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Will I get accepted into UK Universities?

ZXC12345ZXC12345 11 replies2 threads New Member
Hi, I am a student from the United States applying to universities in the UK. I submitted my application to Oxford, UCL, Kings College, London University of economics and political science, and the University of Edinburgh.

I intend to major in behavioral science/psychology.

Here are my stats:
SAT (out of 1600): 1540
SAT Math 2 (out of 800): 790
SAT Physics (out of 800): 770
Will be taking SAT 2 Eng. Lit. in November

AP Capstone Diploma
National AP Scholar
Piano - Level 5 (didn't mention in my personal statement)

I have taken 9 AP's (including AP Psychology, which I got a 5 on) and have gotten four 5s and five 4s.
I am currently taking 8 AP courses and am predicted by my referee to get four 4's and four 5's.

Outside of academics, I have carried out two independent research in the field of behavioral science under science research and Capstone research. Currently, I am working with a college professor on my new proposal to study bilingualism and language processing using EEG (I mentioned this in my personal statement).
I am the president of the Social Science Honor Society and hold several other leadership positions in unrelated academic areas. I worked as a sales representative during the summer for a furniture wholesale company and I tutor students for a part-time job throughout the school year. I have 150 hours of volunteering from helping at a test prep/tutoring center.
I am a captain of the Technology Students Association and our team qualified for Nationals in the past two years and we attended Nationals last year. I am in speech and debate and have given a TEDx talk earlier this year. Throughout the last two years, I have won many regional speech tournaments and gotten into semi-finals at national tournaments (however, I did not mention any of the above in my personal statement because it did not seem to be related to my intended major). I also do horseback riding and play the piano during my free time.
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  • collegemom3717collegemom3717 6915 replies60 threads Senior Member
    London University of economics and political science

    Do you mean London School of Economics?

    You give a lot of irrelevant info (horseback riding) and miss a lot of relevant info (what subjects are your APs, and what are your achieved/predicted grade *by subject*- it matters). Fwiw, AP Psych is not going to get the respect you might think that it should.

    W/o subjects & marks, it is impossible to really offer any opinions, except perhaps for King's, which is more likely than not. For Oxford your TSA score will be a huge factor in whether you get an interview invite or not.
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  • Conformist1688Conformist1688 1142 replies26 threads Senior Member
    In OP's previous thread they said:

    "Got 4's on: Physics 1, Physics 2, Chemistry, Computer science, Seminar, Music Theory
    Got 5's on: Psychology, Research, Chinese
    Courses I'm taking my senior year: AP Physics C: Mechanics, AP Physics C: Electricity, AP Calculus ab, AP Spanish lang., AP English lang., AP Gov, AP Econ, AP Stats"

    Calc BC would have been better than AB. Psych can be very mathematical. However, not a deal breaker in itself.

    The 5 in psych is good, but I don't think they will count Research. Chinese may not be counted if it's a family language for you. The 4s in Physics and Chemistry won't impress Oxford or LSE, I'm afraid.

    Edinburgh may be your best chance.
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  • Conformist1688Conformist1688 1142 replies26 threads Senior Member
    BTW, please do let us know how you get on.
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