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How many units do people usually take a quarter at the UCs?

TheCaliforniaLifeTheCaliforniaLife Registered User Posts: 488 Member
edited May 2008 in UC Transfers
This is really important for me right now. I'm trying to figure out what my GPA will be when the Law School Admissions Counsel looks at my transcripts. If I can guess how many units I will take each semester, along with how many courses I will probably take, and if I get mostly As I can see what my LSAC GPA will be.

Is the quarter system divided by Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter? If so, do people take courses every semester? How many courses do people usually take each quarter? How many units is the average upper-division course? Is there a limit on how many courses I can take?

Thanks :)
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Replies to: How many units do people usually take a quarter at the UCs?

  • HongdaHongda Registered User Posts: 522 Member
    the quarter system is divided by Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
    but I am currently taking courses at RCC, which is semester system.

    I don't know other people. I can tell you my course load

    Winter 2007 (01/2007 - 02/2007): 9 semester units

    Spring 2007 (02/2007 - 06/2007): 23 semester units

    Summer 2007 (06/2007 - 08/2007): 11 semester units

    Fall 2007 (09/2007 - 12/2007): 23 semester units

    Winter 2008 (01/2008 - 02/2008): 13 semester units

    Spring 2008 (02/2008 - 06/2008): 25 semester units

    however, these are my course loads for CC not UC. I won't take that much in UCs
  • BlurryBlurry Registered User Posts: 114 Junior Member

    I believe the average is 16 units
    You will need at least 12 units to be considered a "full-time student"
    The recommended is 15
  • GuyyGuyy Registered User Posts: 399 Member
    i've been taking 18-20 for the last 2 years. min is 12 and max is 20 without a petition.
  • TheCaliforniaLifeTheCaliforniaLife Registered User Posts: 488 Member
    Many many units are the average upper-division courses; like political science? It wouldn't be like taking 7 courses at a CC to get 22, right? They are worth more?

    For you Guyy, how many courses is 20 units for you at the UC?
  • GuyyGuyy Registered User Posts: 399 Member
    each class ive taken is 4 units and labs are usually 1-3 units. discussion sessions are 0 units. im not sure about poli sci upper div classes, but i pretty sure its also 4 units per class.
  • LogosLogos Registered User Posts: 354 Member
    20 units is fine.
  • HongdaHongda Registered User Posts: 522 Member
    1 semester unit = 1.5 quarter units
    12 semester units (full-time) = 18 quarter units (full-time)

    So at UCs except Berk, normal range would be 18 - 27 quarter units.
  • AdamantineXAdamantineX Registered User Posts: 1,210 Senior Member
    berkeley uses semester system right?
  • TheCaliforniaLifeTheCaliforniaLife Registered User Posts: 488 Member

  • awoo777awoo777 Registered User Posts: 86 Junior Member
    Hongda, I doubt there are many who are taking 27 units a quarter. The quarter schedule is much shorter than the semester schedule, so those on the quarter system will probably spread out their units more evenly between the Fall/Winter/Spring blocks.
  • hotelmoscowhotelmoscow Registered User Posts: 288 Junior Member
    berkeley and merced are the only ucs on a semester system to my knowledge
  • HongdaHongda Registered User Posts: 522 Member
    oh...sorry. please excuse my mistake.
  • barfdog17barfdog17 Registered User Posts: 249 Junior Member
    i just about to finish my first year at UC davis (quarter system - 10 weeks a quarter) and here's what my unit breakdown looks like so far

    fall- 14
    winter- 15
    spring - 16

    over the summer ill be taking 8 and starting fall quarter next year im taking 18

    the minimum to be a full time student is 12, the maximum allowable is 28.5 i believe. I wouldn't recommend taking more than 18, the standard breakdown is that for every hour you spend in class, you should be spending at least 1.5 hours outside of class studying for it, if you wish to get an A. So for 18 units (18 hours in the classroom) you would be well advised to spend at least 27 hours studying outside the classroom, putting you at 45 hours total for the week, more than a full time job.

    28.5 would put the total at 71.25 hours studying a week, recommended

    I believe 15 or 16 is the average, depending on whether or not you end up having a 3 unit class somewhere in your schedule, and taking that many units you're still set to graduate in 4 years, and possibly even double major.

    As a side note, at Davis at least for freshman during fall quarter, the unit cap was 18, and was increased to 22 and then 28.5 as the year continued.

    Don't sacrifice your GPA for units, a 4.0 with 15 or 16 looks a hell of a lot better than a 3.0 with 18

    {advice edit}
    I know that CC is full of a lot of "overachievers" who would say that college is only about learning in classrooms and preparing for a career. While somewhat true, class learning is only going to get you so far. Go out on (Thursday - schedule dependent) Fridays and Saturday, go to parties meet new people, make new friends, make new connections with people who similar interests; that's real life, knowing the in's and out's of DC v Heller by heart or how to work transcendental functions in your head is great, but in real life you're going to have to be a friendly, sociable and well rounded person. Two of my best friends are premed students pulling down 3.8's, another is an EE major with a 3.7, and I party with them nearly every weekend. I am a Political Science (read: pre-law) and Classics major and I'm weighing in at 3.7.

    Study. yes, most definitely; but if you don't allow yourself to experience what college life really has to offer, you'll never really know what you missed, and how you could've grown from it. And don't look down on the Greek system, they party yes, but they do a lot more good that most people realize.
  • Malishka31Malishka31 Registered User Posts: 2,971 Senior Member

    Full time is 12

    Most courses are 4 units. Some poli sci or intro type 101 courses are 5 units- but few are 5 units, most are 4.

    If all you are is a student i would say 16-20 would work.

    I took 17 units and i worked full time and that was killer.
  • alansdaalansda Registered User Posts: 781 Member
    If you have just around 90 units, then you need to take at least 15 units every quarter (excluding summers) to graduate in two years.
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