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Advice on Transfer??

woahitspiwoahitspi Registered User Posts: 34 Junior Member
edited May 2008 in UC Transfers
Hello, I am a confused and lost soul. If you could give me advice, I'd appreciate it! Here's my situation..

I graduated high school and was accepted into Cal Poly Pomona and UCR. I decided to go to CPP because I had a death in the family and needed to be close to home. I'm finishing up my first year at CPP this Spring quarter.

I want to transfer to UCLA, UCI, or UC Davis. However, as a high school student, I was denied admission to all the schools (except Davis in which I did not apply at the time). I filed an application for Fall 2008 to UC Irvine as a lower division transfer, but I was denied admission again probably due to not enough units for my major.

I am now trying to figure if I should continue to be at CPP. I don't like CPP because none of the majors really interest me. I am a biology major here. I am thinking of starting at a community college like Mt. SAC in the Fall 2008 and enter in the honors program and TAG program. If I do take this route, I think I would stick with major of psychology or something similar to that extent. Is this a good idea or should I stick it out at CPP?

I would like to transfer by Fall 2009 which gives me one full year to fulfill my major requirements if I decide to go to community college. I am almost complete with my general education courses. What kinds of majors do you think I can look at that takes one year? [sounds kind of desperate, but i'm just wondering..]

I also heard that if you take an less impacted major at these community colleges like humanities or english or political science, it's easier to transfer. Is this true?

I'm dying to hear opinions and advice. Thank you in advance to all those that reply!!
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Replies to: Advice on Transfer??

  • UC DavisUC Davis College Rep Posts: 1,196 Senior Member
    This seems to be a common dilemma especially for students who aren't happy at their current institution. Unfortunately, it isn't a question anyone can answer but you. I'd recommend reading on this forum the advantages of completing your coursework at the California Community College level, the TAG agreement (its difficult to determine if you would be eligible for this program since we don't know your units, GPA and courses completed), and other benefits. Compare this information to your experiences at CPP and determine the best route for you.

    in regards to majors I'd look at the admissions pages for any UC you are interested in to determine if you can complete the requirements for the major in just another year. If you have additional questions let us know.
  • woahitspiwoahitspi Registered User Posts: 34 Junior Member
    It's such a terrible position I am in (personally). I regret not going to a community college at first.

    When I first entered CPP, I started out as a Undecided/Undeclared major but switched to Biotechnology this past quarter. Therefore, I took (and still taking) general education courses until I figure out some sort of major to declare because of the deadline to declare. These are the courses I took:

    Fall 2007:
    - General Chemistry 121/Lab
    - Communications 100
    - Food and Nutrition 203

    Winter 2008:
    - General Chemistry 122/Lab
    - Sociology 201
    - Philosophy: Critical Thinking 202

    Spring 2008:
    - General Chemistry 123/Lab
    - Freshman English 104
    - U.S. History 202
    - Political Science 201

    I plan to take this in the summer:
    - Psychology
    - Japanese 2
    - Statistics

    Do you think it is too late for me to start the TAG program at a community college as well as the honors program in my situation? Also, if I were to switch to a community college, would I apply for the Fall 2009 quarter at UCD, UCI, etc, would I wait another year and apply for Fall 2010, or try to apply for winter/spring quarter? What is your opinion on this?

    Thanks in advance.
  • UC DavisUC Davis College Rep Posts: 1,196 Senior Member
    I'd recommend reading about the TAG program to determine the time line and requirement needed to sign a TAG. More information can be found at Transfers: Transfer Admission Guarantee . When you would apply depends on how prepared you are for the major you apply for. You might be ready for fall 2009; however, if you aren't prepared for fall 2009 you might have to wait for fall 2010 depending on if the UC campus accepts applications for winter or spring quarter (spring semester). I'd prepare for the fall term since winter/spring applications may be closed. Please make an appointment with an adviser at the transfer center at the community college you attend to help determine how prepared you are for transferring.
  • CamilleCamille Registered User Posts: 35 Junior Member
    Cal Poly Pomona is a Cal State campus. I was kind of in your situation 3 years ago when I had been accepted at SDSU. But, at the very last minute I decided not to go and instead went to CC so I could transfer to a UC. The reason I did this is not only because it's cheaper, but also because I'd heard several times that CAL STATE CREDITS DO NOT TRANSFER TO UC. I'm still not really sure if this is true, but it's what I hear a lot. You may want to call one of the UCs and ask them about this.

    As for the Honors program, I would highly encourage you to enroll in the program particularly if you're really seeking UCLA. I was originally supposed to transfer last year and was accepted to all the UCs including Cal and UCLA after being certified by the Honors program. But, I also tried to complete all of my Honors credits in 1 year (like I see you're planning to do) and fell short 3 credits and thus didn't complete the required 24 units, so my admission to UCLA (where I'd planned on going) was revoked. So if you're going to do Honors, really plan on staying focused to complete your credits.

    However, if you're after UCI and UCD, Honors program might not be so necessary as this year, I applied to Cal and UCSD without Honors. I was rejected by Cal but accepted by UCSD with a 3.3 GPA. UCI & UCD are much less competitive campuses, even with a popular major like Psych, so if you don't do the Honors program and apply there, it is very likely that you will still be accepted.

    Hope this helps. Best of luck

  • mluu921mluu921 Registered User Posts: 5 New Member
    I was in a similar situation as you are, I did horrible during high school and was debating whether to go to a CC and transfer or to go to a CSU. I ended up going to CPP as a undeclared, and changed into Biotechnology later in the year. I didnt really like the campus due to the lack of Biology and Chemistry courses offered, and recently transfered to UC Irvine as a Bio Sci major.

    Transferring is certainly possible, and the units DO transfer. The problem is in the differing curriculum in the UC when compared to the CSU curriculum. One example is the Physics offered at CPP for Bio majors is "Algebra/Trig Based" while all the Physics offered at UCI are "Calculus" based. So now I need to retake Physics. Many other classes are also not required in the UC system (at least for UCI) are the bio121/122/123 Labs. Which are now just units put toward graduation but not my degree.

    Hope this helps, and also best of luck

  • woahitspiwoahitspi Registered User Posts: 34 Junior Member
    Thank you for all those that replied. I am somewhat "relieved" to know that I am not the only one that has had or is in similar situations.

    I have one question though: If I "transfer" from CPP to a community college, would the UC's think that I had simply "quit" CPP and thus "dropped" out? Would this hurt me when applying for any of the UC's? This was brought to my attention when I asked a close friend what I should do with my situation. Does anyone know any information about this?

    Camille: I am looking into the Honors Program and think that it is a wonderful program. Is it possible to be done with all the honors credits in one year?

    UCD Admissions: I have looked into TAP, thank you. I am just wondering if it would hurt me as an applicant to go from CPP to a community college?

    Michael: I was surprised to hear your response because it sounded just like me! However, when I applied for Fall 2008, I was denied admission once again. When did you transfer and what kind of classes did you take before you were able to transfer? I think it's very ridiculous that CSU-UC classes aren't transferrable!!
  • UC DavisUC Davis College Rep Posts: 1,196 Senior Member
    The only way it could hurt you is the number of units you complete. UC campuses will place a unit limitation on students who have attended a 4 year university. At UC Davis the unit limitation is 80 semester (120 quarter) units. You want to make sure your transferable units stay below 80 semester but above 60 semester units.
  • CamilleCamille Registered User Posts: 35 Junior Member
    When I entered into the Honors program at my college, I didn't join until my second semester and didn't get started with the officially-approved Honors courses until the start of my second year. I believe Honors requirements are different at each comm. college, but at my college (LA Pierce) they required you to complete 24 units of Honors credit (with at least 4 official Honors courses - the other courses you take for credit can be done by contract, meaning you take just a regular non-Honors course and talk to your professor about doing an extra paper or something like that so you can receive Honors credit for the course, and you sign a contract pledging to do the extra work.)

    So, since you are entering into your second year at a comm. college and plan to do Honors, I think you most certainly can complete Honors credit in 1 year, but you really have to be committed to staying focused to do so.

    Don't take on too much and rush through it. That's what I tried to do and it obviously didn't work out, so I had to stay behind another year before I could re-apply again. If you don't think you have the time to commit to completing Honors in 1 year, then I would recommend still joining and just taking an extra year or so to give yourself the full amount of time to do it (i.e. - 2 full years), and then apply to UCs.

    So i would definitely recommend doing Honors, but just be sure that you have the time, energy and organizational skills to commit so you don't wind up in the same position as I did.

    Best ,

  • ixsweetheartxiixsweetheartxi Registered User Posts: 50 Junior Member
    Hi UCD admissions. Does thia 120 quarter units include courses taken in High school like AP courses and city college?
  • woahitspiwoahitspi Registered User Posts: 34 Junior Member
    UCD Admissions: I am not certain if I'll be in the range for credits, but I was told it was quite hurtful as an applicant to transfer from a CPP to a community college. Would it be sufficient enough to explain my reasoning in the personal statement(s)?

    Camille: You're right, I don't want to try to rush through things, but I was just wondering so that I am able to at least graduate within 4 years or so. I don't think one more extra year would hurt me in any way.. just financially. haha. I think I can stay committed to the Honors Program, but I can't say that and not do it so I'm hopefully going to go talk to a counselor within the program to give me more insight. Thank you for your thoughts on the matter though. Have you already transferred to another university from the community college?
  • RS20RS20 Registered User Posts: 96 Junior Member
    Hello, I despretly need help on transferring from a CC to a UC. I am currently a 3rd year student at a CC and hope to transfer to UCI (my dream school) by 2009. Its a disgrace on my part that ill be transferring after 4 years of community college.

    My problem is that I had the worst first two years at the cc college anyone can possibly think of. I didn't take many transferable courses that I should have taken. Secondly, I have some D's and two F's on my record (transferable courses), which I am making up and I will replace them.

    I will be applying this fall to UCI, and hopefully get the TAG agreement, but is there anyone that has maybe been in my position (bio major, failed couple of classes, but made them up, and decides to take and hopefully calc, chem, and bio in two semesters)???????????


  • UC DavisUC Davis College Rep Posts: 1,196 Senior Member
    ixsweetheartxi: The 120 quarter unit limitation (the limitation is 120 at UC Davis; please check with other UC campuses for their limitation) is for units completed at the combination of colleges and universities. Ap units, although they can be used to meet the minimum admissions requirement of 90 quarter units, are not used in looking for the limitation.

    woahitspi: At UC Davis it doesn't matter if your educational history includes 4-year coursework to Community College coursework. As long as you meet the admissions requirements you will be admitted. Of course, there are some challenges to completing coursework at a a 4-year college including:
    * Difficulty in determining unit transferability from 4-year college
    * Difficulty in determining subject equivalence from 4-year coursework

    This might make it difficult to determine if you have meet the unit and subject requirements required to transfer. Besides adding difficulty in determining transferability or completed courses it won't be harmful to transfer from a 4-year college to a community college to a UC campus. It might be beneficial especially if you will qualify for the TAG program.
  • mluu921mluu921 Registered User Posts: 5 New Member
    RS20: I know for the Bio requirements at UCI is a 3.0 gpa and a minimum of a B or better in the general chemistry courses. Also I believe completing more courses toward your major would help your chances, such as genetics, molecular bio, biochemistry, etc.

    woahitspi: I was actually just admitted last quarter to UCI. I was a 2008 winter quarter transfer, and transfered when I had slightly above 90 quarter units. My transfer GPA was roughly a 3.2 which is quite low, but was very shocked that I was accepted.

    Courses applied toward degree

    bio122 + lab
    chm121/122/123 + all labs

    Alot of the GE's breadth course taken at CPP didnt apply or was not required at UCI. But if you want, I can list the one's I took that DID apply.

    hope it helps :)
  • woahitspiwoahitspi Registered User Posts: 34 Junior Member
    mluu921: I am only a first year and only finished a handful of courses (general education) so I'm sure that hurt me as an applicant to transfer as well. thus my rejection to UCI.

    Please list what you courses you took that did apply. Also, what major are you and what major did you transfer to at UCI? Congrats on your acceptance!

    Was it pretty hard applying for the winter quarter in comparison to the regular fall quarter?
  • woahitspiwoahitspi Registered User Posts: 34 Junior Member
    UCD Admissions: What happens if we go over the unit limit? (hypothetically speaking)

    If I took 36 quarter units for 2008 and let's say, if i go to a community college and took about 36 semester units, how would that add up? would i need to convert into quarter units or convert in semester units?
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