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Is there anyway to get into a US college without sitting the SATs?

samc12samc12 1 replies1 threads New Member
edited December 2013 in United Kingdom
I'm a UK student.
I have 19 GCSEs (or equvilients)
I have 3 a levels, 4 AS's? and an EPQ
Well I will by the time I start uni.

Is it possible to apply without the SATs?
edited December 2013
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Replies to: Is there anyway to get into a US college without sitting the SATs?

  • LaylahLaylah 449 replies1 threads Member
    Theoretically, yes. Google 'test optional schools'.

    Obviously though, if your chosen college isn't on the list, then no.
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  • TheRealKEVPTheRealKEVP - 981 replies5 threads Member
    I wouldn't say just "theoretically" yes, I would say DEFINITELY yes.

    When you contact these schools, make sure you get the information for "Foreign Students". (Because that's what you are!) The US universities understand that foreign educational systems are different, and that they will get applicants from foreign countries who haven't done American things like the "SAT". They will be able to evaluate your British credentials. Often a US university's materials are written with the assumption that the applicant is American, so will say things like "SAT requirements". You must ALWAYS ask, "Does this apply to foreign applicants?" Because it probably doesn't.

    Why is it that you can't take the SAT? With 19 GCSEs and 3 A-levels, you will probably find it a doddle.

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  • samc12samc12 1 replies1 threads New Member
    Because I don't really know too much about them?
    Also, aren't they really difficult?
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  • TheRealKEVPTheRealKEVP - 981 replies5 threads Member
    There are "Advanced" SATs, but I don't think this is what we are talking about--no college or university in the U.S. REQUIRES these.

    I think we are just talking about the basic "SAT".

    And I am still pretty sure that most U.S. colleges and unis would not require a foreign student to take the SAT. But maybe some would. Most colleges and unis would require students who don't speak English as a a native language to pass an exam on their English ability, but that shouldn't apply to you, because you are a native English speaker.

    But if I am wrong, and you are applying somewhere that requires you to take the SAT, I am certain that anyone who has 19 GCSEs (I would assume that includes Maths and English) together with 3 A levels would find the SAT very very easy. Anyone who has told you that the SAT is difficult is, frankly, someone who is not as intelligent as you. Which includes the majority of American college students (Most first year American college students would not be able to pass 19 GCSEs and 3 A levels. The sort of material that is on the A levels is the type of material that is covered in the first year of an American university. But then of course, earning a Bachelor's degree in the US takes four years, not three years like in England.)

    My childhood education was very strange, but suffice it to say that I ended up taking both the SAT and British O-levels. The SAT was much easier. Although I know things have changed since those days.

    Almost all of the SAT is multiple choice. You fill in your answers on a special sheet that can be graded by a computer. You must use a "number 2" pencil so that the computer can read it. (Americans take A LOT of exams this way!). There are only 10 math questions (out of 54 total math questions) that require a written response. There is also a very short essay required on the Writing section. The rest of the test is multiple choice.

    I still think, however, that you are not going to be required to take the test. If I am wrong, I am sure that you can learn everything you need to pass the SAT by purchasing a really good up-to-date study guide about the SAT. Any "difficulty" you might have will only be from the difference in format between an American test and a UK test, and some of the reading and writing questions might be a bit strange because it tests the American dialect of English instead of the British dialect (SLIGHTLY different spelling and grammar, occasionally a word has a different meaning, but mostly the same).

    But for now, keep contacting the schools you are interested in, get their admissions requirements for foreign students, and feel free to ask if you would be required to take the SAT.

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  • fendstersnepfendstersnep 26 replies6 threads Junior Member
    NYU has a policy that those studying the British curriculum do not have to submit SAT scores if they can get their school to send predicted A Level grades.
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  • westwardboundwestwardbound 28 replies0 threads New Member
    The Ivy League schools all pretty much require SATs
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  • beautifulchick95beautifulchick95 500 replies19 threads Member
    some schools are SAT optional, some do not require it, some let you send in SAT 2s or AP scores in the place of SAT 1
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  • AlexandreAlexandre 24280 replies434 threads Senior Member
    Several Ivies now accept the ACT in lieu of the SAT + SAT II. That includes Brown, Columbia, Penn and Yale. Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard and Princeton still require the SAT II, even if you have taken the ACT.

    The UCs, Chicago, Michigan, Northwestern and Stanford do not require the SAT II, although some of those schools high recommend that you take them.

    International students are not required to take the SAT at several major colleges and universities, such as Bowdoin College, Colorado-Boulder and Penn State.
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  • TheRealKEVPTheRealKEVP - 981 replies5 threads Member
    If you are an international student, whether an American applying to a UK college, or a Brit applying to a USA college, always keep asking "is that also required of foreign students". The admissions department will have professionals who know what foreign qualifications may be substituted.

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  • peter1412peter1412 152 replies2 threads Junior Member
    It depends on the college.

    If you want to apply to a top college then you MUST sit the SATs. NOTE: some colleges also require you to sit SAT subject tests as well.

    I knew very little about them when I applied but they're not overly difficult at all, just different. There's loads of revision books out there that aren't very expensive. Barrons and the college board ones are good.

    As I said on another thread, try and take them as soon as possible to allow yourself a couple of changes to sit them. There a LOADS of locations throughout the UK to sit them!

    Best place to start is the college board website (the organisation thy administer the SATs). http://sat.collegeboard.org/home

    Best of luck :)
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  • Phantasmagoria18Phantasmagoria18 94 replies7 threads Junior Member
    Bates, Bowdoin, Mt Holyoke, Trinity, Sarah Lawrence, Bryn Mawr (test-flexible not optional), and many more.
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  • jpena127jpena127 44 replies13 threads Junior Member
    Most univerisities should have different criteria for admissions for British students, so I wouldn't think you have to, just like I'm going to uni in liverpool without A levels or GCSEs, because international students are only required passing AP and SAT scores. Just a fun fact: if I wanted to go to a public uni in my state, then I'd get automatically accepted, without the SAT because I'm 4th in my class aye ��.
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  • jpena127jpena127 44 replies13 threads Junior Member
    Oh so the answer is YES. I would email the school, because I didn't know I didn't have to take the GCSEs until I asked "hey what do I do if Americans don't take this"... So yeah... Good luck! I would recommend a uni in Houston, because it's the most diverse city, and everyone fits in! Check out univeristy of st Thomas, because they have british students and a good international programme since their sister school is st Mary's in twickenham... Just a thought because they probs won't require you have to SATs. Bye.
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  • worry123worry123 268 replies157 threads Member
    Of course, there is. But almost all universities ranked in top 100 in this nation require SAT, and competitive universities which do not require int'l students to take SAT require outrageously strong ECs.
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  • AfricanStudent32AfricanStudent32 35 replies9 threads Junior Member
    Some reputable colleges like Bowdoin and DePaul don't require SATs
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  • kathleentownkathleentown 130 replies0 threads Junior Member
    Yes it is possible to apply without SAT scores. But you are essentially eliminating yourself from applying to top schools in the US. There is one other way of bypassing taking SATs that is by first enrolling in a community college and then tranfering to a 4-year college. You would probably have to do an associate degree or certain number of hours for SAT exemption. But again, if you're applying to top schools, even community college route offers no hope of getting in without taking SATs. Here is a list of few colleges that do not require SAT scores http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/11/11/11-colleges-that-do-not-r_n_782187.html#s179514&title=Hamilton_College
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  • DzheimsDzheims 152 replies24 threads Junior Member
    Basically no. You pretty much have to take the SAT. :( Honestly they are not that bad however–I got a 2020 without studying. Help me out? http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/united-kingdom/1616267-us-student-applying-to-british-unis-help.html#latest
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  • dubaitragedydubaitragedy 53 replies6 threads Junior Member
    You don't HAVE to, but I'd take it anyway. Better that you do and have to put in a little extra money and effort than don't and be sorry later on.
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  • CounsellorHKCounsellorHK 2 replies0 threads New Member
    check out www.fairtest.org for a full list.
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  • yikesyikesyikesyikesyikesyikes Forum Champion U. Michigan 1901 replies136 threads Forum Champion
    I am from the USA, and I am pretty sure the SAT and ACT have equal acceptance here.
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