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Transferring- Trimester to Semester

almostcollege123almostcollege123 2 replies1 threads New Member
Does anyone know if transferring after freshman year from a trimester school (like union) to a school that uses semesters would be difficult due to unequal credits? eg: would you need to take summer classes, would schools reject based on not enough credits, etc?
2 replies
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Replies to: Transferring- Trimester to Semester

  • akhipstertrashakhipstertrash 25 replies3 threads Junior Member
    Yes. I am currently in the process leaving Union and the credits only count for 2/3 of what they should at many schools. Don't come here if you have any intention of transferring, just save money and go to a state school instead.
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  • almostcollege123almostcollege123 2 replies1 threads New Member
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    Ah this is what i was worried about! i spoke to my guidance counselors and they assured me if i had completed an entire year, credits wouldn't be an issue.
    @akhipstertrash did this impact your transfer decisions? im very worried because im afraid that even if i academically do well at union, i wont be able to transfer to a school i want because i will be too far behind :(

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