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For anyone who took 18+ units in one semester

iam_vindicatediam_vindicated Registered User Posts: 73 Junior Member
edited October 2013 in UC Transfers
For anyone who took 18 or more units in one semester, how did you manage? And on top of that.. college apps? It's the first week of school and I feel overwhelmed already. I don't work anymore either. What were your study habits, and was it difficult to do?
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Replies to: For anyone who took 18+ units in one semester

  • motusmotus - Posts: 140 Junior Member
    I think a lot of it depends on what those classes were. Like, are you taking a lot of easy social sciences, or hard math and sciences? 16 units is the norm, so I can't imagine 18 units being too much worse.
  • Dam Its JohnnyDam Its Johnny Registered User Posts: 756 Member
    For me I took 17units last semester and never felt overwhelmed except the week before finals, because 4 of my classes moved up there final projects due dates and my math final along with 2 other finals were moved a week early.So for that week i only got about 4 hours sleep over a period of 5 days sucked but i did it and finished that semester with a 3.85. This semester I'm taking 19units and feels very manageable as i placed more gaps between my class so there not back to back.
  • ExtraGhostExtraGhost Registered User Posts: 46 Junior Member
    I took 20 units with 2 science classes, an engineering, math, and language class. Some weeks I felt overwhelmed with the amount of work I had to do, and if 2 or more test landed on the same days or within days of eachother, I would lose a good amount of sleep. I ended up with a 3.6 that semester, but I felt if I dropped one of my classes I could of done better.

    It was my last semester before transfering and I was trying to see how much I can handle.
  • Malishka31Malishka31 Registered User Posts: 2,971 Senior Member
    I worked and took that many units. I only felt overwhelmed when i had work stuff due at the same time as school stuff. ...

    My study habits were to study b4 the test or final.
  • Thomas_Thomas_ Registered User Posts: 629 Member
    Last semester I took 20 units with 2 Math classes, 2 Physics classes and one History, and I was working 20h/week.

    Basically I would do all the studying on the weekend, print out the homework in some portable format (I never take my books to school) and do it during class/time between classes. I made summaries of every chapter, so I didn't really have to "study" anymore for the exams or for the final. simply review the summary. Don't fall more than 1-2 chapters behind. Don't miss lecture. No all-nighters.

    This semester I'm taking 25 units (and I'm working), but I feel it's much easier than before, because the classes itself are easier (2x MATH, CHEM, Eng and some CS). Physics were by far the most time consuming/difficult classes I've taken.
  • chibi_loopichibi_loopi Registered User Posts: 836 Member
    I'm currently taking 20.5 semester units (19 are UC transferrable). It definitely seems manageable but I don't know... it's only been 2 weeks so I haven't really experienced the "full load" yet. Luckily for me, (since im taking 9 courses), 2 of them end earlier.

    My current study habits suck, lol. in fact, i am supposed to be studying right now for a test in 2 hours and i havent even started! i am so freaking lazy, it's not even funny, lol.
  • iam_vindicatediam_vindicated Registered User Posts: 73 Junior Member
    you guys are crazy. i mean.. crazy dedicated. im taking 19 units and i feel pwned already.
  • _Lotus__Lotus_ Registered User Posts: 77 Junior Member
    I'm currently taking 20 units. Not too hard. The difficult class will be my second language class because I took the first part a year ago. Other than that, I'm taking general biology and three math classes. This semester I'm going to start taking 15+ units each semester. Before I didn't do so because I was still in high school. But since I've graduated last year, I don't have to deal with the extra course work.
  • gossipgirl07gossipgirl07 Registered User Posts: 17 New Member
    I took 23 units last Spring: English, foreign language, math, history, and some social sciences. I didn't think it was too bad b/c some of the socsci classes were online so the class format was just read/take a quiz.

    I took 20 over the summer in an 8-week span. Again another math class, the second English class, music, and enviro studies. It was at a faster pace since there was an essay due every week for English.

    I think it's all manageable. But I have horrible study habits so it was hard to concentrate on readings.
  • grey_syntacticsgrey_syntactics Registered User Posts: 2,342 Senior Member
    Do you mean 20 semester units? In an eight-week span? Is that even possible?
  • themediocrethemediocre Registered User Posts: 130 Junior Member
    I'm taking 15 units this semester: Linear Algebra, Physics, C++ Programming, and Honors Psych. but I'm not working. Taking a lot of units is new to me too, I'm used to working and taking <12. I am overwhelmed already in the second week because I'm trying to get straight A's. Like someone said though, taking many units is a lot easier if they are not all math/science courses or the like.

    Oh yeah I'm also wondering about the 20 units taken over summer, what's the deal with that?
  • 0rganicGreenTea0rganicGreenTea Registered User Posts: 273 Junior Member
    Do you mean 20 semester units? In an eight-week span? Is that even possible?

    lol we sure do hear some amazing stories on CC
  • gossipgirl07gossipgirl07 Registered User Posts: 17 New Member
    Haha, 20 units over the summer was not fun but I survived it. I started the 1st two classes on June 2nd. The next two classes started on the Monday after that. Then the last two the week after that. 6 classes = 20 units. I finished everything by August 15th I think. My easier classes like music & compsci were only 6 weeks so it was easy to get out of the way since we were allowed to work ahead of the schedule.

    I think my professors knew that it was summer so they didn't ask for much. Just read & take a quiz/test & 1 final paper. Of course, English was an essay a week.

    I don't recommend 20 units over the summer though lol. I just had to do it b/c I wanted to do a winter transfer.
  • jiniyzjiniyz Registered User Posts: 61 Junior Member
    taking 19 units right now . discrete math , honors micro econ , c++, english, linear algebra, anthropology. yea so 6 classes. one of them is online so lecture time is saved . And i work 20hours a week . + 5 hours doing things at church. its not that overwhelming when i am fired up. bt when essays r due, i just get so lazy... maintaining As in all classes except english lol .. i just do homeworks thoroughly and they seem to cover most of information needed for quiz and tests.
  • Woman.Of.TroyWoman.Of.Troy Registered User Posts: 2,438 Senior Member
    I took 22 units-7 classes my last semester at CC and it was the only time I didn't get a 4.0. So definately consider getting really organized before you take such a heavy course load. Also try to plan out how much time you'll be devoting to your studies or if you're going to work/take up leadership positions in clubs or student government etc.,
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