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Advice on Transfer??


Replies to: Advice on Transfer??

  • mluu921mluu921 Registered User Posts: 5 New Member
    The course listed on my prior post were the courses that transfered successfully toward my Major requirements (Biological Sciences) . The courses listed below were the courses that transfered successfully toward my breadth requirement here at UCI.

    GE/Breadth: (that applied toward degree)

    I was majoring in Biotechnology at CPP, and transfered to UCI as a Bio major. I wouldn't exactly say it was more difficult to transfer for winter. The application process are all the same, but from what I hear is that acceptance is much lower during winter and spring quarter. I have to admit, because I believe I am VERY lucky to have been admitted transferring from a 4-year university AND a winter quarter transfer.

    Hope this helps, I was very lost during my transferring process until I found this forum. I guess its time to give back :)

  • RS20RS20 Registered User Posts: 96 Junior Member

    Thank you for the information. Also, do w's really matter because some people say they do and some say they don't. I have like 3 or so, but two of them I took the classes and passed them.

    But here is my situation, I am planning on applying this FALL as a bio major, but lets say I don't finish all of the my prereqs, does it mean that they will reject me, or will not let me into the bio major?? It's confusing because I do not know anyone that might have gone through the same situation as I am.

    mluu921, what was ur overall GPA when u applied to UCI? and Do you know anything about the TAG program with UCI? Thanks.
  • mluu921mluu921 Registered User Posts: 5 New Member

    My overall GPA when I transfered, counting my Fall quarter grades since I am a winter transfer, was roughly a 3.2. I actually had 2 W's on my transcript prior to my transfer that fall quarter, I ended up dropping general physics and lab. I was overwhelmed from trying to finish as much courses as I could. I emailed the admissions counselor's about it and they said I was fine. From what I hear W's are fine, but to many may be hurtful. I've read on this forum that someone had around 10 W's and was still successful on transferring to a top tier school. Im not to certain if they would reject you completely if you dont finish your prereqs but I would stongly advise that you do finish them. The prereqs for Bio here at UCI is a minimum of a B in General Chemistry and their corresponding labs. You dont have to finish all the general chemistry prior to your application process, but you have to finish it before you transfer, e.g you have to finish by spring quarter/semester if you're applying for admissions in the fall. If you STILL cant finish the General Chemistry courses then I would suggest looking into an alternative major that you have completed the prereqs for. So if you dont get admitted as a Bio major, you may still be admitted as your alternate major and later transfer into Bio.

    Sorry, I cant help with TAG. I was from transferring from a CSU.

    Hope this helps,

  • RS20RS20 Registered User Posts: 96 Junior Member
    Hey thanks alot for the help Michael, I really appreciate it. In your opinion, which alternative major would best fit for a bio major student? ( I should be finished with Bio and Chem, but not physics by the time I transfer). And was it hard to get admission into UCI, and the bio major? And did you have any extracirrcular and things of that nature on your applicatoin?

    Also, do you recommend that I take my plan for the next year to the UCI counselor and try to get help as far what I should do so I can get admission into UCI? I ask that because a friend of a friend said that UCI counselors aren't very helpful, but nor are the counselors at my school. Hate to keep bugging you, but thank you very much.
  • mluu921mluu921 Registered User Posts: 5 New Member
    Hey RS20 sorry for the late reply, ive been flooded with exams lately. As long as you are done with the Bio and Chem you should be fine. Like I said before, the requirements for Bio is 1 year of general chem and lab. An alternative major that is similar to Bio is Public Health. It shares many of the same prerequisites and requirements as Bio.

    I had extracurriculars on my applications but I wouldn't say I have that much. I joined several clubs, (wasnt very active) but did go to various service events which I included on the application.

    I strongly recommend that you take your plan to the UCI counselors, I wasn't to familiar with the admissions counselor, (communication was all email) but counselors at BioSci are very friendly and helpful. You should definitely talk with a counselors whenever you get a chance. What you read on these forums may be helpful, but it doesnt beat the counselor's opinion.

    - Michael
  • unchimonunchimon Registered User Posts: 50 Junior Member
    It's definitely possible to finish your honors/TAP requirements within a year at Mt. Sac.

    You need 6 honors courses to qualify for TAP. I'm barely applying to honors right now and about to start summer semester before my 2nd year at CC. I plan on transferring to a UC by Fall '09 as well.

    I have a friend who is transferring to Mt. Sac from CPP this summer in order to transfer to a UC. Also, another friend of mine was recently admitted to UCLA and finished his honors/TAP req. within a year.

    You can visit this site for more info. on Mt. Sac honors/TAP:
    Honors Society - Mt. San Antonio College
  • RS20RS20 Registered User Posts: 96 Junior Member
    I see. Since my finals are going to be done tommrow, I think I might go to UCI this Friday and talk to a counselor. I am in the premed club at my cc, but with so much work from my classes it gets hard to attend the meetings. I think I'll do some volunteer work before I apply. Thanks alot.
  • UC DavisUC Davis College Rep Posts: 1,196 Senior Member
    woahitspi: It is best to keep units under one system. Since UC Davis is a quarter school I'm used to the quarter system. It seems like you have 90 quarter units completed, the minimum required for admission. It would be recommended you complete all required courses for admissions within the next 30 quarter (20 semester) units.

    What happens if you go over the limit. At UC Davis the Deans office must approve your application with the number of units you have completed.
  • woahitspiwoahitspi Registered User Posts: 34 Junior Member
    UCD Admissions:
    After this quarter, I will be finishing with 40 quarter units. I am a first year student.

    However, with much thought and consideration, I think I will attend a community college and be in honors program/TAP to hopefully enter UC's for Fall 2009.

    ^ Also, to apply for Fall 2009, we must submit applications by this november.. in order to do that, we must list our courses.. since I have not officially gone to a community college yet, will this mean that all the classes I will be taking is written down on the application as "planned" ??

    (on another note, how competitive is psychology?)
  • UC DavisUC Davis College Rep Posts: 1,196 Senior Member
    ^ Correct, all courses will be listed as either "In Progress" or "Planned." As a transfer student you will file an application update in January to update the UC system on your fall grades and the Spring courses that are now "In Progress" in case they have changed from what was planned in the fall.

    Psychology is one of the selective majors for UC Davis and will require a higher GPA and proper courses for admission. Please see Requirements in the College of Letters and Science for more information.
  • woahitspiwoahitspi Registered User Posts: 34 Junior Member
    UCD Admissions: Thank you so much! That clears up all the questions I have ..for now =)

    on an unrelated note..
    mluu921: Did you take CHM123/L [GenChem]? I'm having a hard time with this class. Just wondering your thoughts on this class.
  • ixsweetheartxiixsweetheartxi Registered User Posts: 50 Junior Member
    Hi UCD Admissions sorry i have another question. If i want to transfer from a UC to UC and i want to take city college classes in the summer. Can i use those city college classes grades to raise my GPA or it won't count? THanks!!
  • UC DavisUC Davis College Rep Posts: 1,196 Senior Member
    Assuming the courses are UC Transferable he units and grades will count to raise your GPA but, as mentioned previously in above posts try not to complete more than 120 quarter units (for UC Davis) since you have completed units at a 4 year university.
  • guitarfrk123guitarfrk123 Registered User Posts: 486 Member
    how do you plan to get in with that major without calc or physics?
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