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UCSB Fall 2020 Transfer Thread

bonusoceansbonusoceans 33 replies13 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
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I know it's a little early, but I thought I'd find other UCSB prospectives to share stats and give each other hope.

Major: Undecided, but switching between a lot. Currently applying as geography BA with religious studies alt. Will likely double.

GPA: 3.79 CCC courses. 3.66 once my previous UC courses are counted.

ECs: None, really. I struggled to find a job when I moved back home from my UC. Worked as a sign spinner on the weekends now I tutor middle school students.

My IGETC should be done by the end of fall 2019, so I plan to spend spring 2019 knocking out some geography lower divs.

Applying for TAG. Let's get it.
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Replies to: UCSB Fall 2020 Transfer Thread

  • sootsproutsootsprout 6 replies2 threadsRegistered User New Member
    Submitted my TAG a few days ago!

    Major: Biology
    GPA: 3.87
    IGETC: will finish by spring 2020
    Major Prep: will finish by spring 2020
    EC's: I volunteer daily at a cat shelter and a hospital. I also participated in some school stuff like blood drives and what not.

    Feeling pretty positive about UCSB!
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  • flyingpancakes00flyingpancakes00 19 replies0 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
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    Planning on submitting a TAG in a few days!

    Major: Psychology / maybe Psych Brain Sciences (if i meet major prep)
    GPA: ~3.9 from CC, 3.77 from previous 4-year
    IGETC: finished fall 2019
    Major Prep: will finish by spring 2020 (just need research methods for psych, will need chem 2/bio2/calc for 2nd major)
    EC's: Last year I was part of college's ASB/events crew, ASL club. Currently not involved on campus but working 20 hours a week. Looking to start volunteering/getting more involved. Tons of medical ECs in hs though.
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  • uctransfernickuctransfernick 3 replies0 threadsRegistered User New Member
    Transfer from CCC
    MAJOR GPA: 3.5
    UC GPA: 3.22
    IGETC: Done by Spring
    PreReqs: Done by Spring
    Intended Major: Political Science
    Applying to: UCSD, UCSC, UCSB, UCI, UCD
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  • transfer2000transfer2000 37 replies0 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Hi everyone!!

    UCSB is one of my top choices:)

    California Community College Student

    Major: Either Poli Sci or Comm

    GPA: 3.84
    Major GPA (for both): 4.0

    IGETC: Done except for Math (will take in Spring 2020)
    Major Prep: Done

    Currently have 46 transferable units completed, 15 in progress for Fall 2019, and about 10-15 planned for Spring 2020

    Full-time job
    Political Internship during my first year of CC
    UCB TAP member
    Deans List multiple times

    Insight questions: I believe they are strong; I cover an array of topics/challenges I have overcome.

    As of now, I think that my biggest downfall is that I will not have my Math class completed when my application is evaluated.

    Other UCs I'm applying to are UCLA, UCB, and UCSD
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  • uclahistory2020uclahistory2020 6 replies0 threadsRegistered User New Member
    Major: History
    GPA: 3.92
    EC: honors program, honors club, circle k international, work 3 jobs on campus two of which are tutoring jobs
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  • lobster87lobster87 42 replies1 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    School: UCR
    Major: neuroscience at first but changed to chemistry.
    Gpa: 3.45
    I failed my bio class during second quarter but I retook it during third quarter and got an A which replaced the GPA. I’m not sure if that will hurt my chances..
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  • Alyssa KuriAlyssa Kuri 7 replies1 threadsRegistered User New Member

    Private-4-Year Transfer
    School: California Baptist University
    Major: Communications (1st) or Media Studies (2nd)
    GPA: 3.97
    IGETC : Done by Spring
    EC : Public Relations Society, Influencer Marketing Job, Beverage Company Internship, Personal Fundraiser for Non Profit, Deans / Presidents List, Competitive Cheer 5 years, Other Community Service

    If there is anyone else applying from a 4 year, or know anyone who has please reach out!

    Best of Luck to Everyone !!
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  • BruinSoxBruinSox 7 replies3 threadsRegistered User New Member
    Hey everyone! Currently, I am a bit anxious in applying for schools. To put it shortly, I attended Northern Arizona University fresh out of high school as a 17-year old. I was thinking of writing about that in the PI question regarding an educational barrier I overcame because I was young and only wanted to get out of the house coming from impulsive teenager. Basically, I was going to touch on the maturity aspect as I was able to mature and grow being away from home at such a young age. I realized at NAU I did not know exactly what I wanted to do, so I came back home and attend CCC to reassess on my plan. Fastforward, to my second year of community college, I now know that I want to pursue com as my major! Also, I had an internship for a fashion PR showroom in the summer of 2018. I am now going on 20-years old and have matured quite a bit since my first year at university.

    Right now, my stats are:
    Major: Communications Studies
    GPA: 3.87 (only one B)
    TAP: no (missed the deadline, is this a big deal not having it?)
    Honors: Will be completed by Spring 2020
    IGETC: Will be completed by Spring 2020
    Major prep: Will be completed by Spring 2020
    ECs: I work at Home Depot, Honors Program (perhaps I should join a club?)
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