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Jargon and UCAS Personal Statement

HinatazakaHinatazaka 7 replies6 threadsRegistered User New Member
In the factsheet of UCL Bsci Politics and International Relations, there are some advices to applicants as follows.
"We value applicants who express themselves clearly and without jargon."
I want to apply for this course and my personal statement will include words as follows.
- Selectivism and Universalism
- Golden age of capitalism
- Thatcherism
- limited government
Are those words considered as jargon which ruin my PS drastically?
I think they're crucial to articulate subject area and that I have strong interest.
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Replies to: Jargon and UCAS Personal Statement

  • collegemom3717collegemom3717 6573 replies54 threadsRegistered User Senior Member
    More than the specific words, I wonder if you aren't caught up in one of the things that they are urging you to avoid: trying to show how knowledgeable & passionate you are about the subject, more than showing that you understand what the course is about and that you are well suited to it academically.

    You have just 500 words to show why you are academically suited to the course(s) you are planning to apply to, and you have listed 5 big concept areas that you are including in your PS. Jargon is in essence the use of specialist short hand, and that is exactly what it looks as if you are trying to do. Coming at it from the other direction, if your essay depends on using those all of those words/phrases, is it really about your suitability for the course?

    If it helps, the easy test for whether you have gone too far jargon-wise is to get somebody else who is generally well read but not in your field to read it; in this case I would guess that at least 2/3 of those would not pass the 'jargon' test.
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