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Majors for Non-profit?

gigglebot3gigglebot3 97 replies18 threads Junior Member
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I'm really looking into the University of St Andrews and the University of Edinburgh, and I want to go into the non-profit field. I don't know what major(s) could lead to opportunities in that career and at what universities they are offered.. I have searched the University of St. Andrews website but can't really find one that fits. Any major offered by a university in the UK that could lead to that would be great! :)
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Replies to: Majors for Non-profit?

  • cupcakecupcake 1688 replies15 threads Senior Member
    I would guess something like International Relations is what you are looking for. Find some people you admire who are in the career you want (either in real life or just on line). Find out what they studied and where.

    The word you are looking for is 'course'. The course of study you will follow in the UK. It's not known as a 'major' here.
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  • TheRealKEVPTheRealKEVP 981 replies5 threads- Member
    There is no such thing as a major (or course) in "non-profit." There are many many non-profit organizations in the world, who all do very different things. You will need a degree that correspondes with whatever specific type of non-profit work you are interested in.

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  • gigglebot3gigglebot3 97 replies18 threads Junior Member
    In the states, there is a major called "Non-profit management" at some colleges. Most all universities here have Marketing offered as well, and that would be a pretty good fit for job opportunities in non-profit. I'm just wondering the UK equivalent, but I'm now looking into IR!
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  • collegemom3717collegemom3717 6826 replies60 threads Senior Member
    Trinity College Dublin has a Centre for Non-Profit Management within the School of Business. At the undergrad level you enroll in the business course and take the relevant modules. Not UK, but geographically close and a great undergrad experience!
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  • cinniminnicinniminni 28 replies2 threads Junior Member
    As others already mentioned, you probably need to define what field interests you in non-profit - is it water management, environmental protection, land management, health care, etc etc etc. Personally I studied at the University of Edinburgh and they had many masters that would fit, one for example is in sustainability. You can just look at the geosciences website, as that's where I would expect most non-profit related courses. But you might have to redefine your search a bit to make it more specific. I am not sure about St Andrews courses.
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  • Conformist1688Conformist1688 1134 replies25 threads Senior Member
    OP posted nearly three years ago, and has almost certainly now started his/her course.
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  • cinniminnicinniminni 28 replies2 threads Junior Member
    Oh god. I had somehow thought it was recent - popped up at the top of my forum list. Odd. Anyways for future reference it's there now if anyone else was ever interested in this area :P
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