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TAG Mistake! Please Help!

ivcstudentucsbivcstudentucsb 0 replies1 threads New Member
I was recently reviewing my UC TAP and TAG submission to UCSB and I just noticed that I made a mistake on my list of courses taken. In Spring of 2019 I needed to add PSYC 10 but instead I put MGT 1 (a course I took over the summer). I already had MGT 1 in Summer of 2019 so basically I put the same course twice and left a course out of the "My Coursework" section on the TAP. I submitted the TAG to UCSB. Any advice on what I should do? Does this void my TAG eligibility?
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Replies to: TAG Mistake! Please Help!

  • HeyItsNickHeyItsNick 1016 replies21 threads Senior Member
    Contact the UCSB admission office, they will make note of it. UCSB is pretty lax on their TAG process so I don't think you'll have any issues.
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  • Ohm888Ohm888 2460 replies64 threadsForum Champion UC Transfers Forum Champion
    Just update in the Nov application. The TAG people work off of that.
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