate major: mathematics)
    GPA: 3.6
    TAG: no
    Major Prereqs: Will have all lower div pre reqs done by spring
    ECs: Full time collegiate track athlete (At CCC), Tutor in highschool, worked at Apple store, AI club, Math club, Google research project, custom built neural network as a side project, and clubs from highschool
    IGETC: should be complete by spring 2020, but maybe short one or two courses
    Hooks: not much, but full time collegiate track athlete hoping to talk to the UCSB track coach for any scholarships.
    Applying to: All UCs except merced, Cornell, UW, purdue, nyu, cal poly slo
    To anyone out there please be super honest with my chances and no sugarcoating ;)
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  • kearabkearab 1 replies0 threads New Member
    edited November 2019
    Major: English
    GPA: 3.66
    TAG: yes, but I realized I don't have 30 credits yet since my first term was at University of Oregon
    Major Prereqs: Done by Spring
    IGETC: Done by Spring
    ECs: Work 20+ hours per week, volunteer at suicide hotline, soccer captain in HS and some other random things
    Applied to: UCSB, UCLA, UCD, Cal Poly SLO, SDSU

    Anyone know what my chances are?? I want to get in so bad
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  • cctransfergalcctransfergal 17 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Hi everyone! So I am a CC student in my third year and I am applying this fall:)

    Major: Cell Biology/Molecular Biology

    IGETC: Done

    TAG: Davis-approved
    I finished all of my series/pre reqs, so I am taking additional bio courses to stay fresh, so I don't have any conditions on my TAG agreement other than stay at a 3.20+ GPA.

    Units: 50 completed, ending with about 70

    GPA: 3.47 and aiming to be 3.61 at the end of fall 2019

    Career Route: Pre-dental

    I have a ton of EC:
    -2 hospital internships in cardio, ICU, and trauma training through John Muir
    - work with local high school to help students navigate through CC life after high school
    -help organize a local blood drive with Red Cross for the past 6 years
    -Tutoring middle schoolers in chem, bio and math
    -helped set up a STEM program at my old elementary school for girls
    -I also tutor at my CC
    -VP of biology club at my CC
    -Honors Program
    -Have volunteered in hospitals overseas during travel

    Work: dental assistant - part time(2 years)

    I don't think HS EC are going to count, but:
    -Varsity Track- Captain
    -Varsity Volleyball
    -Random Positions in: Red Cross, MUN, Mock Trial-1st place in journalism, HOSA
    -Coordinated MADD seminar in HS

    PIQ: I have finished PIQs and have submitted them I feel confident because I was on them for a few months. The topics and experiences I decided to write about are strong and show me as a well rounded person and student.

    Applying to:
    UCD, UCB, UCLA, UCSB, UCSD, University of Washington, John Hopkins, Cornell, NYU, University of Washington in St. Louis
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  • cctransfergalcctransfergal 17 replies2 threads Junior Member
    This link really helps to see where you fall in the range of admits by school and major:

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  • Idray2501Idray2501 12 replies4 threads Junior Member
    edited November 2019
    Major: Psychological and Brain Sciences
    GPA: 3.31
    Major GPA: 3.5
    TAG: nope
    Honors: Will be done by Spring 2020
    IGETC: Will be done by Spring 2020
    Major prep: I have the psych, calc, and stats done but I won’t be doing the full biology series or physics and chemistry
    ECs: Psychology club member, Pre-med club manager, Umoja, Honors Program, Hospital volunteer, International Student Mentor
    Essays: Well they’re definitely unique. Well written for the most part and I think they capture my essence well.
    Applying to: UCD, UCI, UCSB, CSULB, CPP, SLO, Cal Baptist, La Sierra, APU, University of LaVerne, maybe USC depending on my fall grades
    UCSB was like a super last minute addition for me after touring around fifteen campuses within the last two months so I’m not the most prepared in terms of classes taken oof
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  • splatotosplatoto 1 replies1 threads New Member
    Hey guys. I go to CSUF and I really want to transfer to UCSB next year, but my GPA is currently a 3.0. I'm thinking of applying as an Asian American studies major which had an avg transfer GPA acceptance of 3.06-3.55 last year. Thoughts?
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  • MISSJOEYMISSJOEY 1 replies0 threads New Member
    Major: Econ&Accounting
    GPA: 3.69
    TAP: NO
    IGETC: Will be done by Spring 2020
    Applying to: UCLA, UCSB, UCI, UCD, UCSC, CSULB
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  • statsiscool777statsiscool777 4 replies0 threads New Member
    edited November 2019
    Major: Statistics / Data Science
    GPA: 4.0
    Additional Info: Female, First-generation student, Low-income, Immigrant

    Honors, IGETC, Major Requirements: Will be done by Spring 2020

    - Physical Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Award (Nominated by my Math professor)
    - 2 Scholarships from my cc (Not that competitive though)
    - 1st place at a local art competition

    - Founding Vice President of the Statistics Club (Spring 2019- Spring 2020)
    - Secretary of the Cognitive Science - AI Club (Fall 2019- Spring 2020)
    - Robotics assistance instructor for a summer program (Summerfuel)
    - Participant in the Hitachi Design and Mentorship Program (12th grade)
    - Created a calculator command guide and additional resources for the embedded tutoring program at my cc
    - Teach my mom English, Helped her open up a tailoring business past summer
    - Taught myself programming (R, Python, C++, Java) and took online Data Science courses on Udemy
    - Went to Sacramento with my EOPS counselor to speak to legislators on behalf of the EOPS program
    - Weightlifting (I don't think this will do anything for my application, but I included it because it's something I'm passionate about)

    - Statistics embedded tutor since January 2019, currently tutoring for a program at my cc that's specifically for students with a poor math background
    - EOPS Tutor (Statistics)
    - Pass The Torch Tutor (Statistics, Calculus 2)
    - Graphic Designer for a STEM event co-hosted by my cc that targets URM youth to encourage them to pursue STEM

    - Well-written. I got it revised by my counselor and friends at UCB. Very straightforward with a lot of reflections. I'm still working on the required transfer essay though. Hoping to submit my application by 28th the latest.
    edited November 2019
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  • cctransfergalcctransfergal 17 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Only apply into that major if you are actually in that major
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  • HeyItsNickHeyItsNick 1021 replies21 threads Senior Member
    ^ That is not true. You can apply to any major as long as you have completed the pre-reqs. While this is often the major that you are at in your original college, it is not always.

    Of course, you should be willing to have that major as your final major. While some majors at UCSB are relatively easy to switch into, some are difficult or even impossible.
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  • Ohm888Ohm888 2603 replies65 threadsForum Champion UC Transfers Forum Champion
    Keep in mind some people have no major at the CCC if they aren’t getting an AA degree. Major at CCC is irrelevant as nick said.
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  • octransfer2020octransfer2020 4 replies1 threads New Member
    Hi everyone!! I hope everyones application submissions went well. I am sure we are all going to be nervously waiting until decisions are announced.

    Here are my stats: Male student from a CCC

    Major: Economics & Accounting
    UC Transferrable GPA: 3.88
    IGETC: Should be finished by spring 2020
    TAP: No

    Applying to: UCSB, UCI, UCB, UCLA, UCSD, USC, NYU, Chapman, LMU, Pepperdine, UPENN, UW

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