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St Andrews MBiochem

FredWeasleyFredWeasley 8 replies3 threads New Member
I recently was accepted into STA to read for a Bachelor of Science (Honors) Biology degree. Is it possible to take classes my first year that go along with the MBiochem coursework and change to that pathway?

Also, for an average student, is MBiochem reasonable? I don't know much about this degree's level of difficulty. (If it gives any context, I hope to work in public health with the CDC or a similar organization)
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Replies to: St Andrews MBiochem

  • collegemom3717collegemom3717 8376 replies91 threads Senior Member
    Is there a reason that you didn't apply to the MBioChem originally? Anyway, they are both in the Bio group, so unless there is a pre-req that you are missing, it shouldn't be hard to switch immediately / during the first year. Gets harder in second year.

    No idea what 'average' student means (esp here on CC!). How are you at chemistry?

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  • FredWeasleyFredWeasley 8 replies3 threads New Member
    I haven't studied it much-only took an entry class with a bad teacher my sophomore year. I am 14 in my class of 372 if that helps with the "average" bit. I have had all As until this year in calculus...which I am terrible at.
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  • collegemom3717collegemom3717 8376 replies91 threads Senior Member
    Both Bio & Biochem have Bio 1 has a requirement; Biochem also has Intro Physical and Organic Chem. When you register for first term classes be sure you register for the Chem class. You will meet with your tutor/advisor at the start of term- tell them what you want to do so that you get it in train from the start.
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