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University of Oxford

amsteck22amsteck22 0 replies11 threadsRegistered User New Member
edited December 2017 in United Kingdom
ACT: 32
5 on 3 out of 4 AP classes
3.6 GPA out of 4.0

What are my chances if I barely meet the University of Oxfords requirements
Keep in mind: 17.5% acceptance rate and I didn't take the act
edited December 2017
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  • chzbrgrchzbrgr 193 replies11 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Nobody can say. The bare requirements just get you to the point where they will actually read your application. Whether you get an interview nobody can say (have you read the webpage about whether there is written work or an exam?)

    If you are invited to interview, whether you are admitted will depend almost entirely on how you perform at the interview.

    Based on what you've written here, you don't appear to be a competitive candidate. The acceptance rate for US students at Oxford is in the single digits.
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  • Conformist1688Conformist1688 1116 replies25 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    Well, presumably you have another year to get some more APs under your belt. what subject are you interested in studying, what APs have you done already, and what’s the plan for next year?
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  • Twoin18Twoin18 1519 replies17 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    edited December 2017
    If you haven't got enough APs then you would get a conditional offer based on your senior year APs (so you wouldn't know if you are in until July, this is how UK students do it with A-levels, they find out in mid-August). So the minimum requirements just serve to weed out applicants who have zero chance of success. They don't get you in. They are likely to favor candidates who have taken the test once rather than multiple times. You have to report all scores/tests taken.

    You need to pass the TSA (considerably harder than the SAT/ACT) and have a good recommendations (including predictions of 5s in senior year APs) plus personal statement (showing interest in your subject, not community service etc). They cut 70% or so at that stage (mostly based on TSA score). Then you need to ace the academic interview where 1 out of 3 gets an offer. That's based on how well you can answer really hard questions on your subject (not based on knowledge but on your analytical ability).

    They don't care about ethnicity, sports, community involvement, who your parents are, or anything else apart from academic ability:
    edited December 2017
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  • kat2018kat2018 17 replies1 threadsRegistered User Junior Member
    Oxford really cares about academic performance and interviews. They don't care about ECs, community services, family backgrounds, etc. They will send you a conditional offer and you still have time to take some more APs next year. And reading a lot in your field / doing some prep exams could help!
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  • Conformist1688Conformist1688 1116 replies25 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    On 5 July you said you had "3.1 UW GPA and a 25 on the ACT".
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