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Is UC-UC transfer possible??

Gserrano0827Gserrano0827 1 replies4 threads New Member
Hi y'all! I'm currently a rising sophomore at UC Davis as a bio-psychology B.S. major. Lately, my parents have been advising me to transfer to a UC campus closer to home (SoCal) due to personal and financial reasons as a result from the pandemic. I also feel like I would be better off emotionally going to school closer to my hometown, so I am seriously considering an intra-campus UC transfer. My target school is UCSD as a psych major with a health emphasis. And it's really the only UC I can transfer to as other UC's psych major's have way more pre-reqs than I can complete by the end of my sophomore year. I have asked around and many people say its impossible to do an intra-campus UC transfer, and I want to know if there are those who have been successful in the process.

My stats are
GPA: 3.93
EC's: none since opportunities are very limited right now, but I do have tons of activities from high school.
pre-reqs: mostly complete, will probably be missing two by spring, 2021.

And does anyone know if I will be able to still take courses at UCD during the summer between my sophomore year and junior year if I do transfer? I would use that time to fulfill the missing pre-reqs so that I can fully focus on upper-divs.
4 replies
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Replies to: Is UC-UC transfer possible??

  • mikemacmikemac 10642 replies154 threads Senior Member
    edited August 4
    Why do you think the people you've asked would know the answer? Do they work in advising, in admissions, or have some other reason to know? Or are they frosh friends happy to give an opinion?

    UCSD has some stats on its website, the latest being from 2016. That shows 260 students were accepted from other 4-year colleges, including UCs. https://ir.ucsd.edu/_files/stats-data/admissions/transfer/trschool.pdf So it isn't impossible, although UCs give preference to CC transfers.

    As for taking summer classes after sophomore year, you are better off contacting UCSD directly. What if you get an answer on the forum and it is wrong? You could end up not taking classes you could have, or taking classes that cause your admission to be rescinded.
    edited August 4
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  • GumbymomGumbymom Forum Champion UC 31010 replies479 threads Forum Champion
    edited August 4
    UCSD tends to be more lenient than other UC’s when it comes to pre-req and required transfer courses, but I agree the best course of action is to contact UCSD directly.

    UC to UC transfers are definitely possible and 2nd in priority to the CC to UC transfers.

    Also as a UC to UC transfer, get your UC reciprocity letter for your GE’s. The Letter, which you request from the Registrar’s Office, certifies that you completed the full GE course list at your current UC and will therefore not be required to take any other GE courses at your new UC, even if they differ.
    edited August 4
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  • fielddayucsdfielddayucsd 0 replies0 threads New Member
    Hey! I've just gone through the UC-UC transfer and I just want to say it is definitely possible! I've also heard and seen a few other UCD students on various threads who have transferred out of Davis this year to other UCs like UCB/UCLA/UCSD. So yes, it is definitely possible!

    In terms of your question about summer courses, while yes technically it's possible it is really not recommended and the UCs generally prefer most if not all of the major prep courses to be done by fall (since they'll then be able to use those grades in their admissions decision). In addition my conditions of admission mentioned that students were not allowed to use the summer sessions to fulfill the "60 UC-transferable semester units, IGETC, UC Reciprocity, or General Education/Breadth requirements."

    They will most likely be understanding if a course is only offered during the summer or if you couldn't get into the course but it's not really a good idea to plan to take major prep courses during that summer.

    So ultimately, don't count on it but they might let you.

    You mentioned that you only have 2 pre-recs left, would it be possible to take both in the fall? The UCs generally like to see their admissions pre-recs done by the fall. You could also then take the rest of the year to focus on getting the UC letter of reciprocity so you wouldn't have to go through UCSD's unique GE requirements.

    Like gumbymom mentioned it's really really really recommended to get the letter of reciprocity, perhaps even more so for UCSD than any other UC since their college system means that depending on what college you end up in you might have completed all the GEs required or none at all, and it would be really stressful to have to try and complete them while also taking upper divs.
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  • samkr14samkr14 298 replies1 threads Junior Member
    hi! I am planning to do uc to uc transfer as well! I'll be a freshman at UCR and plan to do it to UCLA or UCI. Any advice? I am a biochemistry major by the way.
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